5 ways to secure visits without knowing how SEO not to depend on Google


Visibility. If all the is something that has a Web wants, it is visibility. And to obtain it, you look for to position your articles in highest of Google with techniques and tricks of SEO… if you know some.

But, and if you do not dominate it? Be obtained can visits without knowing SEO? And a clearly full one yes.

And so that you see that we did not lie, in this post we told 5 techniques you that you can begin to apply today so that your business online begins to emphasize against your competition.

Google shakes… today we did not need to you! 😉

Really be obtained can visits without knowing SEO?

By all means! In fact, if your webpage finishes beginning, the techniques that we counted you in the next lines serve you to give a good impulse him since, right now nobody knows (good yes, your mother and friendly) and your site you is a drop in the ocean that is Internet.

And no matter how much you worry to follow the keys SEO that better work and to install plugins SEO indispensable for WordPress, continues being a slow process that has been as minimum several months and, to make matters worse, nobody guarantees to you that it works.

In addition, really you think that it is good idea that all visits depend on Google? And if it gives to change its rules him and it leaves you without traffic? The popular wisdom already says it… you do not put all the eggs in the same basket! 😉

The 5 strategies that will give visibility to your project without touching SEO

Before beginning with the strategies to generate visits without knowing SEO, it is important to observe that this is a complementary technique. The organic visits that provide the finders to you continue being very important (they are people that comes without you to request it).

The idea of this post is that you have another “leg” in which to support your project and an impulse for when you begin.

1. Guest post

Or in Spanish, post of guest. One is search a blog (the normal thing is that he is one with more visits than yours) of thematic similar and to propose to his autor/a to write an article. This way, if he gives the approval you, all their public will know your project and your visits will multiply of incredible way.

That yes, if you want to publish a text in an authority blog, is not worth with joining words. It must be a text:

  • Of quality.
  • That it contributes value.
  • With original content.
  • Related to the thematic one that treats in him.

To all this, add to him that whichever major is the site, more rules will ask to you that you fulfill:

  • Number of words.
  • Amount of internal liaisons and external.
  • If you must put videos or no.
  • Etc.

But that not you of fear, because the only thing which they look for is that the quality of the publishing line of the blog stays. And either subjects to go to by the “fat fish” of your sector, in this world there is competition, but no collaborating.

2. It comments in other blogs and/or forums

We could say that post is a version reduced of guest. It looks for the best forums and webpages related to the subjects that treat and contribute contents (in the form of commentary) of quality.

It is very important that you record to fire in your head the one of quality. In order to write the typical commentary of “Good article! It has enchanted to me of principle to aim, follows thus.” better than you do not write anything…

Here it is tried mainly to contribute value so that the rest of visitors pays attention to you and wants to know more. You can:

  • To complete the post: if you think that there is useful information that one does not name, you contribute it.
  • To create controversy: much eye with this. You must always do it of respectful form and looking for the healthy debate. To anybody it likes haters.
  • It counts your experience: this is very effective when speech from tools, personal programs or experiences.

But before sending you it reviews the rules well, it is not going to be that you infringe some and they do not let to you comment more.

3. The social networks

Perhaps you have not fallen but, it doesn't give the sensation you of which it turns out simpler to secure visibility on Facebook or in Twitter? It is enough with which to somebody it likes your content so that it beats in “sharing” and, of automatic form, arrives at more people.

For that reason, it is a great error not to make a good use of the social networks to present your webpage.

4. A good one for newsletter

We are going to tell the crude reality to you: the majority of users who enter by first your webpage, will not return it to do one second. That is to say, that all the effort that to make to secure a visit, is only worth for once… gives that to think, no?

Luckily, this can be avoided if you obtain that it leaves its e-mail you (in exchange for a gift) and, from time to time, him offers an email with new posts that you have written, the news on the blog, et cetera.

But from time to time. If you are very pesado/a, it will command direct to the Spam folder.

5. Line works the world in off -

Thus it is. By incredible that seems, Internet is not the only site where you can secure visits for your webpage.

For example, it imagines that you have a Web where you offer coupons discount for the best companies of hosting than it has nowadays and you know in a celebration which looks for that… You won't tell him on your business?

Or if you have a photography blog and asks to you which are the best banks of images free and you have a post on that subject. This type of opportunities you cannot let pass them because that person can soon count it to her friendly.

The mouth mouth continues very well working in the 21st century. 😉

To secure visits without knowing SEO is possible

And as we have to you counted, one of the techniques consists of commenting in other webpages… And right under you are lines you must to write commentaries… You see by where we go?

Be useful to you and you write on your business and test that can be had visits without knowing SEO. And by all means, if you know other techniques, you can tell them to us.

That would contribute more value to the post. 😉