Steps to follow to create a data base

In this article we are going to show to you how to create a data base with Webempresa in your panel of administration cPanel. It remembers that if you do not even have your hosting here we provided a coupon to you discount to save a 20% to you in your hiring.

First of everything, which you must do is to enter your panel with your user and password. Once inside, you must go to the section where it puts “Data bases” and choose the option “MySQL Bases de Datos”.

as creating one YOU

Once inside, we must select that it names we are going to give to him the data base that we are going to create. We thought it and we filled up it in the corresponding square:

new you

The following step is very important. Not only we must create a data base but also we will have to create a user and a password to be able to accede to her when we need it.

For it, in that same page, once created YOU, a little more down have an option that puts “To add new user”. There you create a user and a password. Those data, along with the name of the data base you will have to keep them very well. They will serve you to connect, for example, your wordpress with your data base.

user and password

Finally, once you have created your user to be able to manage the previous data base that you had created, you must assign that user that YOU, since otherwise your hosting will not know what is YOU whom it must manage.

This step is as simple as to go at the end of that same page where you have done all this and where it puts “To assign user with Data” to do it from the pull-down menu that leaves to you. In that menu they will leave so many user and Data bases to you as you have to date created in your lodging Web.

Once finalized all this process, always you will be able to accede to your data base for “to touch” things, or what it is more probable if you do not have many knowledge, simply to make a copy of this from time to time in case passed something to him and you lost all data. This is a very important thing that you would have to do from time to time… although if you use webempresa as supplier of hosting, they themselves do backup copies of your site every 4 hours since already we have commented, reason why in principle you would not have no problem if arrived a little while have an urgency and need to recover your site from a previous copy.

Even so, if you want to enter your Base of data, only you must go to your main page of cPanel and in the same section of before: “Data bases” to choose the option “phpMy Admin”.

Once inside, in the eyelash “To export” you will be able to unload a copy of the corresponding base data.

Since you have been able to see, he is very simple to handle itself with cPanel. Only it is necessary a little instinct and to follow a good guide of how creating data bases from the own panel.

Whether contracts best hosting wordpress of Webempresa, as Joomla or prestashop, you will have access to cPanel where you will be able to do this and other many things and easily simple.