How to create an account email

We follow with articles on the administration panel cPanel. After teaching to you as a data base is created, now we are going to see as we can be created accounts of runs with our own name of domain to give a more professional aspect to our email of contact. This is important mainly if you have a webpage of your business and want to create an account of mail associated to your Web.

The tutorial is based on hosting wordpress of Webempresa, but it serves for any lodging Web that uses cPanel.

Steps to create an account of email in cPanel

First that we must do is to accede, as always, to our panel cPanel through our user and password.

Once inside, we go to where putting “Mail” and go to the option “Accounts of Email”. Once within that section, we will be able to create an account of email associated to our URL of domain, of such form that we have left a direction of contact like thus:

as to create an account email cpanel

You can be created so many accounts of mail with your direction email as you want.

Once you have been created your account of email, you can accede to her of two forms:

First of them it is through Webmail, as if an email Web one was (as gmail, yahoo, hotail…) You enter a direction that you will see in your panel, in the section “Webmail” of “Mail”. There you choose with which it programs webmail you want to open your mail and accede to him.

email program

The other more comfortable and traditional option is to form the client of favorite mail of your computer to receive and to be able to directly send emails from him. If you have a PC probably is the Outlook, and if you have a Mac will be Mail.

Whatever, the form simplest to form the mail client is the following one. Once you have been created your account, it will appear in the same created screen as. Its right you will see a button that puts “dwells”. Beams click and you choose there “To form email client”. There you will see several archives to unload to your computer. Unloadings the one that corresponds with your program of email and you execute it. If everything goes well, it will add the account to you of email of your domain to your manager of post office.

to form mail account

If this option of automatic configuration of the mail did not work, you always can follow the instructions that put in that same page to make it of form manual. To do it manually always is a little more complicated but sometimes it is not more remedy than to do it thus.

Once you have your own account of mail with your name of domain, you always can redirect this account to another mail that soles to use more or to realise another type of operations that you have available in the menu “Mail” of your panel plesk. We recommended you that you throw vistado to all these options once you have been created your first account.