Domain free with your hosting

Whenever we are going to begin a new project, first that we needed without no place to doubts is a domain name, it is first that you must know clearly and that you must choose well for your pàgina Web

Based on the thematic one of your site, you will have to choose a name in agreement with this.

Where registry my domain?

domain free with hosting

Many of us already we have a confidence recorder where by general norm we registered our domains. In my case, I use much, a site where I have registered several names, so many mine as of clients and relatives. It is good? In my opinion if, he gives what I need to a good price and I can manage my sites from an only place, that me if, he is not the unique one nor surely he will be the best one, there are many and the same of good, but as I say, I use this.

But sometimes, I take advantage of supplies that have different suppliers from hosting to register the name free which I want. And it is that in several companies, at the same time as contracts your lodging Web, give a name to you for your project, of this form, you will not have to spend a duro to you in your new site.

This it is the case of Webempresa. Contracting any plan of hosting with them they give your name to you so that you can use it with the project who you have thought to lodge with them. Of this form, you will only have to spend the money to you for the lodging Web whereas .net. .es or what you have thought, will leave to you totally free.

What I make to benefit from this supply?

If you want to have your domain free is very simple, it follows these simple steps to register your hosting and they will give the option you to choose the name that you wish during the registry:

  1. It enters
  2. The type of hosting chooses that you want in the menu superior (wordpress, joomla or prestashop)
  3. The plan chooses that is adapted more to your needs and gives him “to solicit”
  4. It introduces the name of the Web that you had thought to register for your project, and if he is available, he is yours!
  5. The purchase process finalizes and ready, you will have your hosting as much as your domain.

 How much cost does a domain?

The price varies based on the site where you register it and the extension of the same, but by general norm the price of a domain usually goes up to around 10€. It deserves the pain this supply? Then good, you must it evaluate you yourself… but by 60€ you hardly can have one of best hostings wordpress than you can find and above I give the domain to you… I believe that if!