What is SEM and which are their differences with respect to the SEO. Really it is worth the trouble to pay to Google?


When one is to present your webpage, they exist multitude of tools and strategies so that to choose and to know them all it contributes a pile to you of solutions. And so that thus it is, today we spoke to you of one of the most known and than it offers better results.

Because all we have heard speak of her but, what is SEM? In what difference of the SEO? Which are their advantages? And disadvantages? If you want the answers to these questions, you have them in the next lines.

What is SEM?

According to Wikipedia, the definition of SEM is the following one:

The marketing research in finders Web (SEM by the abbreviations of the English Search Engine Marketing) is a form of marketing research in Internet that it looks for to promote the websites by means of the increase of his visibility in the pages of results of the web search engine.

That explanation, in spite of being correct, does not adjust to how the SEM concept is understood nowadays. The reason, is that at present it is known as SEM to promote your webpage in the finders through payment of announcements in these.


, SEM is really when payments to Google (or another finder) to assure to appear to you in the first results. By the way, throughout post terms can to leave related to positioning and, in case you do not know what means some, we left to our dictionary SEO you. 😉

Advantages and disadvantages of SEM

You ask yourself if you must send a SEM strategy or no? Perhaps to know its benefits and their damages helps you to make that decision.


  • The results are faster.
  • It allows to make one better segmentation of your objective public (also known as ideal client).
  • They only receive to you if people click in the announcement.
  • He is not expensive, reason why everybody can accede to him.
  • You can see how the campaign in real time goes.
  • In the end, it offers to amount of data and information you so that you understand what has happened.


  • In order to position keywords with much competition, the price more is lifted.
  • They are still announcements and that can create rejection in the user.
  • It is only available while payments, reason why in the long term can not be a solution.

Differences between SEM and SEO

Because it is clear, that by one payments and by no, truth” That is something that you could think, but their differences go much more there and, so that DES tells you to what extent it is thus, next we explained them in greater depth.

1. Cost

We begin by most obvious and is than, or are technical of black hat SEO, SEO in off page or any other, its cost always is minor who SEM.

It is clear that depends on many factors since, if you look for to make a strategy professional SEO and you do not have nor idea, you will have to engage a specialist in the field, to pay by professional tools and other costs that will do it the more expensive that to make SEM by your account.

Although clearly, the results will not be equal.

2. Flexibility

This we will explain it with an example, that is seen better.

It imagines that you write a post for “attacking” keyword “banks of images” and free use as title “Banks of images for your Web”. Spent a time, you see that you receive few visits and you decide to change the title by more showy other as “the best banks of gratuitous and free images for your webpage “.

What happens? That now you need to hope to that:

  • It returns to pass the robot of Google.
  • It detects the new changes.
  • It updates them in his data base.

And for that, you can spend days or weeks (although you can help him with the robots.txt file). Nevertheless, in SEM the changes are applied of immediate form.

3. Time

We will not lie to you. Perhaps there is people who are able to position a Web or article in the first position in a few days, but is something rare and that she depends on many factors (competition, keyword, knowledge, etc,).

The normal thing is that, in the majority of occasions, the results of the SEO long term is obtained to means/, right the opposite that happens with SEM, and is that with this technique you obtain it almost immediately.

And in addition, it you can prologar as much time as you want. “Only” you must continue paying.

4. Content

The differences in this scope are the day and the night because, when you write up a oriented content to SEO, you look for that it is:

  • Of quality.
  • Only.
  • That it solves problems.
  • With a concrete extension.
  • Excellent.
  • And other aspects that Google values to position.

Nevertheless, when beams an announcement for the finders you apply a more commercial approach, and you try to secure the greater number of possible clicks:

  • With titles that draw attention.
  • Attacking the points of pain.
  • Etc.

It remembers, the objectives are different.

5. Measurement

Although it is possible to be done, every day is more complicated to measure the SEO, partly due to the importance that has the privacy in the searches. For that reason, in spite of having to the reach multiple tools to measure it, it is a difficult task.

Nevertheless SEM is quite the opposite. In fact, when realising the payment of an announcement, you have access to a pile of data, statistics and other metric ones that facilitate the task of choosing the best keyword than to choose, the segment of population and other excellent aspects.

6. Visibility

Although nobody knows how Google works, it is clear that there is people who know the techniques that better work to secure the best positions. But even so, nobody can guarantee the first positions in the results (and of way much less continued).

And that is another one of the great differences of SEM since if you work it well, to appear at the top of the whole he is almost inevitable… And in addition to immediate form!

Now that you know what is SEM, you do not go away emtpy-handed

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