6 finders of key words free with which to guess right always at the time of choosing it


You have always read that to have a Web is cheap, that you only need hosting and a domain to start. And thus it is, but as soon as you begin to explore this world, it give account to you of the amount of payment tools that exist and that, although are not necessary, yes that they help to grow faster.

Among them, one of the demanded ones is those that help to find best keyword to attack to position fast in Google. The problem is that they also are of most expensive. Exist free does a finder of key words?

Not only it is that the answer is yes, but exist many alternatives although of all of them, for us the 6 that we told you next are the best ones to cost zero. Alternatives to the payment options that little they must envy.

We began!

6 tools search words free

Next, we showed the best finders to you of key words for your Web cost zero. With anyone of these programs, you can do keyword research without spending a single Euro and securing good results.

There are words that you do not understand? Then a look throws to him to our dictionary of terms SEO.

1. Keywords Everywhere

This first tool is incredible, because it allows search key words you in Google at the same time as it shows the volume to you of searches, excellent suggestions and other data. And in addition, it works with other services that we will see more ahead.


As you see in the image, underneath the picture search it shows 3 values to you:

  • Volume.
  • CPC (cost by click, or what they pay by each announcement).
  • Competition (with values between 0 and 1).

But it is that in addition in the right part sample 2 boxes. In first of them you can see what it is called key words longtail and in the second, others keywords related to the search that people also do.

As negative point, sometimes it gives back as volume search zero and, although sometimes it can be that thus in it is, in other occasions is false (if the tool shows them, is that it has searches).

Also it is necessary to say that one is an extension that you must install in the navigator (Chrome or Firefox). We let to a tutorial video envelope to you how do it.

Unload it here.

2. The finder of Google

As we finished saying to you, thanks to Keyword Everywhere now whenever you realise a search in the great G you will know how many people make the same consultation. But without that extension, Google it is even a tool to free look for words (if you know in what paying attention).


First he is the autocompletado one. Each of those lines with suggestions is long tail that you can include in your content. In addition, as you see in the image, thanks to the previous tool you know his volume of searches.

Another place where to find key words it is a new function that added Google well-known as “other questions of the user”. It always does not appear but when it does, always fix to you to her to obtain new ideas.

And by all means, the part of down with searches you relate is another gold mine. 😉

3. The planner of key words of Google

The Who best one than the great G to tell you what looks for people in Internet? For that reason his Planner of Key words is one of the tools search key words free more recommended.

The problem is that it only can be used if beams a campaign in AdWords… and that hill money! You do not worry because we have a trick for you. 😉

The key is in creating an announcement in AdWords with the possible minimum amount and, in agreement you accept the payment, going to the part of management of campaigns and to slow down it. This way, they do not receive anything to you and you can use the Planner of Key words.

In addition, thanks to the extension of before, you have a column that shows the volume of searches of each keyword.

4. Ubersuggest

Neil Patel offers one of the solutions to find key words free more complete than they exist at present. In fact, until he could compete with tools of payment as KWTool.


And he is that when doing a search with Ubersuggest you have access a:

  • Volume of monthly searches.
  • Tendency.
  • Ideas for key words.
  • Analysis of SERP.

We go, everything what you need to do keyword research professional but without spending a single Euro.

Ubersuggest visit here.

5. Keyword Shitter

This Web will not gain any prize by its design (it even seems that good nonload) but its ease of use makes one of most attractive and, in combination with Keyword Everywhere, a very powerful solution for little buoyant economies.

It is enough with putting the keyword in the first box and clicking in “Shit Keyword” so that they begin to leave suggestions. When you believe that they are sufficient, it beats in the same site (that now puts “Stop job”) and will stop working.


As you see, in addition it counts on positive filters and negative and, if you have activated the extension of before, down you have the same list but with the volume, the CPC and the competition.

6. Answer the public

Although it is a payment tool, his gratuitous version offers a pile of suggestions of key words that, combined with the sight until now, is than sufficient more (mainly by its cost).

The grace of Answer the public is in which you introduce a concept in the finder and it gives back an enormous list to you of subjects related and ordered by type of question. In addition, he is compatible with Keyword Everywhere and you only must leave the leader above so that they appear the data.

look for-word-key-free

Another option is to click in “Data” so that are simultaneously all.

Answer visit the public here.

Something that you must know free on any finder of key words or of payment

And perhaps it surprises to you: no finder of words free or payment offers an exact data. Google only knows to that number and the guard of jealous form, so any tool is only based on approaches.

What yes that is exact they are our coupons discount in the best companies of hosting. Take advantage of and contract the maximum quality to you to the best price. 😉