The 5 better groups SEO for WordPress that helps to secure the first position you in the finders


The WordPress group that you use in your webpage affects to your positioning.

How you remain after thus reading something? Probable that it is displaced, because it turns out that all efforts to secure the best positions in Google are in vain if your theme is not optimized.

And now you will ask yourself, which are the best groups SEO for WordPress? Characteristic What must have for being considered as so? Of all that it is than we spoke in this post.

Give an impulse him to your positioning thanks to them. 😉

Characteristics indispensable of the best groups SEO for WordPress

Before beginning with the best list of themes optimized for SEO in WordPress that there is to day of today, it is very important that you know what causes that a group is nice to the finders.

The reason? That it is impossible to compile all the options in a post, but you know the basic characteristics a group SEO, will be able to recognize if a subject will benefit or harm your positioning:

  • Speed of load: a metric one to that Google every day gives more importance him. A group optimized for SEO must ensure a speed load below the 2 seconds (as much in version as in movable version).
  • Responsive: another one of the aspects to which the great G pays attention is that a Web is perfect on the telephones movable and, if is not thus, will lower your position.
  • Clean code: this is more difficult to verify, but that the code (HTML, CSS, JavaScritpt,…) it is programmed correctly and clean it is very important.
  • Easy to use: this characteristic is tensile to anyone, but when it is to reach the top of Google, he is indispensable that is simple to use.

As you see, they are not characteristic strangers. 😉

The 5 better groups SEO for WordPress

Now yes, we see which are the best groups for SEO than you can install in your WordPress that helps you in the task of reaching the highest positions in Google.

But before, a very important advice.

In no case of installing anyone of these subjects he guarantees to you to obtain the first positions in the finders. As tenth, they are a help to raise in the finders, but they do not make magic.

It remembers, the SEO is a set of many factors but mainly, it is not an exact science. But what yes it is clear it is that the union to use a group SEO, to know the indispensable keys, to use plugins correct and to make a good SEO offpage always gives good results.

You even can decide on techniques black hat! Although it is not our recommendation. If “you clog yourself” in your positioning, the best thing is to make a good course. 😉

1. AdSensei


Dean Rosemary is one of the voices authorized in the world of the SEO in the Hispanic speech.

And now the good one of Dean has had to good to send to its own group SEO for WordPress called AdSensei, in which it has overturned all knowledge to obtain a product of a brutal quality with as interesting characteristics as:

  • Speed of fast extreme load.
  • Clean code.
  • Constant updates.
  • It includes plugins.
  • Different shortcodes.
  • And much more.

By all this, we are before a group that your SEO does not ballast.

Official page.

2. Orbital


Romuald Fons is one of those consultants SEO that does not leave indifferent anybody: or you are a fan or it seems to you sells smoke.

But the truth is that in this point the opinion that you can have envelope he concerns little, because what it does not have discussion is that its creation (Orbital theme) is one of the best groups optimized for SEO in WordPress.

  • Hallucinating movable version.
  • Method to inlay the code of native Adsense.
  • Navigation by cluster including.
  • Clean design.
  • Etc.

Really, theme with which not you equivocations (mainly if you want to make money with your Web through affiliation).

Official page.

3. Genesis Framework



With this option he passes something peculiar, and he is that it is not a group, but the skeleton to create one. Although it is possible to be used as theme, but he is not the recommendable thing.

But clearing that, we are before framework thought to improve your SEO since:

  • One adapts perfectly to mobiles.
  • Sample bread labels, categories and crumbs.
  • Account with URLs canonical and schema.
  • It has W3C validation.

The problem is that, when being the skeleton, the group that you use “above” (that can be of Genesis or third developer) can eliminate or modify some of those characteristics.

Official page.

4. Optimize


A little well-known option but that offers one very important characteristics as:

  • Movable version of quality.
  • It incorporates WML (plugin to translate your site to several languages).
  • He is compatible with WooCommerce.

But by something it emphasizes (and it is in this listing) is by his code, that is of cleanest than it has. This guarantees to you that the robots of Google will not find any failure and will raise your Web in the results.

Official page.

5. Schema


This WordPress group optimized for SEO counts the necessary thing yet that we have seen until now, but has an extra that makes emphasize very interesting: whatever with rich snippets integrated.

In case you do not know what is, rich snippets is fragments of your webpage that Google shows in the results and that help to secure more visits.


So not only it helps to obtain to more visits thanks to a cleaner code or with a speed of load superior you, but also it facilitates to you to emphasize against your competition in the results.

Official page.

These are the best groups SEO for WordPress, now a gift

You already only have left to choose between the best groups SEO WordPress to obtain so longed for first position in Google… Or to approach at least. 😉

But just as you worry to have good theme, is equal (or more) important to contract good hosting. And if it is to the best price, better. Luckily, that is as simple as to puncture in this connection and to choose between the different coupons discount that we offer in the best companies of lodging Web.

You do not remain without yours!