Coupon Nicalia discount

Nicalia is a company of Barcelona that has seted out as objective to offer hosting of quality to some fit prices. For it they have created a range of plans of hosting shared and servers, as much virtual and dedicated, so that each client chooses the one that more agrees to him.

Perhaps the price is not cheapest of the market, but thanks to this coupon discount of Nicalia you can obtain it to the best guaranteed price! Beam click in the button and contract one of the best lodgings Web to the best price

Coupon Nicalia discount

Now you can have a plan of hosting in Nicalia to a superb price thanks to this special promotion that we offer to you


Coupon Nicalia discount

Nicalia coupons

Characteristics of Nicalia hosting

Since we have to you counted in the introduction, Nicalia is a company that emphasizes by you offer some plans of lodging over the average to a contained price. So that you see to what extent it is thus, if contracts the package Shuttle (that is most basic) you obtain 5 GB of space in discs SSD and 20 GB of monthly traffic, that is than sufficient more for any Web that is beginning.

And we insisted, this is the most basic package to the one than in addition, you must to him add other characteristics as:

  • cPanel.
  • LiteSpeed Web server to increase up to 10 times the yield of your Web.
  • Accounts of mail, limitless data bases and FTP.
  • Backup daily that is stored in independent servers.
  • Installer with more than 200 applications.
  • They are committed to respond less than in 1 hour.
  • Generation and gratuitous activation of SSL.
  • Integrated Cloudflare.
  • Fire-guards and rules anti-hackeo.

And yes, we are some heavy, but it is that all this is less than offers this company to you of hosting… How it will be his plan superior!

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Virtual and dedicated servers of Nicalia

Surprised you haven't the characteristics that we finished seeing? It is rare because, to be hosting shared, they are quite complete. But you need more, Nicalia still makes your available a selection of virtual and dedicated servers with more power.

1. Virtual servers low COST

It is clear that the philosophy of this company is to offer a service of lodging Web of high quality to the best price and for that reason, have this modality of VPS, that guarantees better resources than hosting shared, but without getting to cost what authentic a private servant.

In his more basic plan you obtain:

  • 2 vCPU.
  • 40 GB of space SSD.
  • 2 GB of ram memory.
  • 1 TV of monthly traffic.
  • cPanel with WHM.
  • 1 hour of support to the month.

To all that adds the possibility to him of migrating up to 25 accounts, that are escalables to each other and that realise backup copies every 12 hours. In addition its equipment you the delivery to the 6 hours to contract installed yet it and ready to use.

2. Administered virtual servers

If your webpage does not have sufficient with the version low COST, Nicalia offers dedicated servers to you VPS who are an authentic wonder for those businesses whose density or needs is very great.

How much improvement in comparison with the other? We showed it to you next:

  • 1 CPU (in the other they were 2, but virtual ones).
  • 80 GB of space SSD.
  • 4 GB of ram memory.
  • 2 TV of monthly traffic.
  • cPanel with Softaculous.

In addition, it allows to add to software and tools you that you need as:

  • LiteSpeed Web server.
  • CloudLinux.
  • Kernel Care.
  • Imunify360.
  • MagicSpam.

And if the other option did backup copies every 12 hours, here they are realised hourly. In addition, they are committed in less than giving answer to your consultations in 1 hour or by telephone, ticket or email.

3. Dedicated servers administered

This is already words majors… We are before the solution more powerful than it offers Nicalia and note in the characteristics of their dedicated servant economic than is:

  • 2 xs Intel Xeon E5620 Quadcore.
  • 2 xs 1 TV RAID 1 SATA.
  • 16 GB RAM DDR3 ECC.
  • 1 TV of monthly traffic.
  • Spanish IP.
  • Datacenter in Spain.

We go, an authentic brown beast.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Nicalia

All the data that we have seen until now are very well, but it is very probable that some terms sound to you to Chinese, truth? For that reason, next we told his pros and cons you in a language that everybody understands.

  • Characteristics than more sufficient: whether you are beginning a project or or is consolidated and you need the more, the plans that offer guarantee that your site will work to the thousand wonders.
  • The support: aside from which they are committed to answer less than in 1 hour, they have phone number (that usually it is the best option to solve the problems).
  • Domain of gift: if contracts by a year or more, you will have a domain without paying by him the 12 first months.
  • Period of hiring: at the time of paying your hosting, they offer to you to make of monthly, quarterly, semester, annual form, triennial biennial or (this last one is excellent if you know clearly that your Web will last that low time because the price).
  • Surely: it counts on protection before computer science attacks and the backup copies are stored outside.

  • Eye when exceeding the limit: mainly of the monthly transference, since your Web will be suspended until the following month. Although you do not have to worry to you because they warn to you when it surpasses 80% and, again, when reaching 90% and they allow you to extend it if you want.
  • Limited domains: “only” it gives domains that finish in .com, .es, .net, .org and .info. Although they are most common and is rare that you want another one.

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Final opinion of Nicalia

Arrived at this point, it is called on to shape our final conclusion on Nicalia and its service of hosting. Doubt that does not fit we are before a company that has put all the meat in the spit and which, you contract the plan that you contract with them, your Web will lodge in a quality servant.

Its commitment with the yield of your site also enchants to us, that shapes when including free LiteSpeed Web server, servers DNS and CloudFlare. In addition, you can generate a gratuitous certificate SSL, something indispensable to day of today.

But there is something makes us fall tired on its feet, is that commitment of answer of the technical service in 1 hour. The knowledge that before any problem or situation that we do not understand, in less than 60 minutes already we will be receiving help is something to consider very.

How many do companies guarantee something thus?

Finally, and for that reason less nonimportant, the fact that they give a Spanish IP him to your Web, although it cannot yes seem a detail without importance, that has certain weight since it helps you to position your Web in the national market.

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How to use the coupon of Nicalia

The process to contract this hosting the best price cannot be simpler. In order to begin, first that you must do it is click where it puts “to contract” in the plan that you wish to acquire. That takes you to a screen in which it asks to you that you introduce your domonio and where gives the following options you:

  • To register one new one.
  • To transfer one that already you have.
  • To tie I dominate to hosting.

The option chooses that you need and beats in “Continuing”.

The following thing that shows is the section in which it allows you to personalize the payment options, next to a small summary of the order. If everything is correct, you click in “Continuing” and decides if you want to include protection WHOIS.

And now yes, arrives the moment at which you can introduce your coupon discount in Nicalia. He is enough with which you stick it in the text box and soon kitchen boys in “Validating coupon” so that the magic becomes and the total price falls.


Very important! This it is the last step, so assure to you that everything is correct.

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Nicalia is a relatively small company with the advantages that entails. It takes care of to his clients offering a customized service and of quality.

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