What are the key words long tail in SEO? The best form to position your Web when the competition is high


Any person who finishes beginning with a Web, knows the difficult thing that she is to emphasize against your competition.

And in Internet, the visibility it is vital so that they begin to arrive the visits but, how you can obtain something thus when your site is a “gift nobody” in the network? The key long tail of SEO is the key words.

Thanks to them, it does not matter how of great or small it is your Web. It is more, almost from the beginning allow you to catch visits. That yes, only if you know to use them correctly.

And yes, it is what we taught to you to do in this post. 😉

What are the key words long tail in SEO?

In order to understand what is a tail keyword long, or keyword of long tail in Spanish, is important to know clearly the concept of keyword “to droughts”. According to Wikipedia it would be:

The key words (of English keywords) make reference to the criteria search that are used in Internet to find certain information.

We go, that is each term that you introduce in Google (or any other finder) to find webpages related to that subject.

What happens? That these can be very generic or very specific and, based on which is, consider or not long tail. We see it with an example so that it is seen better.

It imagines that you are at home with some friendly and one says that is going to go to the ice-cream shop and asks if somebody wants something. It is not just like you tell him “plots an ice cream” that “it plots an ice cream of vanilla in a tarrina median”.

Then the same happens in any finder.

Because it is not just like you look for “apple cake” that “how to make a cake of apple of puff pastry with pastelera cream”. Which you think that it will give the results you that you need if you look for that prescription?

Really, we can define the key words long tail in SEO as one variations keyword more generic than they limit plus the results.

Advantages to use key words long tail

The benefits to use words of long tail in your strategy are SEO are the following:

  • They turn more: to the being most specific, he is simpler to answer the needs of the visits (or to sell that to them that they look for).
  • They position before and better: as the competition is reduced according to extends keyword, you reach higher positions before.
  • They also serve for the generic word: if you pay attention, long tails contains keyword main reason why, in the long run and if you work well your SEO, you will end up positioning your Web for the main keyword.

In summary, to use key words long tail help to give visibility from the beginning to the pages.

Where to use the key words long tail?

Don't mention it serves that we tell all this you, if soon you are not able to use them in the correct place.

Because yes, it does not serve with placing them anywhere. Places in which exist to put the key words of long tail which they help to maximize his benefits and they make your simpler life:

  • Title.
  • URL.
  • Goal description.
  • Name, attribute alt and legend of the images.
  • Throughout the content.

Point is very important in the last that you do it of the possible most natural form. It can sound to you incredible, but to position in the great G you do not have to write for her, but for the visits.

You can put so many long tails as you want, the only forced rule that you must fulfill is that they do not give the sensation of.

If all the text sounds natural, it will position well, we assured it to you. 😉

3 tools to find words long tail

Now that you know in what they consist, his advantages and where to place them, you only have left to know the best gratuitous tools to find key words long tail.

1. Ubersuggest

To Neil Patel (brain behind this tool) it would be necessary to do a monument to him, and is that thanks to Ubersuggest, you have to your disposition and free some of the best functionalities to make better the SEO of your Web.


In addition, he is super simple to use.

It is enough with which you introduce your keyword long tail, you beat in the button that puts “Search” and, once it finishes, to click in “Ideas of keyword” in the left menu to accede to an enormous amount of information:

  • Number of searches.
  • Difficulty to position.
  • Cost by click.
  • Information on the competition.
  • And much more.

You even can export to excel the whole table to work better. Hurra by Neil!

It accedes here to Ubersuggest.

2. Google

Thus it is, the own finder facilitates key words to you of long tail. And the who best one than he stops to say terms to us related to the searches?

The first option appears in agreement you write in the picture of searches and is what they are known as suggestions autocompletado. 


All those are key words of long tail that can include in your content to help to position better your Web.

But it is not the only place in which to look.

Also you must pay attention underneath everything, in the section “related Searches” where he appears something similar.


By the way, you want to know how we make to see the volume of searches? We told you in this post.

3. Soovle

The best thing of this tool is not the suggestions (that are not bad), but the data that offer groups them by finder. In particular, of:

  • Google.
  • Wikipedia.
  • Amazon.
  • Bing.
  • Yahoo.
  • YouTube.
  • Answers.com

Thus, you much more obtain variable ideas.


And in the left part superior, you have a button to export the results as spreadsheets.

It accedes here to Soovle.

An important warning on long tail in SEO

And it is that, if you think that long tail of SEO is enough with using key words to receive visits, you are mistaken.

The positioning of a Web is something in which they influence many factors and, although is clear that to decide on words of long tail help (and much), nobody can ensure the success to you by the simple fact to use them.

In which never you will be mistaken is if best contracts one of hostings than exist and, if in addition you use one of the coupons discount that we offer to you, you do it to the best price.

It dates haste before they exhaust!