Everything what you need to know on rich snippets: what are, their advantages, types and how to include them in your webpage


You imagine that a way existed to emphasize your content in the results of the finders? You want to increase your number of organic visits? Then what you need they are rich snippets.

You don't know of what we spoke to you? Then you these losing a tool that facilitates the tasks that we finished telling to you and many more. It discovers everything what can do by you and your business online something as small as this.

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What are rich snippets?

First it is to make clear of what we spoke and for it, we used as starting point the definition of rich snipeets that makes the Wikepedia:

Rich snippets or enriched fragments specifically makes reference to which is extracted of something, of the pages of results search.

Being more concrete, we will say that rich snippets is a code fragment that can be included in a webpage so that it shows additional information in the searches.

Really, they are those results in the finders that show more than text and than as much they draw attention.


By the way, if you also want to see the volume search in Google, we taught to you how one becomes in this post.

Advantages to use rich snippets

If you have a webpage without enriched fragments and you do not consider to incorporate them, perhaps you change of opinion when you know all benefits:

  • They secure more visits: when emphasizing against the rest of results, it is easier that the people click in him.
  • They diminish the rate by ricochet: because as sees an advance than will find, know beforehand if your content will solve its doubt.
  • Better image: since they project an identity name brand more professional.

And what happens if we joined all those advantages? Correct, a better SEO (than you can improve still more with these you rule). Although it remembers that you do not need to the great G to secure visits.

Types of rich snippets

As tenth, rich snippets are fragments of information that is of more visual form in the SERPS (you have our dictionary here SEO in case you do not understand some concept) and, based on the data that teach, are of a type or another one.

That means that much variety exists in which to types of rich snippets talks about so, not to roll to you much, we told you most common:

  • Opinions: classic the 5 stars that are completed in function to the votes that the content receives.
  • Products: it adds all the necessary information about a product (name, photo, price, description…).
  • Prescriptions: it shows the necessary thing to prepare a food plate (the image of the example of more above).
  • People: just as the one of the product, but focused a person in particular.
  • Events: when information is on an event (date, place, schedule…).
  • Organizations: as the one of people or products, but focused to companies.
  • Videos: in truth one is a screenshot of a video, but sample that the content is a video (or that has one).
  • Music: it shows to all the information on a song or album.

These are most common but as you tenth, there are many more.

How to include rich snippets in your webpage

If we have convinced to you and you want that your site we enjoyed all the kindness to count on enriched fragments, next we showed to you how to include them in your content following the type of Web that you have.

1. If you use WordPress

As it is very probable that your Web is created with the CMS par excellence, we began to tell the process you to do it with WordPress. In addition, also it is the simplest form.

And if you are usuary of this manager of content, certainly already you imagine that the only thing that you need is plugin. Then you are in the certain thing. 😉

Now, if beams a search in repositorio official, you will see that they appear several options. Which is the best one? We do not know it, although the one that we like more is All In One Schema Rich Snippets.


The reasons are that he is super simple to handle and with a few clicks, you will already have fragments enriched in all the pages of your site.

And in case you do not trust in us (not you worry, we did not get upset 😉) we showed other alternatives to you this plugin that they also offer a great result:

  • WP Rich Snippets.
  • Rich Reviews.
  • Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin.
  • Schema App Structured Data.

Anyone of serves you to them to incorporate this way to show the information in the results of the finders but we insisted, our recommendation is All In One Schema Rich Snippets.

2. If you do not use WordPress

If you have created your webpage without the help of this or any other CMS (for example, using some of these programs), to count on rich snippets continues being possible although something more complicated.

The reason is that you will see yourself in the obligation write by same you its code and add it to the place that corresponds. Something that, as it is understood, is rather more complicated than to install plugin and to fill up hollows.

That yes, in return you have the certainty that one will not be affected the speed of load of your site and obtain a greater control on the process.

Our advice if you show preference for this way is that you visit the www.schema.org webpage, that is the site where to find everything what you need to create your own enriched fragments as the finders want them.

Rich snippets, something that you must have yes or yes in your webpage

Up to here snippets has arrived our guide on rich. As you see, not to use them in your site would not have to be an option.

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