Google will penalize the Webs that are not responsive

responsive Web

For a long time one comes speaking of the new factors that Google considers at the time of positioning a page, that if it is important to have hosting fast so that your Web loaded quickest possible, than if it must be responsive so that it is seen well from mobiles… and every time these ideas seem to take more force all until the point that is own the Google the one that confirms them.

Some ago days we spoke you in an article on the tests that came making Google to be able to indicate to its users by means of a label, if the webpage which we were going to visit fast era or no. Now also, warns to us that if we do not have our adapted movable device page, that is to say, if we do not have a design responsive, more likely from next the 21 of April our page will lose many positions in the results of Google, at least for all those people who make the consultations from their movable devices.

This, that seems a triviality, in our opinion is going to generate a catastrophe in many pages that are not adapted to mobiles and not even they have taken in serious east warning on the part of google.

Nowadays, although it seems lie, it continues being many pages that are a hell to visit from smartphone. Some that in theory are adapted are even made difficult to read, but they are first, those that they are not adapted of any form, those that are more going to suffer with this update of the algorithm of Google.

With this update, either you can to have good hosting of world in WordPress or what is, that if you do not have your adapted mobile phone page so that they load fast and they are seen or, your webpage will be relegated the catacombs of the page of results of Google.

How to make our Web responsive easily?

First of that you must do it is to verify with this tool that Google makes your available if your page is adapted to the mobiles or no.

adapted Web to reasons

If it indicates that your Web if it is adapted, not problem, everything will be ok and you do not have why to be scared to this update.

On the contrary, if it indicates to you that it is not adapted, you can already be put the batteries and be adapted it as rapidly as possible.

The way simplest and easy to cause that your Web is responsive is by means of the installation of plugin. Evidently responsive for it would be better to have theme totally, but you want a fast solution and that it allows you to gain time while you think using another one theme for your these two site is to install one of plugins that we propose to you next:

  • WPtouch Mobile Plugin: As simple as to install and to activate plugin. The people who visit your site from a mobile phone will see a version responsive of your website.
  • WP Theme Detector: Plugin very similar to the previous one but that it allows a little more personalisation you with some than another group.

You choose plugin that you choose, you do it fast and beam of which your Web is adapted to the movable devices if you do not want to undergo a penalty.

As véis, he is very simple to have a webpage responsive and not to die in the attempt. Plugins only installs one of these that we have shown to you and that own Google recommends and you will have more possibilities of than google deals with to you well from next the 21 April.