To optimize images in WordPress

At the time of taking care of ours wordpress so that it loaded at the maximum possible speed, we must very consider the size and weight of the images that we raised the same to deal with which our site is fast and quick at the time of loading.

Often we do not consider this aspect and we raised our images so what we obtain them from our cameras or mobiles. This is a recklessness that much people, although seem lie, do not consider it.

When even low the size of your photos before raising them wordpress often is feasible to reduce its weight still more compressing plus its size or reducing to the weight still a little more.

For it, the best option is to use some plugin of optimization of images that will allow us not to have to worry to us about this aspect whenever we raise an image apart from which it will allow in many cases also of reducing us the weight of the images already raised.

Thanks to these plugins whenever we load an image in our blog, this one will reduce its size of automatic form still more allowing us to save resources and improving the speed of load of the same.

Plugins to optimize images

Best plugins to optimize images in WordPress:

(Warning: Another option is to contract hosting with Webempresa. It has an option that giving him to a button from your panel optimizes all the images that already you had ascents if no effort by your part and without hardly losing quality of image. Here you have this fantastic supply for Webempresa with which you will save a 20% in any plan which you contract).

If you dye a blog in another lodging Web, you can contract with Webempresa and to solicit that they migrate the blog free of charge to you, they are in charge of everything. Then, you choose the option to optimize images and ready, you have all your site load at the speed of the light 😉

Plugins Gratuitous This more used well-known is plugin probably more and. It uses the API of yahoo that allows to raise an image, to reduce it of weight and to obtain it with the same quality almost. With plugin installed in our site we will not have to do nothing, simply whenever we load an image, plugin will optimize it so that it quickly occupies the smaller site possible and loading. If we have images raised previously we will have the option of which it optimizes all the images to us with a simple step.

EWWW Image Optimizer: This he is another classic one for this type of tasks. Its operation is almost identical to plugin previous. You only must install it and to leave only does its work. Also, disponde of an option to lower of weight all the images raised our website previously.

CW Image Optimizer: This other plugin what does is to reduce the bytes of the images trying about not losing anything of quality in the same. Like first of the analyzed programs, this it of yahoo uses API de Smush to reduce the weight of the images, with the difference which the images are dealed with in our own wordpress, without having to raise them the official site of Smush it for taratarlas.

Plugins of payment:

Shortpixel: This plugin, in its version of payment, you have several options between which is the compression of images for your webpage of totally automatic form. you can compress raised photos or previously once you install it or if or you have installed plugin it will be them reducing of weight as you are them raising.

It allows to much more reduce the gratuitous images you that plugins and the truth are that by the price that it has works very well.

We used Ewww Image Optimizer and after passing to our Web plugin to him Shortpixel we have still more compressed the images that in theory already we had optimized.

If you want to try Shortpixel has a gratuitous version of 100 images to the month so that you see that he is able. You only must install plugin in your website or blog and begin with the images that already you have ascents. You will see as them improvement quickly.

To compress Shortpixel images

Personally ground to use either first plugins of reduction of images in my blogs and works very well, as much the one as the other, but for the most important sites I am using this plugin and goes of wonder.

It is necessary to consider that the speed of load of a website is one of the most important factors for google at the time of classifying a page in his search, and the size and weight of the images are a very important aspect so that your blog loaded fast or no.

In addition to this, if you use hosting fast for wordpress as the one of Webempresa, your site will improve much its speed of load and its position in the finders.

He remembers that these advice are useful as long as you have used WordPress for your site. If you have created your webpage with a gratuitous program you will have search other alternatives, as for example reducing temaño of the images in your computer before raising them the servant.