The 8 Better Addons for Elementor. (Plugins)


You have proven Elementor and you think that it is the best thing than it has given Internet in long time? You want to complete adding it still more to him new functionalities? In the today post, we told you which are best addons for Elementor than you can install.

Because you know that they are possible to be added to him, truth? If it is the first news that you have on this subject and you already liked Elementor, in the next lines you will become to enamor with this plugin.

We began!

The 7 better addons for Elementor than exist

In another occasion already we explained to you what is Elementor and why he is one of plugins for WordPress that it is more giving of than to speak.

What perhaps you have shortage when entering the post is that, like it happens in the majority of CMS, it allows to add functionalities in the form of addons to adapt it to your needs and to arrive more far.

So there are preparation a list where we compiled those that, for us, are some of the best ones than you can use to create your webpage with the aspect that you want.

1. Complete for Addons to you Elementor

We begin by that it stops many is best addon for Elementor. Something that is not to be strange when you discover that the developer is Brainstorm, a company with experience in the creation of groups and plugins.

And speaking of groups, we have several posts with the best options:

Returning to addon, thanks to him you can add new functionalities as:

  • Inforbox: boxes to show the information of more attractive way.
  • Modal Popup: it creates popups with amazing effects.
  • Dual color heading: it allows to play with the titles and to combine colors, types of source and much more.
  • Contact form 7: a return of nut more to the contact forms.

And still there is more… The best thing of everything, is that Complete for Addons Elementor adds of constant form new widgets to you.


It sticks It? One is a payment tool reason why it is called on to happen through box to enjoy her. It is worth the trouble? That depends than you look for but, if it purchases and do not convince to you you can reclaim your money.

Unloading Completes Addons here to you.

2. PowerPack For Elementor

This he is another one of great plugins for Elementor that exists in the market. The extras and extensions that bring are of great quality and it allows you to obtain professional designs to click blow.

Some of add on outstanding that they have are:

  • Form Styles: It offers diverse main options to adapt to plugins of contact forms: Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7…
  • Widgets creative: It offers diverse options to introduce merry-go-rounds (as much of logo as of images), effects for links, promotional boxes, informative tables, MGP ups…
  • Widgets of content: You can organize your page of blog with different grouping from articles. tables of price, informative tables, google maps…

The certain thing is that this plugin is of most complete of the market and which a better design presents. Next to the previous one he is the one that we like more.

You can unload here.

Plugin Powerpack for Elementor

3. Void Elementor Grid Post

If you have a blog, this addon interests to you. Why? Because thanks to him, you can change the form in which they are by screen the list of articles and the news.

In particular, it allows five possibilities:

  • Grid.
  • In list.
  • First the post in great and grid the following.
  • First the post in great and list the other.
  • In grid with minimalist form.

But you think that is the “unique thing” that does, you are mistaken. Still it has surprises as:

  • To filter the articles that show.
  • To order them.
  • To choose the number by page.
  • Three different styles for the outstanding images.
  • Pagination.
  • And much more.

And the sour cherry on the pie? He is gratuitous.


Unloading Void Elementor Grid Post here.

4. Anywhere Elementor

If you already know Elementor you will know that, although he is gratuitous, it exists a payment version that unblocks more functionalities and than one of the best ones, is to be able to create groups and to add them where you want.

Then in case that is the reason by which you consider to pay by Elementor Pro, you must know that same task you can realise it with Anywhere Elementor. For it, that is enough with you realise the design and soon to add his shortcode there where you want to insert it.


All this by the reasonable price of zero Euros. Although it has a payment version with which you can do still more.

Unloading Anywhere Elementor here.

5. For Tables Elementor

Perhaps its time sea bream already happened, but certainly the tables still have their admirers in the world of Internet. If it is your case, thanks to for Tables Elemetor you can add them to your designs.

And as it could not be of another way, you have many options to personalize them to your taste and to create them is very easy and intuitive.

Addon that recently, but for of wonderful form. 🙂

better addons-elementor-gratis

Unloading for Tables Elementor here.

6. Press Elements

If you are a habitual reader already you will know that WordPress enchants to us (we have posts on plugins for the cache, them commentaries and to make backup copies) and, as you see, Elementor also has a hollow in our heart. 😉

So, if something existed that mixed both concepts, we would fall tired on its feet… And it is what it has happened to us with Press Elements.

This addon par excellence combines all the power of the CMS with kindness that offers Elementor and allows “to play” with the own elements of WordPress as:

  • Title.
  • Categories.
  • Outstanding images.
  • Etc.

And to put them in places where you could not, being able to give a unique design to your site. In addition, also more line of vision counts on effects to do it everything.


One is addon gratuitous although with limitations. In order to unblock it everything, it is necessary to pay.

Unloading Press Elements here.

7. For PopBox Elementor

Since you will have deduced by his name, the utility of this addon is related to popups. In particular, which allows this extension is to be able to design them with the own Elementor, which contributes to facility and rapidity.


That yes, so that popup unfolds, is necessary to add a button with that function.

Unloading for PopBox Elementor here.

8. Elements Extra!

Elementor is loaded of widgets that allows you to do everything almost what you want but, in case their functionalities are not sufficient, can prove with Elements Extra! where you will find the following elements:

  • Label extra!
  • Button extra!
  • Gallery extra!
  • Google Maps extra!
  • Call to action extra!
  • AudioIgniter extra!
  • YouTube Slideshow extra!
  • Preloader extra!
  • Instagram extra!
  • Icon extra!

As you see, many of them already are including in Elementor, but this plugin adds new functionalities to them that perhaps interest to you.


To the gratuitous being, you do not lose anything to try. 😉

Elements unloading extra here.

These are best addons for Elementor for us

What seem to you? You are in agreement with the list? You miss some? If you know others addons for Elementor and you think that they would have to be in the list, it writes his names in the commentaries of more down.

Tell us what does so special and why they are essential for you… We want to hear to you!