Gutenberg for WordPress, everything what you need to know on last the great newness that has revolutionized blogging


The world of blogging walks a little revolutionized with the last newness that has arrived. One is Gutenberg for WordPress and it promises to change the way in that you design the contents of your webpage.

But, what is Gutenberg? Of what plugin consists this new? Really it is a revolution or it only is one more? You lose something if you do not install it? If you are also made those questions, in the next lines we give the answers you.

We began!

What is Gutenberg?

According to its own page in WordPress, the definition of Gutenberg is this:

Gutenberg is more than a publisher. Although the publisher is where it is the approach right now, the project will hit definitively in all the publication experience, including the personalisation (the next area of approach).

Or to put it another way, for the users of the CMS par excellence Gutenberg is plugin whose main function is the one to replace the text editor of WordPress. And to do that, he includes new functionalities that facilitate the task of maquetar texts.

Although as it says his official definition, its idea is to include more in next versions. But it is clear that the texts are their strength when it give account you that its name is in honor to Johannes Gutenber, the inventor of the press.

How to install Gutenberg in WordPress

Like it happens with others plugins (as these of SEO or these of cache) the installation of this publisher cannot be simpler. And so that you see that it is thus, there are preparation a mini tutorial to install Gutenberg in WordPress

First of everything it is to enter the area of administration of your site and the left menu, to put in mouse upon “Plugins” and soon to puncture in “Adding new”. Now the possibility that fits already “gutenberg” appears but, if is not thus, writes in the bar search. Once you have it in screen, you click in “Installing” and when it finishes, in “Activating”.


Ready! In order to begin to work with him, it is enough with which kitchen boys in “Entrances” or “Pages”. That takes to the whole list of that or you have and, in the left part superior to you, is a drop-down one next to “Adding new” in which you can choose between “Gutenberg” or “classic Publisher”.


And only it already is to begin to write. 😉


Advantages of publisher Gutenberg

If you wonder yourself why you would have to happen to you to Gutenberg, these are their arguments to favor.

1. More line of vision

Like it happens with these programs to create a webpage without knowing how to program, one of the great advantages of Gutenberg is that while you write and/or scale models, which you see in screen is almost identical to the final result.

2. The blocks

If you use Elementor (or another visual publisher as Thrive Content) or will be familiarized with the blocks. On the contrary, when we spoke of blocks we talked about to that the content is divided in “zones” that you can personalize to the maximum:

  • To change the basic color.
  • To modify the size.
  • To vary the location.
  • And much more.

Then with Gutenberg also you can do all that.

3. Plenty of options

Perhaps you go to Gutenberg by the line of vision that turns out to work with him, but soon you remain when you see the amount of possibilities that offers you. In order to accede to them, the only thing that you must do is to puncture in the symbol “More” than there is in the left part superior.


Each of those drop-down ones contains many options so that DES to your texts the aspect that you want of a fast and simple way. For example, with “Inlhelp” you can insert contended of:

  • Instagram.
  • Facebook.
  • Spotify.
  • Twitter.
  • And many more.

And as you see, until it includes the option to insert your widgets installed to fill of functionality your articles and pages (you have a post with best widgets for WordPress here).

4. Not on load your Web

The speed of load of your Web is something that must worry to you and, if plugins is something increases it in WordPress is to use many. Luckily, to the being Gutenberg created by the same developers of the CMS, it feels to him since I brought fact to size and it almost does not have incidence in your site.

5. Plugins additional

If you return to the page to install plugins in WordPress and write in the finder “Gutenberg” you will see that, to part of the publisher, the community already has created extensions to equip to him with more functionalities.


Even there is one for the product blocks in WooCommerce!

Disadvantages of Gutenber publisher

Now that already you know all the good one that it contributes, you must know that Gutenberg also has his defects. 

1. Still it has left much

In the scope of the constructors, still it is very far from his competition. Elementor, Divi or Page Builder remove a great advantage to him as far as functionalities and performance reason why, if already you use some, is not worth the trouble to you the change.

2. Problems in movable devices

We can assure that your entrances and pages will be hallucinating from a computer. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same as far as mobiles, tablets and other devices of reduced screens.

And it is that, according to the community has complained, the result in the movable devices is not the best one.

3. Eye to the compatibility with others plugins and subjects

This it is a general problem that has all the plugins that affect to a whole Web. The subject is in that it is more probable that is some problem of compatibility with the group (or others plugins) at the most new is the one that you install.

And Gutenberg almost is just arrived. For that reason, first of all, the best thing is than you make a backup copy of your site (with these plugins for backups is very simple).

Better to come up than to cure. 😉

Gutenberg for WordPress, the new form to write

Doubt does not fit that Gutenberg for WordPress is more than an update of his text editor. The form to write up texts has changed and is called on to adapt.

And the adaptation always is simpler if it is sustained in quality, and nothing contributes more than to lodge your Web in the best servers. But in addition, it beams to the best price thanks to our coupons discount, the only thing that beams is to win.


When you are reading this Gutenberg article already will come from series in any new installation that you do of WordPress. That is to say, when you are going to create a blog new Gutenberg already is installed and you will not have to do nothing new.

You do not let them pass!