Coupon Hostinet 20% of Discount

Hostinet is one of the Spanish companies of hosting that more time takes offering its services to companies and webpages in our country, concretely from year 2003, that is to say, almost 15 years offering a service of quality to very competitive prices. Now you can secure the best price in one of the most traditional companies of our country thanks to our Hostinet coupon with which you will save a 20% in the hiring of any plan of hosting or VPS.

Coupon Hostinet 20% Discount

It saves in with hiring in your plan of hosting with this promotion

41,82 52,27€

Coupon Hostinet 20% of Discount

Coupon Hostinet discount

Analysis and characteristics of hosting of Hostinet

Hostinet, in their beginnings, had their servers in California, but for some years bet strongly by the national market centering all servers in a datacenter in Madrid, offering of this form the best connectivity for their Spanish users.

Also, recording officials of .es bet strong for being, obtaining it in 2006 when they happened to be Official Recording Agent of to be able to register domains .es.

Unlike other companies, in Hostinet we can see that they offer plans of hosting with different characteristics and prices to us based on which you want to pay. We referred to that you can find plans of hosting limitless, to more pure style American in which they offer space and limitless transference to you (these plans usually are simpler and we did not recommend them for serious projects since in the end always they are limited by some side as far as benefits talks about), but also you can find its plans of hosting SSD, that is to say, with the new ultrafast discs that for a long time offer all the companies of lodging quality Web. Also you will find a plan of hosting cheap nearly more about 3€ to the month but also one is a very simple lodging.

Finally, if you are of that is going to use some of the habitual managers of contents as they can be Prestashop, Joomla or WordPress, Hostinet offers plans optimized for this type of programs. When you choose the one that you need, you will have the possibility of installing the manager with a few clicks and of choosing groups and plugins to install in your chosen program of simple and easy way.

Plans and hosting shared Hostinet

Since we have commented, has a great variety of options at the time of choosing a lodging Web. We are going to enumerate each of them and to emphasize what the attention has called us.

Basic Hosting Hostinet

This plan is indicated for all those that look for a lodging cheap Web and they do not have necessity of great benefits, only need to have presence in Internet with a small Web or they are beginning in this.

Caractertísticas of the Basic bread:

  • Space of 1GB
  • Transference of 10GB
  • 1 Domains lodged
  • 1 Base of data
  • Emails limitless

Limitless Hosting

If you look for a solution that puts limits neither to the space nor to the transference of your website, this could be your option.

Ten in account that this type of hostings usually are simpler and with smaller benefits. If your page receives thousands of visits to the day it would not be our recommended option. For that always he is better to decide on a plan with discs SSD or a VPS.

Characteristics of the limitless lodging:

  • Limitless space
  • Limitless transference
  • 1 Domains lodged
  • Emails limitless
  • 5 data bases
  • Certificate SSL Free

If you need to lodge more domains, you can choose the Cloud variant Pro, with the one that allows you to also lodge up to 10 domains with space and limitless transference.

Hosting SSD Ultrarápido

The recommended used option more and more is their plans of lodging disc Web SSD. They promise to a speed up to 20 times superior to traditional discs and improves the yield in a 95%.

Their server specialized with discs SSD use discs in RAID assuring a fast recovery the data.

At the moment the space and transference can be contracted to 4 different plans based on that you need.

Their basic characteristicses are:

  • Discs SSD
  • Variable disc space: 1GB, 5GB, 10GB or 15GB
  • Variable transference: 20GB, 40GB, 100GB, 150GB
  • Lodged domains: 1
  • Emails limitless
  • Variable data bases: 1, 5, 5 and 10
  • 3 domains free from the plan Hosting SSD 3
  • Certificate SSL Free
  • Backup copies

If you need more space or to lodge more domains in a same plan, you have the option SSD Cloud thanks to which you can have until 40GB of space and 500GB in transference, being able to lodge up to 20 domains in a same site.

We throw in lack that cannot be lodged more domains in the simplest plans. The space and the transference are limited but each would have to be able to choose as it takes advantage of that space.

All the plans of hosting have a discount greater or meno based on by whichever years you want it to contract of initial way.

Virtual servers Hostinet

If you need more benefits and you are thinking about a VPS, they also have a plan for you, in particular they have 4 plans so that you choose the one that you need.

Their virtual servers manage themselves with cPanel reason why you will not have any problem in fixing to you with them if you have never used one since he is extremely simple to handle with this panel.

It is necessary to consider that cPanel in this case is pleased to part, except for some promotion in which you 6 months give it, the rest of the time you will have to pay corresponding the monthly or annual payment.

At the moment we can find 4 plans available:

Plan:VPS1: 11,35€VPS2: 20,85€VPS3: 30,35€VPS4: 39,85€
Domains freeNo122
SWAPNo512 Megabyte1 GB2 GB
Hard disk RAID25 GB75 GB100 GB150 GB
Dedicated IP1122
Backup copy FTPNoIfifIf
Panel VPSIfIfIfIf
cPanelOptional6 Months free6 Months free6 Months free

Support and attention to the client

One of the things that we valued more in HostingGuideBook at the time of valuing to a company is that they have support in our language, that responds fast tickets and if they have telephone attention better than better.

In this Hostinet case everything has it. It has support by means of email as usually he is habitual in this type of companies, but also has 2 phone numbers of attention to the client where all doubts can resolve you and to make use to you when something fails to you. (Hostinet Telephone: 902 011 590 – 946 545 762).

Also, they also have some tutorial online in which they resolve the most habitual and typical doubts to you at the time of managing hosting shared or a VPS.

Hostinet opinion and final valuation

If you throw an eye to the tariffs of hostinet and which offer you by each of them, you will see mainly that they are prices very fit and cheaper than prestigious competitors as Webempesa or Raiola Networks, if you take advantage of the coupon Hostinet discount 20% that we offer you in our page.

Now you can be your own hosting with ultrafast discs SSD by 3,60€ day old or less with the promotion, reason why you do not have excuse not to have a lodging national Web of quality, with expert and amiable support in your own language.

We throw in lack a little more of clarity in the prices since that of not including and IVA in the price shown in the Web always confuses a little, but by the other whole it seems to us rather clearly.

How to use the Hostinet coupon with a discount of 20%

In order to benefit from the code discount to you that offers to us Hostinet only you must pay attention at the time of the hiring of the plan that you wish.

Hostinet coupon with discount

In the final step, where you see the summary of your hanging, you will see a square where you the option include a coupon. It is there where you must put the code that we showed you in our Web and which you can see in the following connection:

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