How to migrate WordPress of automatic form and without risk to lose it everything

Plugins to migrate WordPress easily

There are situations that never you want that they arrive by all the risks that entail, as migrating your WordPress to another servant.

The problem is that not always it depends on you and, if you see yourself with the necessity to do it, is better than you learn the safest way.

And which is? For us it is with one of best plugins than they exist for this, but also we sound off to you to make it of form manual.

Which you will choose?

First of all, it chooses very well your new hosting

And it is that if you consider (or you need) to change of servant your page, is because you are not happy with the service of your present supplier of hosting, no?

That happens through not knowing how to you how to choose a servant for your Web and, so that it does not return to you to happen the same, tomato your time and reviews well all the possibilities that exist.

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And the best thing, is than to migrate WordPress to Webempresa or to Raiola he is super simple because they are in charge of everything and they save headaches to you.

How to migrate WordPress with Duplicator

Want to order do you to you of all the process? Thus we like our visits, brave! 😀

In addition, if by something we are some enamored with WordPress, it is by the simple thing that makes aspects that could seem complicated as, for example, change your site of servant.

For this mission you can choose between several plugins (we have chosen by most popular, Duplicator).

1. It installs Duplicator

Just as beams with any other plugin, directs you to the menu of the left and you click in Plugins - > Añadir new.

To migrate WordPress with plugin

“Duplicator” writes in the finder, beats on “Installing now” and later in “Activating”.

2. It creates the necessary archives

Now in the left menu you have a new called component “Duplicator”, with which you can obtain all the necessary one to make a migration of your site.

Kitchen mhelp exceeds he and, in the screen that is, you click in the button “To create new”.

To migrate WordPress with Filezilla

Now plugin guides to you through a series of steps that consist of:

  • To form.
  • To analyze your site.
  • To create the archives.

In the second step, it is important to solve any problem that shows.

To migrate WordPress by FTP

Finally, it punctures so that the creation process begins and hopes to that it finalizes.

IMPORTANT! I do not close the window until the process does not finish.

When everything has finalized, will be a screen in which to unload 2 archives:

  • Installer.
  • Archives.

Guard both in your computer and happens to the following point.

3. He accedes to the new servant

In particular, the panel of administration of this and he looks for the option with the name “MySQL something or data bases” similar (if he is cPanel is identical).

The following step consists of creating a user and a new data base. Once fact, gives all the permissions to the user.

Now that you have the data base correctly created and formed, through FTP or with the file manager of the Control Panel, “public_html” raises to the archives created before the folder.

Once in line, in your navigator “” writes to begin the migration process.

First that asks to you it is the information on the data base that you have created in this same step:

  • User.
  • Password.
  • Host (leave it in localhost).

Kitchen mhelp on “Connection Test” and, if she does not throw any problem, now in “Run Deployment”.

She verifies that the shown thing in the screen is correct and clica in “Run Update”.

When finishing, plugin shows a report to you with the following points:

  • Install Report: emptiness if everything has gone well.
  • Permalinks knows: so that the permanent connections remain as they were in the old Web.
  • Site test: in order to assure that everything works correctly.
  • You case out Cleanup: it eliminates the generated nonnecessary archives for the migration.

And aim! That simple it is to migrate WordPress with this plugin to another domain.

How to migrate WordPress manually

You prefer the artisan method? He is rather more complicated but you insist, these are the steps.

1. It unloads all your Web

That is to say, it enters your servant (through FTP it is the ideal) and unloads everything what is in the folder “public_html”.

Subcarpetas including, clearly.

2. It unloads the data base

With the help of the manager of the servant, it accedes to “PHPMyAdmin” and it looks for the data base that sustains the CMS.

When you locate it, she and later in the button punctures envelope “To export” leaving everything as she is.

This generates a file with the extension “.sql” that you must keep in your PC.

3. Connect you to your new servant

The USA a client FTP (as Filezilla for example), accedes to the folder “public_html” and raises the archives that conform your Web.

4. He forms the data base

He creates the data base just as with plugin (name, user, password and permissions) and when you finish, looks for with a file with the name “wp-config.php” in the FTP.

Kitchen mhelp in him, chooses the option “to publish code” and modifies the following thing:

  • it defines (‘DB_NAME’, ‘name new data base’);
  • it defines (‘DB_USER’, ‘user new data base’);
  • it defines (‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password new data base’);

Guard and closes.

5. He concerns the data base

He returns to “PHPMyAdmin” and he looks for the option to concern the data base.

He will request several data to you and that selections the file with extension “.sql” that you unloaded before.

He leaves the fields as they are if you see that they are correct and beats in “Mattering”.

And aim of the process! As you see, he is difícily rather more for that reason, we only recommended it if you are everything geek (or you want to learn how one becomes by simple pleasure)

To migrate WordPress he is very simple!

When people must migrate her WordPress, many of them enter panic and you think that it is something similar to aerospace engineering… and it is that easy!

In fact, he is almost as simple as to save at the time of contracting hosting thanks to our coupons discount.

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