How to make your WordPress multi language so that everybody reads your webpage


If there is an advantage that has Internet, it is to be able to arrive at everybody. Beams a Web in Spain and can visit to you from China, Russia, Brazil… Another thing is that they understand your contents.

Luckily, that problem is quite simple to resolve if you know how to make WordPress multi language, that is right what we counted you in the post of today next to best plugins to translate your page, the errors that you do not have to commit and much more. All that with continuing reading.

Be done to understand anywhere in the world!

When it agrees to you to have your WordPress in different languages?

To have a Web done in several languages with WordPress is not complicated, but the question that you must do to you is: you need a page multilanguage? It is clear that to have a site by which more people can sail only brings advantages (she increases your customer, you position in another countries, etc).

Sure, that does not mean that you send yourself as a crazy person to translate the contents of your webpage to all the languages that you know. Not because it is a bad idea, but by the amount of time and resources that robs to obtain something thus, and which you can dedicate to which really it needs your business online to grow.

Then, responding to the question, it agrees to you to have your WordPress in different languages if your objective public speaks several languages.

Errors that you do not have to commit at the time of translating your Web to several languages

You know clearly that you need a Web multi language? Then before putting hands to you to the work, these are the most common errors that you must avoid:

  • A Web by language: unless you are a great multinational or bandage products with different characteristics based on the country, the effort that entails to manage several sites simultaneously does not compensate. Far better to decide on a single Web translated in function to the origin of the visitor.
  • To work simultaneously with several: the multitask is very well for the computers but, unless you have a very ample team of people, our advice is that you work separately in the different languages. That is to say, you do not put yourself to translate if still you have not finished with the original language.
  • Not to pay to a professional: because as we more ahead see, there is plugins that makes automatic translations but, by very brilliant that are that, the quality lets enough wish so if you are not able of doing it, better contract to somebody than yes knows.
  • To translate when it is not necessary: because throughout the year you receive 10 visits of Germany, it does not mean that you must have your site in German. It remembers that it entails time and money, you only do it if it is worth the trouble.

As you see, everything summary in using the common sense. 😉

Best plugins multi language for WordPress

If by something this CMS we like so much, she is by the amount of plugins that she has and that allows you to do almost you want it. And as it could not be of another way, plugins exist to translate your Web to the language that you want.

You must to choose several but for us, these are the best options.

1. Polylang


We begin more with one of plugins recommended to secure a site in several languages, partly by its excellent characteristics that allow you:

  • To use so many languages as you need.
  • To translate the entrances, labels, pages, menus,…
  • Account with widget to choose the language.
  • Interface in several languages.
  • And much more.

All that has taken to count to him with more than 400,000 active facilities and one score of 4.6 on 5. The best thing of everything? That all that offers it in its gratuitous version and, if you need more, you can extend paying it by the version pro.

Polylang unloading here.

2. GTransalete


You remember that before we have spoken of automatic translations? Then this plugin does that being based on the service of Google Translate.

If we are sincere, for us it is not a very valid option (especially if you want to make money with your webpage). If even so it seduces the idea to you that all the work of translation is only made, you must know that in its gratuitous version it includes:

  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • Translation of pages and posts.
  • Widget de Google Translate.
  • Selector of language.
  • Etc, etc, etc.

And if you need more, you can pay by the pro version and extend his functionalities.

GTransalte unloading here.

3. WP Globus


Another gratuitous solution so that your visits enjoy your Web in their native language. As advantage, it does not realise the translations of automatic form but at the time of writing a post or page, it shows an eyelash so that you independently do it in the 2 languages.

In addition, he is compatible with Yoast SEO and Composer Line of vision.

Like the rest of options, has a payment version although, to be exact, they are 4:

  • Extra +.
  • WooCommerce.
  • Language widgets.
  • Menu visibility.

Thus, based on which you need, purchases one of them.

To unload WP Globus here.

4.  WPML


It is very probable that this is the best option to translate your site to as much languages as you want. In fact, it is so good that it does not have gratuitous version.

He is that something bad? We do not stop since to the being plugin of payment, is much more professional that the rest of options and in addition, you have to your disposition an equipment of technical support to solve your doubts and problems.

All that next to characteristics as:

  • Extensive documentation.
  • You can translate plugins and subjects.
  • Compatible with Genesis, Themefores, Elegant Themes, Divi and almost all the groups.
  • It allows to make SEO for each language.
  • 30 days of test.

Finally, and it is a detail to consider very, with a single license you can install this plugin in so many sites as you want. So if you glide to translate several pages, the investment is reduced.

To unload WPML here.

To have a WordPress multi language is that simple

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Good, beautiful and cheap in a same site. 😉