The 5 better plugins of commentaries for WordPress that make of your webpage a place far better


They are there, in the majority of webpages that visits… By something it will be, no? The reason is very simple, the commentaries are one of the most important parts of a webpage.

It surprises that affirmation to You? It is normal but we assured to you that, if you read the next lines, you will understand to what we talked about. In addition, we discovered the four to you better plugins of commentaries for WordPress that there is in nowadays.

Because as we demonstrated to you in this article, your webpage cannot be allowed not to have a section of commentaries.

And by all means it is a post in which, of course, we waited for your commentary in the end. 😉

Does Your webpage have to count on commentaries?

The question that much people become when she creates a webpage and whose answer is simultaneously simple and complicated.

Of general form, we must say yes that, that your page must always count on a system of commentaries that allows the users to interact with you. The reason is all advantages:

  • You generate a community: or it is at least easier to obtain it since the people use the commentaries to debate among them and often return to read opinions of others.
  • You increase the dwell time: what reduces the rate by ricochet and makes raise your positions in the finders (it discovers other keys SEO in this post).
  • You demonstrate that the visitors matter to you: because you want to know its opinion and that they contribute his knowledge, even that corrects to you if you put the leg! You want to listen to them and that always likes.
  • They complete your contents: when you speak of a subject is inevitable to leave aspects in the inkpot. Sometimes by extension and others by ignorance, always there will be something escapes. For that reason, the previous point is so important. 😉

“Then, always I must activate the commentaries in my WordPress, no” As we told you at the outset, he is complicated.

Of course, our advice is that you do it mainly if your page is a blog or a store online. In case he is portfolio, perhaps they are not so important and them you can “replace” by testimonies of your clients.

The 5 better plugins of commentaries for WordPress

Posts of lists of “the best ones enchant to us…” and we demonstrated it because already we have a few:

And as you see, also we are some enamored with the CMS that everybody uses. 😉

By that reason, in a post on the best systems of commentaries than you can use in your blog, cannot lack a list with our recommendations.

1. Thrive Comments

We begin strong, with plugin of payment but that probably is one of best but the best one to manage commentaries in your blog and to create a community.

Thanks to Thrive commentes you can handle from a comfortable panel all the opinones of people, are possible to be valued, to be voted… You can publish, respond or erase those that you interesén or are not disagreeable for the community.

Thrive Comments is complete plugin of management and handling of commentaries that allows to take you to the interaction with your community to another level.

When a user leaves a commentary, you can redirigir it to the page that your you want of your blog. You even can show to a MGP up to him thanking to him for his commentary and to offer the gratuitous unloading to him of ebook or what you see advisable as gratefulness participate in the community.

This plugin of commentaries belongs to the family of plugins of Thrive, where you can complement it with the rest of plugins of the family.

Itself you want the Thrive Commentes, the price goes up to around 39$ for a single license and 47$ for 5 sites.

Plugin of Thrive commentaries

You can unload it here.

1. Disqus

Perhaps he is not best plugin of WordPress than it exists (in fact, has a score of 3 stars on 5) but nevertheless, one is of the most used… The reason for that “so normalita” note we do not know to what one is due but, of course, is not for want of characteristics:

  • It includes notifications of new commentaries.
  • Filters to avoid the Spam and malware.
  • Possibility of loguear itself more with the profile of the used social networks.
  • And much more.

In addition, to the administrator of the site it provides an analysis tool to him to see everything what it happens in the commentaries.

better-plugins commentary-WordPress

Finally, Disqus is an external system to your webpage and the commentaries are stored in their own data base. What means this? That if you change of platform, you do not have to worry to you to concern them.

Something thus also has a negative side and is that, if attacks their servers, they also attack to you.

You can unload Disqus entering here.

2. Of: comments

This plugins for commentaries has a characteristic that the others do not have: it is of payment.

But nonpasses to the following one still! Perhaps it interests some to you of his extra characteristics and functions that contain as:

  • System of reputation: or “gamificación” as also it is known him. It consists of giving “virtual medals” to the users who comment more, to that secure more positive votes, etc…
  • Modification of the aspect: you can personalize the zone of commentaries as you want. That yes, you need knowledge CSS.
  • Simple: as much at the time of installing as to form.

Perhaps a very interesting solution although only is worth the trouble if you already have a very active community in the commentaries.

Of comments

You can unload Of: comments entering here.

3. WpDiscuz

In case you do not know it, WordPress counts on its own system of commentaries.

Why we told this you? To part of because it is an interesting option that alleviates the load of your webpage, because what plugin does this it is to be based on which already exists and adding functionalities as:

  • To order the commentaries.
  • To receive notifications.
  • To allow the anonymous commentaries.
  • To turn of automatic form the connections.
  • And much more.

A very interesting option, does not fit doubt. 😉


You can unload WpDiscuz entering here.

4. WordPress Social Login

One of the keys to secure commentaries, is that to do it he is fast and simple… and right in opposition to that is to force your visitors to create an account to leave its opinion.

For that reason this plugin is so brilliant, because it allows the users to make commentaries in your webpage with the accounts of his social networks and to save a pile of time:

  • Facebook.
  • Google.
  • Twitter.
  • Instagram.
  • Steam.
  • Etc.

They are only some examples of the compatible social networks with this plugin… there are many more!


You can unload WordPress Social Login entering here.

Your community with best plugins of commentaries for WordPress creates

Up to here our post arrives on best plugins of commentaries for WordPress. We hope that it has served to understand the importance to you that they have.

Sure, after reading what you have read, certainly you know what touches, truth? 😉

Thus it is, we want that you leave a commentary us.  You can tell us what plugin you in your webpage use, if you think that they have other advantages, your experience commenting in other Webs or any other aspect that you pass by the head.

You have already seen that we do not put them to put so… it attacks those commentaries! 😉