The 5 better plugins of gallery in WordPress to show your photos of impressive way


Certainly you know it, but we remembered it to you just in case: the images are something indispensable in your webpage.

And not only it is that they are present in your contents, is that they must shine as well as possible and to obtain it, we told you which are best plugins of gallery in WordPress and its main characteristics.

It discovers the 5 options of more quality so that the photographies of your site contribute value still more.

They are necessary to create a gallery of images in WordPress?

If you are a person obsessed with maintaining the speed of load of your possible lowest Web, certainly you take care of much what plugins to install because you know that they are some of the guilty of which your site takes more in appearing.

So, he is indispensable to count on one to create galleries of photos in WordPress? The answer is no.

If you want to avoid them, you can resort to 2 alternatives:

What happens? That the first option offers some quite poor results and, if you want to make money with your Web, is not an alternative.

And to second you only can choose if you already use one of these and, if it is not thus, does not justify his installation to only use them as gallery.

Best plugins of gallery of WordPress

As surely you know little that you handle WordPress, the amount of alternatives that it has in which to plugins talks about is giant.

What we mean with this? That although consensus exists enough in which the shown ones next are some of the best options, they do not mean that they are the unique ones.

Our advice? You See trying and have left with that better result offers to you.

But he remembers to erase those that you do not use not to saturate your Web!

1. NextGen Gallery


With more than 900,000 active facilities (peaky of 1 million) and one valuation of 4.2 on 5, NextGEN Gallery is one of plugins of gallery for WordPress more advised.

And it leaves from his success resides in the amount of options that allows as:

  • To show slides.
  • To handle the metadata of the images.
  • To group galleries in albums.
  • And much more.

The bad thing? That in spite of having a gratuitous version, to unblock all functions it is necessary to buy some of his packages:

  • Extra (79$).
  • Pro (99$).
  • All themes + plugins (139$).

Although if you look for “a normal” gallery, the version free is than sufficient more.

NextGEN unloading here.

2. Envira Gallery

If there is plugin of images that can try to overthrow to NextGEN Gallery is this.

And it is perhaps that, it does not have so many active facilities (“only” surpasses the 100,000) but, with a score of 4.8 on 5, it is clear that we are before a quality product.

What can have done so that the users give honor matriculation almost him? Then something as simple as some professional results together with an incredible ease of use.

And it is that, thanks to his system to drag & to drop, anyone it can have in a few seconds a gallery of photos of professional aspect.

In addition they are responsive, which means that they adapt perfectly without concerning the device from which is acceded.

Unfortunately, all that has a price although luckily, Envira Gallery tells on a reduced version that yes it is free.

Unloading Envira Gallery here.

3. It modulates

You are conscious of the importance that you have the galleries of images in a Web, but do not have time to put to you to create them? Then It modulates is what you look for.

This is due to that, summarizing, the only thing that you must do it is to choose the images that you want to put in gallery and Modulates is in charge of the rest.

Evidently, you can personify the result if you are not satisfied.

But this plugin has a great one “but”, and is that it only creates galleries with box style, so if you look for a little more “fantasy”, is not an option.

Although in its defense we must say that their design and effects are so spectacular that plantearáss not to change them to you.

Another one beats is that, just as the sights until now, it counts on a gratuitous and reduced version, reason why to be able to the complete package headress to happen through box.

Unloading Modulates here.

4. FooGallery

Options. If by something we have placed to FooGallery between best plugins of gallery for WordPress is by the amount of options that offers.

Because not only it is that it counts on several designs to show the unique photographies of your Web and an incredible quality, but also allows to add effects for when you pass the mouse superficially.

And create to us, some of them are spectacular and obtain that a Web shines much more professional.

By the others, it uses the native gallery of WordPress, which guarantees a very simple use and without complications.

And like the rest of alternatives, counts on version of payment and gratuitous version.

FooGallery unloading here.

5. Nimble3


You can't (or you do not want) spend money and want plugin of gallery for WordPress that is free? You do not look for more because Nimble3 is the solution.

Here you will not find surprises on functionalities that are only available paying nor things of those… is 100% gratuitous one and there resides its force.

Good, in that and which you can create gallery of images that include documents in pdf and videos.

Evidently, the quality of the galleries is not comparable to the payment solutions, but it is not necessary to forget that you will not pay a penny to use it and, if you think it thus, are not so bad. 😉

Nimble3 unloading here.

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