The 5 better banks of free free images of rights for your webpage

The images are indispensable for all the content that you generate in your blog or webpage, since they contribute benefits as:

  • They help to understand better the information.
  • They cause that a post is more pleasant.
  • They help the SEO.
  • Etc.

Sure, in spite of which much people think, you cannot use any image that you find in the network, since surely it is protected by author rights.

Then, where you can obtain them without infringing no law? In the pages known as banks of images free.

In this type of pages, you will have to your disposition thousands of ready photographies to unload and to use them so you want.

Which are the best ones? They are free of rights? What licenses exist? All these questions, will be answered in the next lines.

Prepare to you, after this article, your content will happen of normal to epic.

What you must know before unloading a bank of images free

Before telling you which are the best banks of images free without brand of water, we want to explain something to you very important: the types of license who exist.

The reason? Because it will be what it will tell you that you can and you cannot do with the image that unloadings.


The prohibited images, since in no case you will be able to use them. They belong exclusively to somebody and that person only can make use of them.

There is a variety of this protection, call copyleft, that is something more permissive.

In this case, any person can distribute and alter the image, as long as she guarantees that the result has the same license.


The author rights do not extend in the time of infinite form. So that, when they expire, the content happens to be free to use by any person.

But taken care of!

A work, although is derived from another one with license of public domain, can have author right.


Most complicated to understand, because it is not difficult, but by the number of options that exist, each indicating what you can do:

  • Recognition (CC BY): you can do what you want, the only condition is to connect to the original one.
  • To share the same (CC BY SA): just like the previous license, but forces to you to use the same license that the original one.
  • Without derived work (CC BY ND): this license allows you to use the image, recognizing the author, but without modifying it.
  • Noncommercial (CC BY NC): you continue having to recognize the author, but you cannot use it to make money.
  • Noncommercial – To share the same (CC BY NC SA): you must connect to the original one, you cannot use it for lucrative aims and must have the same license.
  • Noncommercial – To share the same – Without derived work (CC BY NC ND): the one that less “game” gives. You can neither modify it, nor make money and is necessary to mention the author.

If you want to know more on this fear, you can obtain it in this page.

And if, you have created images and you want that they have this type of license, we left the generator you of code HTML of the official page.

The 5 better banks of images free

Once you know clearly how the subject of the licenses goes, we happened to free tell the best banks you of images that exist.

That yes, you do not forget to review the licenses!


We begin by that, for many, it is the best bank of images without copyright that there is, and reasons it does not need.

In order to begin, it is not only limited images. Also you can look for vectors and videos and filter the results by categories, direction, color, width and stop.

But where authentic one resides its to be able, it is in the possibility of using expressions to obtain some more precise results.

They are the following:

  • AND.
  • OR.
  • NOT.
  • ()

An example of the power of this option is to write in the finder “to flower AND (network OR yellow) NOT rose”.


And the sour cherry on the pie, is that you do not need to mention the author to use the images.

>>Aquí<< enters Pixabay puncturing


If what you want it is a bank of images that emphasizes by its number of archives, Footer is the one that you were looking for.

Right now, it enters in his data base more than 335 million photographies. Everything thanks to the fact that, in fact, the results obtain them from Flickr.

What this bank of images to do is search in that platform, but only the images marked with license creative commos.

Other advantages of Footer are:

  • It gives to the code or text you that you need for being able to use the image, so that there is not mistake.
  • You can keep your favorites in

>>Aquí<< enters Footer puncturing


Perhaps this bank of free images is not the one that has major number of archives, but a thing is safe, all are of great quality.

How we can assure something thus? Because all the have realised Ryan Macguire, a professional photographer.

In addition, they are quite original and Ryan adds new photographies regularly. And he does not ask that I connect to the original one!




Another bank of free photos of right in which it is not necessary to mention the author to use his archives. It does not matter either if you use them to make money.

Good of this page, like previous thing, is that the quality of its photographies is simply spectacular.

The work of frame, light notices, composition and other aspects fundamental to obtain good results.

>>Aquí<< enters Unsplash puncturing


Thus it is, the finder par excellence of Internet also serves search images that you can use for your contents.

For it, when you look for an image, that is enough with you click in “Tools” (right under the bar search) and that Right unfoldings the use menu “” that it has appeared.



The advantage to use this system, is that you will look for free in all the banks of images simultaneously.

Which is your free favorite bank of images?

If after reading this post, them DAS to your contents a showier touch, will not be because you do not want. And if you want to optimize them, happen to you through this other best article where we told plugins you than it has to do it.

With these five banks of images free, you must more to very well find that photography that will give an extra of quality to everything what you do.

Now we asked to you, you know other banks? You have something more to add? If it is thus, tell us in the commentaries.

We see ourselves in them!