What is landing page, why it is so important and the keys to create a perfect one to let grow your business online

Would You like to let grow your to newsletter? You plan a new launching and you don't know how to obtain more clients? You don't know what is landing page? Then he is right what it helps you to fulfill those objectives.

So if you try to obtain it, that situation must change and for it, that is enough with you read the post that we have written in that not only we respond to those questions, but we taught the keys to you to do a perfect one.

We began!

What is one landing page?

As it is already custom in this blog, we started with the definition of Wikipedia exceeds what page is landing:

In the marketing research in Internet, landing page (of English landing pages, in Spain also is used the term “destiny page”) to a webpage at which a person arrives after pressing in the connection or button in a guide, a portal or some banner or text announcement is denominated located in another webpage, application, social network, E-mail or portal of Internet.

As usually it happens par excellence with the encyclopedia online, their definitions are correct but too generic. In this of marketing online, when the people who ask what landing is one page are necessary to answer thus:

A webpage whose only purpose is the one to turn the visits into leads.

And, what is lead? In Internet, it is thus called to the action to obtain that to a user you bristle his personal data. That is to say, to turn it into:

  • Subscriber.
  • Client.
  • Listener in your webinar.
  • Etc.

Everything what is that a person, of voluntary form, you bristle its email, names or any data that you need is lead.

Why it is so important?

So that you understand why everybody has one (and he is vital that you also have it if you want to make money with your webpage) is better to see it with an example.

It imagines that you have blog done in WordPress in that you write articles exceeds how to position webpage in Google (we counted you here good keys SEO) As you see that your techniques work, you decide to create a course on SEO.

Now it thinks that you have one landing page in which you give ebook with best plugins for SEO de WordPress, so that people bristle her email address and name now and. Thanks to her, now you have a list of people to whom to send to them to an email offering your new service.

Or what is the same, you do not begin from zero and in addition, you have the certainty that all that people are interested in your work, why if they would not have left its data you of voluntary form?

Advice to create one landing page

Next we told the keys you that your landing page must fulfill for being considered as one of quality. But before, how you can do one landing page in WordPress? If you glide to do it you yourself, but you do not have design knowledge and programming, the best thing is than you use a visual constructor.

Internet is full of this type of plugins that allows you to create a page without having nor idea of HTML5 and CSS3, which you must choose? For us there are 2 options that emphasize against the rest: Thrive Builder and Elementor Page Builder.

Gutenberg could merit? As a last resort yes, but we do not think that it is the best option.

1. The direction

In this other post we taught to you how to choose the perfect domain (and in this other how buying it). In the article on choosing the name, we spoke of the method KISS, that is the acronym of the phrase “Keep Simple It, Stupid” or what is the same, mantenlo simple (we saved the insult 😉).

Then with the direction of landing page happens the same, must be easy to remember and that it has relation with the subject that tries. Following with the previous example, it could be www.eldominio.com/los-mejores-plungins-seo-para-wordpress.

For the title of the page it happens the same.

2. The structure

If we finished speaking on the simple thing that it must be the URL and the title, the structure of landing page also must follow this simplest landlord and to be possible. It thinks that the only objective, is to obtain that to the user you of the data that you need envelope he, so whatever less distractions, better.

So that you become an idea, we showed the landing page to you of LifeStyle the squared one.


We put this example to you because it is the maximum expression of how landing must be one page: clear, without distractions, direct to the benefit and showing the product.

3. The texts

At the time of writing your landing page, you must record to fire the following thing: you must always concentrate in the benefits. It is very important that I do not commit the error to speak on characteristics of the product and other data that, at heart, are little excellent and in some cases, perhaps nor understand your visits.

Ten in account that, which people wants and what it sells, is the benefits, for that reason you must speak all the short while exceeds they.

To fix you to landing of cover of the Web Soyfreelancer.com. It describes perfectly in 3 points what offers and how it becomes. It makes it clear of a look:

Profesinonal Landing

4. The form

Evidently, so that the visits leave their data must have a form that, since you guess, it must be simple to not being able more.

For that reason, you only must request the data that are essential and that the process is less tedious possible. , You really must secure that the “experience” of which somebody leaves its email you and/or names is fast and pleasant.

5. The gift

Or the bribe so to speak, that causes that your list of subscribers fills. What can be? Almost what you want:

The important thing is that he is interesting and it is related somehow to the subject.

You already know what landing is one page and why it serves

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