It discovers what is Disavow de Google, the tool to avoid malicious connections that affect to the authority of your webpage

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Sometimes, to manage a webpage is as having a baby. You see it be born, you observe how it is growing and you worry that nothing bad happens to him.

The problem, and following with the resemblance, is that no matter how much you worry, it is almost impossible that not top with dangers that, in the case of a webpage, can be attacks of hackers or I connect malicious towards her with the intention to lower its ranking in the finders.

Then just to fight against that last one the Disavow Google Tool was created, to avoid that the bad links reduced the authority of your Web and that its position is not seen it jeopardize. You want to know it in depth? Then only you must continue reading.

Here you we counted it everything. 😉

What is Disavow Google Tool?

If you dominate the language of Shakespeare, it is very probable that by the name of the tool already you know by where the shots go but, in case the English is not yours, we will tell you that we could translate his name by tool of disavowal of Google.

And it is that, of basic form, that is the function of Disavow, to say to the great G the connections to him that aim at your webpage which you do not authorize. Eye! We repeat, are links that you do not authorize, but they are not eliminated. That is to say, that you will continue having them but Google will ignore them.

So in summary, Disavow is a tool to save possible penalties to you of Google.

Why (almost) never you must use the Disavow Google Tool

To that you are a little to the day of the best techniques SEO, you know that the link building is of which better result offers. “Then, if I have injurious connections for my site, it wouldn't have to undo to me of it as rapidly as possible? And you finish to me saying that for that it is Disavow Google Tool… I do not understand anything! “.

Thus it is, the problem is that Disavow is very powerful and if you put the leg, you can leave the accountant of visits to zero. In fact, this recommendation is not ours, but Matt Cutts recommends that it is your last option.

And who is Matt Cutts you will be asking yourself? Then nothing else nor nothing less than the director of the department against the Spam of Google until 2015 and, according to him, never you would have to see you in the necessity to use Disavow (as long as you have secured your connections of natural form).

What you can do then if you have a connection that you would prefer that it did not exist? To follow these steps:

  1. To accede to the webpage that connects to your site.
  2. It looks for a form or email address that allows you to contact with the owner of the Web.
  3. Of amiable form, ask to him that it retires the connection to your site.
  4. It waits for a time and it verifies if case has done you.

If you see that he spends one week and he has not changed anything, our advice is that you return to insist once again and, if nothing changes yes then, deprives of authority that connection with Disavow.

And if you wonder yourself how you can see the connections that aim at your site, the truth is that many tools and among them exist, is Search Console de Google Webmaster Tools. It is enough with which you enter her and you click in “Connections” in the menu of the left.


Guide step by step to learn to use Disavow Google Tool

Although we are speaking all along of a tool (it is not fault ours, it is the name that has put him) the truth is that rather we would have to talk about to Disavow as a file (just as robots.txt or htacces).

Because of that it consists, in a file that we commanded to the finder of finders in which him tenth what directions or domains do not have to consider because we think that they harm our Web.

And to do it, these are the steps that there are to fulfill.

1. To send a correct file

The first step is to assure to you that you create a Disavow file that Google does not ignore and so that does not happen, must satisfy these requirements:

  • To have .txt extension.
  • Its codification must be UTF-8 or 7 bits ASCII.
  • A domain or URL by each line.

It worries how to secure the point to You of the codification? He is simpler than it seems: it is enough with using the notepad of Windows. 😉

2. To write the file

The moment arrives for opening the notepad and for putting hands to the TAKEN CARE OF work BY FAR. It remembers that in each line it only must have a URL or a domain but, how they are written? Directions concrete so what but, if you want that it ignores a whole domain, you must include domain before:

For example, domain: (and speaking of domains, we taught to you here how to choose perfect your Web and how to buy it).

And to finish, you can include commentaries in the file adding a pad (#) at the beginning of the line.

3. It sends the file to Google

Once you have reviewed the Disavow file 1,000 times and have the certainty that it will affect to the positioning of your webpage (something catastrophic if desire money with her), it is hour to be made it arrive at Google.

In order to begin, the first step is to accede to Search Console and search the option, although also you can click and go here of direct form. Now it asks to you that you choose why Web you want to deprive of authority connections.

When beating in the button, the following page is a message in which, with other words, it says to you that you can put the leg until the deep thing if you equivocations. For that reason we insisted, it must be the last option!


The last step is to puncture in “Disavowal of connections”, which opens a MGP-up in which you can choose the Disavow file and send it to Google (with its corresponding message of precaution). Headress on “Sending” and in “soon Ready” finalizing the process.

And finally, it only is to hope.

Disavow de Google, to handle with extreme precaution

Before finishing, we return to insist on which Disavow de Google always must be your last option, that is right the opposite who a servant of quality to lodge your webpage.

Here there is no discussion, whether you create a professional site or amateur, to provide with accomodations it in hosting top solves many worries to you. And if you think that they are very expensive, you only must click to accede to our collection of coupons discount of the best companies here.

Thus it is impossible that you are mistaken. 😉