The prices of Wix, discover everything what offers this tool in each of its plans

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If you consider to create your webpage with this tool, it is important that you know the characteristics each package and how much costs.

Although in addition to the price, he is also interesting that you know that each of them is thought for a very concrete type of Web or in function to the objective and visits that receives.

For that reason in this post we did not only speak you on the prices of Wix, but we also told you which of all of them adjusts better to your needs.

Thus, you will always contract the best option.

The prices of Wix, what offers in each package?

If something good has this tool to create webpages without knowing how to program, it is that it offers different plans in function from which you need. 

You want to know in what are different each? We told you next. And if you do not know clearly if Wix is for you, here we give our opinion you.

By the way, the prices that we give are if you choose an annual subscription. 


1. The gratuitous version

Although the idea of this post is to center to us and to analyze the payment plans, we cannot ignore that you can use Wix without spending nothing.

Or at least one very basic version that allows you to create an equal webpage of basic, since in his gratuitous plan it offers:

  • 500MEGABYTE of bandwidth.
  • 500MEGABYTE of storage.

In case you do not understand of data, the important thing is that you know that they are insufficient numbers to day of today to mount a normal site. And if to that you add to him that either you cannot count on your own domain and that it will show announcements, is clear that it is not an option for a professional Web.

That is to say, if you glide to make money with your Web.

2. Connect Domain (4,08€/mes)

Denominated by them same as “most basic”, this plan offers the possibility to you of connecting your personal domain with its servers. 

This means that if or you have bought one, you can use it to redirigir to the visits to your page in Wix, something that or is an advantage in front of the gratuitous version. That yes, your site will continue showing announcements.

In addition, the bandwidth multiplies by 2 and it raises it until 1GB, but the storage stays in the limited 500MEGABYTE. Finally, you have access to which they denominate “premium Help” to solve your problems.

By all this, our recommendation is that you decide on Connect Domain to only send your webpage but, once begins to grow, passes to another one with better characteristics.

3. Stand for casks (8,25€/mes)

Thought for webpages of personal use, this it is the first plan of Wix that will not put announcements in your webpage (characteristic that shares with the following), so your visits will not know that it is a created site with him.

By the others, it offers some better characteristics than even, based on the needs of your Web, they can be considered as sufficient:

  • 3GB of storage Web.
  • 2GB of bandwidth.
  • A domain free (only in case of annual subscription).
  • To use a customized Favicon.
  • Possibility of connecting your domain.

And as peculiar detail, it offers the possibility of raising up to 30 minutes of video in high resolution to you.

4. Unlimited (12,41€/mes)

We arrive finally at the first plan that we can denominate as professional, everything thanks to some characteristic that turn it an option to mount a Web if you are an independent one, small business or entrepreneur.

With him already you can create a site “really” thanks to as interesting characteristics as these:

  • Limitless bandwidth.
  • 10GB of storage.

And all this accompanying by the characteristics seen in previous plans related to the domain, has supported, favicon, etc…

But it is that in addition, this package comes free accompanied by 2 applications developed by Wix: Form Builder and Site Booster.

With first of them, valued in 48$, you can create customized forms of contact and with Site Booster, that costs 60$, you will increase the speed of load of your site, which favors that you raise positions in Google.

Now it is understood why it is the most popular option. 😉

5. eCommerce (16,16€/mes)

As its own name indicates, this plan of Wix is thought to create a store online in which to sell products, services, or any other thing.

He is complicated that this package is not what you look for, since their characteristics are as powerful as:

  • 20GB of storage.
  • Bandwidth without limit.
  • Coding SSL to guarantee a safe connection.
  • Form Builder and Site Booster.

But it is that in addition, it counts on additions very interesting and, according to what cases, indispensable for a virtual store. 

One of them is Wix Stores, an application that allows you to include the main methods of payment in your Web, to make a pursuit of your sales, to add to options of shipment and retirements or the creation of coupons and promotions.

The other addition is Wix Booking, whose purpose is to help your clients to that they make his reserves from your own one lies down the 24 hours the day, the 7 days of the week.

6. VIP

We arrive at the most premium package of the Wix and, as they themselves say, “most complete”.

And the peculiar thing is that the difference is not in the characteristics of the servant, that they are identical to those of the previous point, but in which as its own name indicates, you will have attention VIP.

That means that you have preferred treatment in the technical service, reason why you pass in front of which do not have contracted this plan. In addition, the experts of Wix study your Web and they tell you how to improve it in all the aspects:

  • Design.
  • Positioning.
  • Interface.
  • Etc.

And to finish, you have the possibility of creating 10 campaigns of email marketing and of sending a maximum of 50,000 e-mails to the month.

This is the price list of Wix, which adapts better?

As you see, the prices in Wix vary in function to your needs. For that reason most important it is to know your project.

Does No of them offer to you what you need? Perhaps then the solution is to contract hosting more classic. If it is your case, it remembers that we make your available coupons discount of the best servidiores Web.

In order to accede to them, you only must puncture here.