Guide step by step to create a store online with Wix and to begin to make money by Internet today

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In which to make money one talks about, Internet is a great pie of which everybody wants a piece. Including you, truth?

And of all the systems that there are to obtain it, one of the best ones is to send ecommerce. You don't know with what platform? Then in the today post, we told you how to create a store online with Wix, one of the tools more used to join professional simplicity and results.

A guide with all the steps to follow from zero, next to its advantages, disadvantages and much more.

Really, everything what you need to begin to live on the network of networks.

Advantages and disadvantages to create a store online in Wix

Before beginning to tell you how to pitch a tent online with Wix, it is our obligation to keep awake all pros and their cons to you and who thus, you decide better if really it is the platform that you need.


  • Easy to use: its curve of apprentice is very smooth and soon after working with him, already you will know to handle it with ease and you will be able to give to your Web the aspect who you want.
  • Without commissions: unlike other platforms of ecommerce, Wix does not remain with part of the money that desire by each sale.
  • Fit price: joining everything what includes, one is one of the economic solutions to create a store online.
  • Its groups: gratuitous and with a well-taken care of and professional design to increase the number of sales.
  • Thought for SEO: it counts on functions that facilitate the positioning in the finders.
  • All product type: with Wix you can sell as much physical products as digital (courses, mentorías, ebooks, etc…).


  • It is not your store: or at least not absolutely because in the end, it depends on Wix.
  • It is limited: although the personalisation degree is very high, it continues being restricted to which the platform allows you.
  • The shipments: you cannot include the expenses of shipment in real time.

Wix Store, where it happens the magic

to create store free online wix

In case you do not know Wix, here you have our post in which we told everything you what you need to know on this platform.

We recommended to you that you throw a look to him if you are interested in her and, mainly, if you glide to create a webpage but you do not have the knowledge necessary to do it.

Although the important thing in this point is that you know that Wix has its own store of applications, that is looked much like repositorio official of WordPress and in which you can buy additions so that your Web obtains new functionalities.

And that is right what Wix Store does, to turn your page into a store online with including all the necessary one to make purchases in the Network as:

  • Footbridges of payment with the main methods.
  • To add certificate SSL so that she is safer.
  • To add to options of shipments and retirements.
  • To create coupons and discounts.
  • An administrator of sales to see of a look everything what it happens.
  • Carts of purchase in a single click.
  • It adds a limitless number of products.
  • Technical assistance 24 hours the 7 days of the week.

By all means, all that has a price and in this case, they are 17€ to the month.

Official page.

How to pitch a tent with Wix in line

Now yes, we put of head in the subject and we showed all the steps to you that you must follow to create your store online thanks to Wix.

1. It creates your account in Wix

Bond that this is very obvious, but perhaps what it is not so evident is to know which of all the plans of prices that offer you must choose.


If we make case to the characteristics and what the own platform recommends, the most interesting option is the plan eCommerce (and we agreed with her).

2. The group chooses that you like more

Since already there are saying, one of the advantages that it has this platform is their groups and the great quality that they have. But not only it is that they are very good, is that you have many options according to the product type that bandage.

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And thus up to 7 pages, reason why he is complicated that you do not find theme that one adjusts to the needs of your page.

3. Give your personal touch him

Once you have chosen the group, you have the option to leave it so what or to modify it to your pleasure. Our advice is that you always spend a time to give a unique appearance to your Web, because helps to distinguish to you against the competition and it does not give the prefabricated product sensation.

For it, Wix has a visual publisher that the task facilitates much of personalizing your group. Everything for of visual form and changing the color, the text, the images and almost any other component has not been taking more than 4 blows of mouse.

4. It forms your store and publishes it

Arrived at this point, your store online already must shine as you imagined it in your head. The problem is that he is only that, a “beautiful face”. You do not worry, we solved it now. 😉

The following step that you must take is to add your products to the Web and to include the payment methods that you create better (although whatever you use more, better). For it, it is enough with going you to the administrator of sales and adding them.

When or you have finished with this, or it only is to publish your page and to connect it with your own domain. You don't have? Here you have a guide exceeds how to buy one, but you do not forget that Wix offers one free to you.

Thus it is to create a store online with Wix, you cheer up?

Because since you have seen, to create a store online in Wix it does not have any difficulty… Everybody can obtain it!

Although the possibility fits that their disadvantages throw you for back and you look for other alternatives. If he is thus, our advice is that you choose by hosting more classic and for it, we offer coupons to you discount in the best companies.

The only thing is that we cannot assure you that they are available the following time that you enter so, if you know it clearly, you do not doubt it and take control of the best service to an incredible price.