Promotional code Professional Hosting – Opinions

Promotion -30% in annual hiring

Hosting with greater number of scripts available to or incredible price.

2,40 € 1,92 €/month

Promotional code Professional Hosting – Opinions

Hosting professional is one you great suppliers of hosting in Spain and in many cosasiones one of the great ones is forgotten. They have one long trajectory as suppliers of services of lodging Web and servers in our country and now you can more cheap contract it with this coupon discount that we showed to you next.

Professional coupon discount Hosting

Hosting professional, analysis and characteristics

By general norm, when you accede to the webpage of a supplier of hosting usually you see that at the most they offer a normal plan of hosting or several adapted plans to the main managers of content as they can be WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop, or at the most usually they include Magento.

Then, when you enter the Web of suddenly you see that plans optimized for practically everything exist what you set out to mount.

It has the basic ones as the rest of companies but also you have hostig specialized in the platform of sale online Oscommerce or even Virtuemart or Zencart. You have hosting for infinity of programs and projects. To have even has servers optimized for radio or video.

Of Hosting Professional we like:
  • Hosting Script of any type: The manager of contents uses that you wish for your webpage, Professional hosting optimizes it to you and adapts so that you can use it with him.
  • Attention to the telephone client: Like the majority of companies, has support by means of tickets and chat, but also it must a phone number of Hosting Professional to whom call in case of emergency.
  • Competitive prices: The tariffs of hosting shared and Servers are quite competitive and are within the average of “hosting cheap” but of quality that we found in other companies.

If you are thinking about mounting a store online you would have to throw an eye to his script for electronic commerce, you have a pile of options where to choose.

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Characteristics of the plans of hosting shared Professional Hosting

The best thing of the plans of this company is that nearly money you can have access to famous discs SSD, the new discs that offer an access to you to the information that in them lodges much more fast and therefore times of much more fast load of the Web are obtained some. Since there are saying, the prices are very competitive and you can hardly have discs ssd in your hosting by 2,4€ to the month.

Also it emphasizes that you can prove the service during 15 days of totally gratuitous form and if you are not satisfied you can ask for the return of the money.

Also to emphasize the plan Company, that he is not hosting shared but in fact is an Administered Virtual Servant.

Plan:A Domain: 2,40€Economic: 4,80€Web+: 8,80€Companies: 16,00€
Domain Free1112
Alojables domains1LimitlessLimitlessLimitless
Hostings incl.151030
Construction Web1 Project7 Projects10 ProjectsOptional
Versions PHP5.5, 5,6, 7.x5.5, 5,6, 7.x5.5, 5,6, 7.x5.5, 5,6, 7.x
Space Hard disk1GB SSD4GB SSD10GB SSD30GB SSD
Trans. MonthlyLimitlessLimitlessLimitlessLimitless
Accounts of mailLimitlessLimitlessLimitlessLimitless
IP DatacenterSpainSpainSpainSpain
Hosting typeSharedSharedSharedAdministered VPS
Plesk panelIfIfIfIf

Also the PHSpeed is possible to honor of its plans of lodging Web, a system that offers a greater speed of load of the Web guaranteeing a better positioning in Google and a greater number of pages seen by your users. In addition, with PHSpeed you will be able to reduce the use of resources until a 50% being able simultaneously to hold more visits in your website.

The system is available in anyone of its VPS and webpages developed with Joomla, Wordpres, Drupal, Magento and Prestashop.

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Hosting Script de Profesional Hosting, chooses the one that you want

Professional Hosting script optimized hosting

It gives equal which is your project and with which sscript you have it developed, with Profesionalhosting you have hosting optimized for which your you use.

Estra company of hosting concentrates more not only in the typical used managers, you can elgir between than 15 scripts more different to have a lodging totally Web optimized to the manager who you use.

All are very similar plans only that vary in the optimization and in the program that brings installed by defect based on hosting script which we choose.

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VPS and dedicated Servers of Hosting Professional, options available

If we recommended hosting shared of Professional Hosting Spain, the Dedicated VPS and were not less going to be.

They have very competitive prices and the simplest VPS even has some benefits more than sufficient for many projects.

Virtual servers

Next we showed 4 to you of the recommended plans more of VPS of this company:

Plan:VPS Hosting 12,85€VPS Company 23,90€Professional VPS 47,90€VPS Semidedicado 63,90€
Intel CPU3.5Ghz.3×3.5Ghz4x3Ghz5x3Ghz
Plesk panel10 Domains100 Domains100 Domains300 Domains
Possibility cPanelIfIfIfIf

Dedicated servers

With Hosting Professional you can have your own Servidore dedicated from 200€, and the best thing of everything, is that it will be administered and you will not have yourself to worry don't mention it.

The Servers of are hubicados in Spain (Madrid) and have expandable a symmetrical connection of 100Mbps.

Plans available:

Plan:VPS Bronze 176€VPS Silver 232€VPS Gold 360€€VPS Platinum 440€
FOLL HD2×2 TV2×2 TV2×2 TV3x3TB
Intel CPUE3-1220v3E3-1230v2E5-26202xE5-2620
Plesk panelLimitlessLimitlessLimitlessLimitless

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Servers Radio and Video of

Servers video and Professional radio Hosting

This type on watch is not habitual to see it in companies of hosting, but Profesionalhosting makes honor to its name and wants to be that, a company that on watch of hosting professional in all possible options.

For it doubt in does not offer a service of servers to emit video or radio peaky lifted of hearing thanks to its servers optimized for such occasion.

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Registry of Domains with extras

Domains Professional Hosting service of registry of domains is not recognized porsu, but a look lies down to him to this option we can see that the prices are quite competitive (8,95€ .com domains) and the extra that they include is not nothing bad.

  • Dynamic DNS: Registries DNS (MX, To, CNAMA, NS…)
  • Automatic renovation: Renuvean your domains 30 days before it expires, so that you do not put nerviso 🙂
  • Gratuitous redirection: An advantage to which much benefit can be removed to him.
  • Alert of lapsing: If you do not have domiciled the payment you do not worry about your domains, they warn several times to you before your domain expires.
  • Page “in construction” of courtesy.
  • Own servers DNS.
  • Modification data WHOIS: You can modify the WHOIS so many times as you want.
  • Simple change of the DNS
  • Safety measures: It protects your domain and it avoids that nobody robs it to you.
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Professional hosting, advantages and disadvantages

  • Great variety of scripts where to elgir
  • Competitive prices
  • Administered servers
  • Attention to the professional telephone client

  • The support takes something in answering more than Webempresa or Raiola, but the time is acceptable.
  • You accustom many options where to choose that they can confuse.

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Test of speed and availability of the servant

Speed loads Hosting Professional

In the realised tests to see the time of load of a webpage lodged in a servant of, we see almost that the page loads quite fast, in a second, which is very well. It is certain that in this type of tests it is necessary to consider theme that is used, plugins… not only the servant, but considering that is a page with theme of Themeforest, with enough plugins and content, the collected data are really good.

Professional Uptime Hosting

There are some day monitoring one of our webpages in the servant of Hosting Professional and see that it has had a 100% of uptime, thus, we can see that he is very stable. According to it has not had not one fall. back to menu ↑

Opinions and commentaries of Hosting Professional

Opinions Profesinal Hosting

In our opinion, ProfesionalHosting makes honor to its slogan and it becomes a professional supplier and with a fan of opcoines that no other company of these characteristics offers nowadays.

If you look for example a VPS administered, that is what we have at the moment with them contracted, we recommended it to you with total confidence. The tranquillity to have a service totally administered does not have price and the quality of its service is also very good.


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How to use the promotional code of Hosting Professional

In order to benefit from this promotion, he is as simple as to click in our coupon and to validate the code that appears there in the option available for it at the time of filling up your data to pay the hiring of the service.

In that space you will that see a hollow as the one of the image where you will be able to introduce the coupon and to pay a 15% less, easy and simple.

Code professional promotion hosting

Promotion -30% in annual hiring

Hosting with greater number of scripts available to or incredible price.

2,40 € 1,92 €/month

Promotional code Professional Hosting – Opinions

We also recommended the coupon to you Webempresa 25%

8.4 Total Score
Thousands and one options to choose

Totally complete company of hosting with great amount of hosting to choose based on script that you want to choose for your project.

Technical support
Ease of use