What is the link building and how it helps to that your webpage receives many more visits


What you would be arranged to make secure the best positions in Google? Does the finder par excellence ignore your page and you don't know what to make to draw his attention? You are not hopeless, everything is not lost.

In the today post we told you what building is the link, how it helps to secure visibility you and the best techniques than exist to do it correctly. Because it never is behind schedule for enamoring to Google if you know what it likes.

And the link building enchants to him. 😉

What is the link building?

According to Wikipedia, one is the following thing:

Linkbuilding or construction of connections, is a SEO technique that consists of obtaining that other webpages connect to the page that interests that the finders consider excellent and they position it better in his ranking.

Or shelp of another form, it is a form to position your webpage thanks to the fact that more important sites that yours they connect to your Web.

Because if you do not know it, Google assigns a score to each page from the 0 to the 10. That is known as PageRank and that your site has one more stop or under depends more on the amount of connections that enter your Web.

What happens? That if aside from having many links, they are of pages with a high PageRank, the great G understands that your content is good and therefore, it flatters to you with higher positions.

Why it is so important for your webpage?

We have almost answered it already but, by somebody he walks confused, we will say it of concise and clear form: because it helps to that your page appears more near the first positions. And aside from being one of the best techniques of SEO than you can do, when it is realised of natural form your visitors see you with better eyes.

What means that of “natural form”? Nowadays in Internet many webpages exist in which paying, you can buy connections that aim at your site which artificial connections are denominated.

This technique, although is not “illegal” for Google and done well it offers very good results, never will be able to surpass to the natural connections, that are those that is obtained following the techniques that we told you next.

The best techniques of link building

It is clear that you must have a link strategy building if you want that your Web begins to emphasize and so that does it without risks, we showed to you which are the best techniques than you can take I finish.

Although it remembers, not always you need the SEO to secure visits.

1. Bet always by the quality

This he is the best advice than we can give to raise as a rocket in the results of Google: it creates content of the maximum possible quality. If it beams, the rest only comes.

Why it is so important that what you create is good? Because the finder of finders handles to different statistics and data that uses to translate if the visits have found your good content or no, as for example:

  • The rate by ricochet.
  • How many usuary they return to visit to you.
  • The time that happens in your Web.
  • Etc.

If you obtain that all those S-values good, not only you obtain that Google falls tired on your feet, but the possibilities that the users share what you have created multiply of remarkable form.

And since we have seen, whatever more connections have to your Web, better for you.

How you can obtain that your content is good? The first step of course is to write for your ideal client and then, to use images or videos causes that he is simpler “to consume” and to share.

2. It writes in the blogs that are referring

Whatever thematic one that you have chosen for your blog, lies down or the webpage, most probable is than already somebody exists that is located as referring and has its own site. Then your mission in this case is to write as guest in him.

This can seem a madness… How is a person who has a webpage with thousands of visits to the month going to you to let write in her? Then in truth he is simpler than it seems and it is a technique that is at your service of the day.

She thinks that in this way both you leave winning, since you secure the visibility that you need at the outset and the other person “saves herself” to create content.

That yes, they do not forget to include a connection to site! Or there will be no link building nor nothing. 😉

3. It creates content that is easy to share in social networks

Think it the next time that you share something in Twitter or Facebook, it is an image, a video or text only? We bet a snipe hunt to that he will be something audio-visual.

For that reason, if you want that your publications arrive at the greater possible number of user, tries to include:

  • A photo.
  • A video.
  • Computer graphics.
  • Etc.

Although by all means that the text that you also include counts. The lists of “the best xs…” they always draw attention (more if the number is uneven) and the tone that you also use influences (if you go to a sector of the youngest population, you do not speak of you).

4. It connects to your Web from important forums

This technique consists of putting a connection to your webpage in the forums reference to your thematic one. It sounds simple? Of course that would be it if it were not worth to do it anyway. All forum that boasts has moderators who, to the first sign of Spam, will erase your contributions and if you insist, can expel to you and even prohibit to return to participate you.

Better if you appear first (without making reference to your Web) and begin helping in consultations of other people or creating interesting debates. Once you are “respected member” of the community, of natural form, you can include a connection to your page.

Therefore you only make sure that it remains in the time.

How beams you link building?

Or you know what building is the link, now we want that you tell us if you use other techniques or if you have chosen by some of which we have to you counted, they have given results you? Which you recommend?

In order to tell your experience us, you have the commentaries just underneath.