What is black more hat SEO and its known techniques than you must avoid if you do not want that Google penalizes your Web


Everybody wants that Google places its webpage in the first positions, not only by the number of visits, but by the reputation that contributes to appear there. And to obtain something thus, the majority we chose by the constant work and of quality.

But there is people whom she prefers to take short cuts and to use other techniques, where the quality happens to a second (or third) flat and the important thing is to raise as rapidly as possible. And right of that it is than we spoke in the today post.

What is black hat SEO? What dangers must for your site use some of these techniques? It is worth the trouble? It discovers all that much more and here.

What is black hat SEO?

In few sites you will find a definition of black hat SEO better than in 40deFiebre.com:

In SEO Black Hat is called to the attempt to improve the search engine optimization of a webpage by means of little ethical techniques or that contradict the directives of Google.

Or what is the same, it consists of making traps. It is to know how the algorithm of the great G works and to use his weakness to secure the best positions as rapidly as possible.

And from where come to him that does name? In case the English is not yours, black hat means “black hat” and is with reference to the color of the hat that the bad ones in the Westerns used almost always. And following with that analogy, as the one of the good ones always he was white, to use SEO that fulfills the norms is known as white hat, as these 5 keys SEO to position your best Web or to use plugins SEO for WordPress.

If you need help with the terms, the best thing is than you visit our glossary of SEO although, as already we taught to you, you do not need to Google to receive visits.

The used techniques of black hat SEO more

First of all, it is very important that you know that never you must resort to black hat SEO (and especially if you want to make money with your Web). We are conscious that the promise to accede to the first position in the finders of fast form is very tempting, but detect that you are doing some of these techniques will penalize your site and you will lose it everything.

So better to have a slow, but stable growth.

1. Cloaking

Nowadays this technique is in disuse, but it is interesting so that you understand the concept “SEO of black hat”.

What it was made here, was to create for the same domain 2 different sites. One was sobreoptimized for the finders and the other, he was to which acceded the people. For it, .htaccess and redirections 301 made use of the file.

As you see, in the end it consists of deceiving the finders.

2. Hidden text

As its own name indicates, it consists of hiding text to the users that yes is accessible for the robots of the finders. This way, you can:

  • To increase the density of the keyword.
  • To add longtails more.
  • To write related terms.
  • Etc.

And how hidden is a text? It is “the more gross” form than it would be putting it of the same color that the bottom, or the way more sophisticated than is with Javascript.

But much eye and not to confuse with other similar techniques but that is legal 100% as, for example, when you raise an image posts of your WordPress and you put as file name the keyword to them that you want to position.

To do that does not have any type of penalty… In fact, it is an extra to raise faster. And speaking of images, you have the best banks of photographies here free.

3. Spinning

She was one of the techniques more used by the “black hats” because, until Google updated its algorithm, it gave good results. One is to fill your site of almost identical content, in which only changed the keyword by a synonymous one.

The duplicated content can own or be copied of the competition that you have superficially.

4. Keyword stuffing

This form of black hat SEO has its origin in them beginning of the great G, when the density of the keyword was one of the factors that better it positioned. This took to much people to write contents in which keyword was repeated time and time again (sometimes without sense and outside context) provided the density were highest possible.

Today it is known that Google does not consider that and that awards plus the user experience and therefore, the naturalness.

5.  Hijacking

Of less the most used since it is too evident. One is to try to look oneself like a Web of the most possible competition:

Everything with the idea that people believe that the copy is the original one and thus, to benefit from its interactions (I connect, visits and others) to raise until highest. Although evidently, as soon as the affected one realizes, Google reacts eliminating hijacking.

6. Negative SEO

Almost surely the worse technique of black hat the SEO, or at least most crawling because what one becomes it is to attack your competition so that the finders penalize it thus and, to be able to surpass it.

That is to say, that you do not look for your benefit, but the damage of the others and that all their work, time and inverted money go away to garete. As tenth, something very ugly.

7. Backdoors

Its translation to the Spanish is “back door” and consists of leaving to hidden connections in pages and blogs of authority. This way, your site receives part of that page rank and climbs before until the first positions.

Black hat SEO is when it does not concern anything to you (nor nobody)

Because no site of authority has obtained that status with these techniques so, now you know what hat is black SEO, you never use it.

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That yes that is white hat SEO. 😉