Best plugins of backup for WordPress that you can use so that all your work is not lost


You have obtained it. Your webpage has the aspect that you want. Or perhaps you have been able to form that happy plugin so muddied… Be that as it may, she is perfect.

What nobody touch nothing!

But a day you enter the administration panel and see that balloon orange that it indicates that it is called on to update something. You have two options:

  • Not to update and to make your site more prone to computer science attacks.
  • To update and to say so that it does not affect to all the previous work.

What decision takings? First he is not viable but, you know that second it does not have why to be a drama? Mainly if accounts with one of plugin of backups for WordPress of which we spoke today, because you always can return back before any problem and recover your work.

Today you teach yourself to make “control + z” in your webpage. 😉

What must have good plugin for backup copies in WordPress?

To make a post on best plugins of WordPres for “which is” always is complicated… And that enchants to us! Not in vain, we did one on best plugins of SEO and another one in which we chose the kings of the cache.

But that does not clear that they are difficult. Why? Because for the CMS par excellence, they exist a infinity of options when one is to add functionalities to him and it is impossible to compile them all in a single post.

By that reason, to part to tell those you that stop we they are the best ones, we want that you know what characteristic you must look for in this type of plugins. To thus it is you easier to choose the suitable one by same you:

  • Programmable: you must be able to form it so that it realises backup copies of automatic form. If you must do them by hand, better it looks for another one.
  • Outside hosting: if the servant falls and backup is stored in him, badly subject. Better if he allows to store your files in services as Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Complete copy: WordPress is made up of two parts, the archives and the data base. Assure to you that plugin creates a copy of both.

And if you ask yourself “if at the time of choosing hosting, I see one that makes backup copies, I need this type plugin? “. Fully yes. In security subjects, never it is of adding an extra layer more. 😉

The 4 better plugins of backup for WordPress

Wonderful! You already know in what to pay attention to install in your blog best plugin to create backup copies… As information is not bad, truth?

But as we are conscious that to start in cold always it costs, next we told those you that, for us, are the best options. Installing any of these, you will not fail.

1. Duplicator

With more of million active facilities and one score of five stars, doubt that does not fit we are before plugin of quality. And most peculiar, it is than its main use is not the one to create backup copies.

As perhaps you suspect by his name (duplicator in Castilian), this tool is focused more to the people than they want to migrate his webpage to another servant of simple form.

Even so, between its characteristics they emphasize:

  • Programmable backup copies (in its version of payment).
  • Storage in the cloud (in its version of payment).
  • To be able to choose between complete backup copies or of specific archives.

Of course a very interesting option.

Duplicator unloading entering here.

2. BackWPup

This option “only” counts more than 600,000 active facilities and average qualification of four stars and on five (the sarcasm notices). 😉

Outside jokes, we are before which stops many is best plugin of backups for WordPress which you can install. And between his defenders, it is Raiola, one of ours hostings recommended and of which we offer a discount to you of 20%.

Between the characteristics of this plugin they emphasize:

  • Automatic backup copies.
  • Possibility of raising them Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure (and Google Drive in its premium version).
  • It realises verifications of the data base.
  • It creates a list of plugins that you use (very useful in case you want to talk back them elsewhere).

All that in its gratuitous version. If you are decided by BackWPup Pro, in addition you receive:

  • Technical support.
  • Copies of several Webs.
  • Updates.

BackWPup unloading entering here.

3. VaultPress

If you tenth who the person who leads the equipment that there is behind this plugin is Matt Mullenweg, the normal thing is that you remain equal but, and if we told you that Matt is one of the co-founders of WordPress? 

Everything changes, truth?

It is clear that one is a person who knows the CMS and therefore, it is no wonder his plugin does a good work in your blog in which to backup copies it talks about. In fact, it satisfies all the requirements that we considered indispensable, and others more as:

  • I scan in search of virus.
  • Anti-Spam.

Does One beat? It does not have gratuitous version… But we spoke to protect your business online, all the money well is invested.

VaultPress unloading entering here.

4. UpdraftPlus

This plugins of WordPress to do backups is another one that, if we only phelp attention to its number, must work rather well:

  • Installed in more of a million sites.
  • A score of five stars.

And as it could not be of another way, between its characteristics they are:

  • To program the backup copy creation.
  • Possibility of keeping them in the cloud or your computer.

All that free and, if you decide on the payment version, you can:

  • To clone and to migrate backup copies.
  • Customized technical support.
  • Automatic copy before any update.
  • Basic encryption of data with sensible content (as passwords and data of users).
  • And much more.

As point less hard, its interface is something complicated to handle at the outset, but nothing that is not solved spending a little time to him.

VaultPress unloading entering here.

These are best plugins of backup for WordPress

At least for us… If you know others plugins to create backup copies in WordPress that are worth the trouble, tell us in the commentaries of more down.

Certainly we have left some interesting one by the way because, as we told you… It is impossible to include them to all! 😉