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In HostingGuideBook usually we speak to you of plugins interesting that is to you of utility for your sites in wordpress.

Today we bring one to you of these plugins that we have tried lately and that are similarity to us very very good, Thrive Content Builder.

One is a publisher for WordPress that allows us to be maquetando our article of vusial form, that is to say, without needing being putting code to give a more attractive visual aspect him.

So that entedáis easier, thanks to Thrive Content Builder you can be adding to your article different functionalities from totally visual form, simply dragging & dropping what you want to add to the zone of writing.

The “slogan” that they must in Thrive to define plugin is: “If you want to publish something, simply you click in it and publish it”.

How work does Thrive Content Builder?

In order to be able to write an article or a page with plugn, we will have to go to the option to write article (or page) in ours wordpress of the habitual way.

In our edition screen, just upon the recuador where usually we write articles, we will see an option that puts “Edit wiht Thrive Content Builder”, as you can verify in the image of here down:

To publish article with Thrive

Giving that button, a new window will be opened where we will see our article in target, only with the title that we have given him, and a column of options in the right side of our screen.

In order to be able to introduce those options within our article, we will only have to puncture in them and to drag them to our article, that simple. When we loosen them we will see that the element to which made reference the button that we have dragged will appear in our post.

The best thing of everything is than those elements that we introduce (forms of contact, images, testimonies, bellboys…) we can adapt to the color and size that we need, everything of very simple and intuitive way, but first of all, we are going to see the elements that we can introduce.

What elements we can introduce with Thrive?

The certain thing is that plugin is growing and every time we can add to more element and effects to our articles, but some of which emphasize more are:

  • Botonones of call to the action

You can include bellboys of different designs, sizes and colors to draw attention of the user and to invite to him to click in him.

  • Testimonies of clients

A very useful function that includes plugin is the possibility of adding to opinions and testimonies of clients who have proven nuesros services with a very attractive design, including a photo hers with a personal valuation. It would be something thus:

Testimonies Thrive clients

  • Text containers

This is not another thing that to have different options to introduce text framed in boxes of different colors. The boxes can vary in size, color, with titling, single… It is used mainly when you want to emphasize some text.

  • Tables of prices

Whichever times you have wanted to add a table with the prices of your different services and to indicate that it includes each of them? Now with plugin Thrive Content Builder you can do it of very simple way and adapt it to your sector.


  • Generator of Leads

Thanks to this option you can include an option very easily so that people register for example in your newsletter. In order to remove to the maximum party to this option the best thing it is to also count on plugin Thrive Leads, another one of plugins more interesting than they have in its Web. If your objective is to let grow your list of subscribers, Thrive Leads is without a doubt best plugin of this type who has been created to day of today.

  • Click to twittear

This option you mermite to introduce a box with a phrase that you want to resltar or that you want to put at the disposal of your visiantes to twittear with a simple click.


  • It adds to videos responsive

You can include videos of different platforms as Youtube with a single click. Soon you introduce the URL of the video that you want to reproduce and ready, you enter it inserted your post with the effect that you have assigned to him.

  • It introduces a selection of posts where you want

You can include a listing of last posts published in home, within an article, in the end… where you want. In the same way, you can include an article listing pertaining to a category in particular, a label… and always with a very professional presentation.

  • Animated elements

One of the most showy options is the possibility of giving animation to certain elements of your post. For example, you can cause that the photos are appearing as you are lowering downwards to read the post. Diverse effects exist to give him to the image at the time of introducing itself.

In addition to all these elements that we have mentioned to you, many exist more than we invited to you to that you discover in its webpage.

What we can create with Thrive publisher?

With this plugin you can do everything what we have shown to you previously, but we give some ideas you of so that you can use it.

First of all we left a video you in which you can see as of the anything it creates a professional page in a matter of minutes:

Landing Pages

To create Landing Pages professional

Thanks to all the options that plugin presents. You can create landing pages that perfectly are optimized for the sale of a product.

In addition, plugin includes more than 100 designs than you can modify to your ill to create your landing page perfect with a pile of ideas already predesigned.

Thrive coverTo create your page of professional beginning

In the same way that you have used landing pages to create irresistible pages of sale, why not to do the same with your Home Page.

It constructs a cover for your webpage that turns and that sells what you want. It includes tables of prices, forms of registry… everything of simple and easy way.

to create professional articlesIt creates memorable articles with a professional design

Often you can write best the post of the world, that if this it does not enter by the eye your readers and well is not structured will not arrive at any side.

A presented good article can draw attention more 10 times than a simple text. It takes advantage of this tool to create still better articles!

Price Thrive Content Builder

If you want to buy plugin Thrive Content Builder and want to know whichever bond, the best thing is than you throw a look to the table of prices of down.

We have to say that one is not plugin thrown of price, but that if, he is plugin that reason why offers you we can assure that it is very well phelp.

Few plugins you can find so useful and that it allows you to hardly make so many things by 67$. We assured to you that if it tests you will be satisfied totally with him. We proved it in a site and at the moment we used it in more than 5

In addition, the opinions of Content Builder de Thrive are of most positive. All that one that has proven it assures to be very happy with him and every time those are bloggeros famous than they use it.

Whichever Thrive hill content to builder