Opinions of Wix, discover if it is worth the trouble to use it to create your webpage


You are looking for opinions of Wix? You want to know if it is worth the trouble or not to make your webpage with him? Which are their “pros”? And its cons?

If you become that type of questions, you are in the indicated place. 😀

In the today post, we will tell everything you what you must know about this tool and all advantages and disadvantages.

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That yes, we will not tell you if it is good or bad… that we left it to your opinion, although think that after reading this article it will be to you clear. 😉

What is Wix?

According to we can read in the official page of Wix, is:

A platform developing leader Web, cradle in the system “in the cloud”, that has million users around the world.

Or to put it another way, one is a tool online with which you can design and put online your own webpage.

All this of a fast, simple form and without needing having no type of previous knowledge of computer science or programming (it remembers that you have another post with more tools to create your webpage here).

Ah! And in addition she is gratuitous.

Which is the price of Wix?

“But you do not finish to me saying that she is gratuitous” Yes, and it is it, but with limited functions that you can unblock choosing one of his payment plans.

That is to say, with Wix you can create a site for your business, personnel or portfolio online without spending a single Euro, you even can create a blog, but he will be very basic.

To that you want to arrive more far, then yes that you will have to happen through box and to pay by some of its “plans premium”.

wix-it is-free

The gratuitous plan also forces to you to accept several aspects as:

  • The domain: you cannot choose the domain name that you want. Good yes, but the structure will be nombreusuario.wixsite.com/nombredelsitio/url-p ágina.
  • Few megas: and we did not talk about to your movable tariff, but you will only count on 500megabyte of bandwidth and other 500 of storage, that is very few.

So that you become an idea of the little thing that is that amount, Raiola offers 5gb storage and 100gb of transference in its economic plan.

And it remembers! We offer a coupon to you of discount in Raiola and other companies of hosting here.

5 advantages to use Wix

As we are very positive, we want to begin telling all the good one you that it must use this tool to create your webpage.

1. It is free

Already there are it to you counted before but, doubt does not fit that will be the main reason to begin with her.

Although it offers little attractive limitations and other aspects, the possibility of saving a little in exchange for having presence online is very tempting.

And if it is not a professional Web, but it only is by hobby, is than sufficient more.

2. He is simple

Also there are it to you counted at the outset. It is not necessary that you have no type of knowledge to design your site.

And everything thanks to their powerful publisher who allows you, of simple and fast form, will shape a webpage the design that you had in the head.

One is based on the known operation as drag & drops (it drags & drop in Spanish) reason why, if you want to add some element, are enough with which it drags and you loosen it where you want.

That easy. 😉

3. Multiple groups to your disposition

If you have little imagination, or simply you do not want to put to you to design a webpage, you have to your disposition several groups.

All of them are editable and are oriented in function to the field that you want:

And by all means, with version for mobiles and tablets.

4. Account with its own app store

Wix allows third parties to develop applications and to include them in which they call “app market”.

The normal thing, is that there you find tools to extend the functionalities of your webpage as:

You can see them all entering here, but they ten in account that all is not gratuitous.

5. It uses the last technology

A time ago, Wix he was very criticized because it used technology flash to maquetar his webpages, and that caused that it did not secure good positions in Google.

That already happened to history. Nowadays it uses HTML5 and CSS3, that are the standards, reason why you do not have to worry to you.

3 disadvantages to use Wix

As everything were not going to be beautiful words, the moment arrives for speaking of all the bad one that it has to send your site here.

1. You are not the owner of your site

And it does not matter that you are usuary of gratuitous payment or. You do not command there.

In order to see it with a resemblance, he is as living in a rent house. Although pages every month is not yours and, if at some time you decide to leave it, you cannot take it to you with you.

2. To pay to avoid announcements

As the famous narcotics trafficker of the TV would say: silver or “publi”.

If you want that your webpage does not show publicity (something that you will not want if it is for a business) you must do to you with a premium plan.

3. You cannot change of group

Good, in truth yes that you can. Only that in case of doing it, you will lose all the content which you have generated.

Thus it is. In Wix, the content is bound to the group reason why if you decide to change, it will be as returning to begin of zero.

For that reason, it is important that you choose the design well before beginning.

4. Forget “to touch” code to you

If you do not know, you will think that it does not pass anything, but is not thus.

Ten in account that at some time, if increase much, you can want to contract a designer for modifies your Web and to have it more customized.

If it beams in Wix, will only be able to arrive at which it leaves the publisher him (who certainly will not be sufficient).

This is our opinion of Wix, which is yours?

As everything in this life, it has his lights and their shades. For that reason, the opinions of Wix are so different.

Doubt that does not fit it is a tool that can help you to perhaps begin in your business (since it has done with others) but, exist other better alternatives.

You have proven Wix sometimes? Is Your webpage done with him? What another alternative you have used to create it?

Those are the questions that we sent to you, but you can tell us what it desires you in the commentaries.

To by them! 😉

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