SiteGround – Our experience and personal opinion

Price in the middle of secures to the best lodging Web of the moment the first year.

3,95 € 7,95 €/month

SiteGround – Our experience and personal opinion

Siteground is without no place to doubts one of the more famous companies of hosting worldwide and than recently it has landed in our country. In our opinion Siteground Spain has arrived to remain since it has reaped very good critics and opinions on the part of the people who have proven it, including us.

Siteground is not hosting cheap, but its quality is of the best thing than you can find nowadays, as much in benefits as in attention to the client.

Analysis and general critic of Siteground

Siteground is not a lodging cheap Web, that is clear, but his prestacines is not any thing either. The simplest plan costs 8,00€ almost, enough superior to the most basic plan of the competition, that if, the first year with the promotion costs half.

Probelma is that this basic plan can be short for much people since is limited, according to they themselves indicate it in its webpage, to some 10,000 visits to the month, something that very many blogs and webpages obtain nowadays.

The alternative would be to contract to the plan superior that is the one that we recommended, which costs 12,95€ already and to some it is possible to be gone to them of budget.

He is as outside, if you can allow you, Siteground is of the best thing than you can find nowadays, with some servers very optimized, some quite good speeds of load and suporte excellent.

Of Siteground we like:
  • Speed of load: Disponde of gratuitous discs SSD and CDN including in all the plans loading at the maximum speed from any part. The plans superiors also include Supercacher.
  • Very good technical support: The attention to the client of Siteground works very well, responds in 10 minutes tickets less than and is very professional. In addition they have telephone to consultations and help.
  • Gratuitous SSL: All the accounts have the option to put SSL of totally grauita form, without paying nothing else for that reason.

To see Supply
-60% in hosting Siteground

Price in the middle of secures to the best lodging Web of the moment the first year.

As you can see, between the CDN, the option of supercache and the optimization of its servers, in Siteground they are taken very in serious the speed of load of the knowledgeable sites of which nowadays he is one of the most important factors at the time of scaling positions in Google.

Opinion hosting wordpress

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Characteristics and plans of shared Hosting Siteground

The demanded service more is the one of hosting shared, that basically is made up of 3 options between which you will have to choose based on your needs (so large of the project, traffic or number of projects that you want to lodge).

All the plans have:
  • Name of domain free
  • Migration and configuration free
  • Daily backup copies
  • Qualified servers HTTP/2
  • Construction gratuitous Web
  • Technical support the 24 hours of the day
  • Plugin WordPress Starter

and of
  • 30 days of test free
  • Certificates SSL Let's Encrypt free
  • Access to cPanel and SSH
  • Discs SSD
  • Limitless traffic, email and BBDD *
  • CDN CloudFlare
  • Plugin WordPress Migrator

Therefore, these would be the three plans of hosting shared that you can choose and that include all the previous one plus each their extras:


Plan sturtup Siteground

It is the simplest plan and the one than is used for blogs or small webpages without many pretensions. Even as they indicate can serve for a small store online. This plan is perfect to begin, but the problem comes when you begin to crcer, in this case, when you are going to surpass the 10,000 visits to the month you will have to change to a plan superior so that your lodging Web can resist the traffic well.


Growbig plan

It is the plan more sold of Sitegruound and the one that is worth the trouble more. This plan allows you to have lodged a website by far traffic or if you prefer it you can use to lodge several websites in only hosting since multidomain is hosting.

In addition, this plan has more resources and opcioines premium that the Startup does not have as:


Gogeek plan

This it is the best plan of hosting shared that they have and in that you will notice the difference. In spite of “being shared”, you will have to share those resources with less people and will be able to have very many traffic in your website that will hold without problems.

This plan also is indicated for stores online that they have many products and they need much space.

Without a doubt the most complete plan with these adcionales advantages with respect to GrowBig plan

Promotion 50% Siteground

Discount promotional of 60% for the hiring of the first year of hosting.

3,95€ 9,95€
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Specific and optimized services of Siteground

In addition to its traditional plans of hosting, Siteground offers other alternatives for those who look for “something more” and require of hosting specific adapted to their needs, configurable or optimized based on which you want to do with him.

Between the different alternatives we have:

Hosting Cloud

A platform of hosting in the totally adaptable cloud to your needs at every moment. You can be extending or reducing your infrastructure as you are it needing, always adapting the service to your project.

4 plans of hosting exist cloud cheap Siteground and to say are not nothing, but the benefits that they give are very high:

Plan:Entry: 48.00€Business: 64.00€Business Extra: 80.00€Enterprise: 112.00€
CPU1x 3.0GHz CPU2x 3.0GHz CPU2x 3.0GHz CPU4x 3.0GHz CPU

These are the basic plans that they have by defect and which you can contract, although also you can be created your own plan.

Characteristics to restaltar:
  • Ultrafast platform
  • Autoescalables resources
  • Support 24 hours to the day of first level
  • Servers totally managed
  • Daily backup copies
  • Gratuitous CDN with several locations anywhere in the world.

Hosting WordPress

Hosting WordPress Siteground

As it could not be of another way, in Siteground also we can contract hosting specific pair more the manager used nowadays by everybody, WordPress.

The lodging plans Web WordPress de Siteground are exactly equal that the plans of hosting normal. with the same prices, but they have the particularitity of which they are optimized for this manager in addition to counting on the following advantages:

If contracts this plan and already you have your site in another supplier is no problem, they are in charge to make you the gratuitous migration if therefore you wish it and you will have your site migrated to another supplier in a matter of minutes and without you cut on watch.

Supply for Siteground

Hosting Joomla

Like the plan for WordPress exists, the plan for Joomla exists, another one of the introduced managers more in Internet and that much people use.

The characteristics come to be the same that in the plan of WP but this optimzado time everything for Joomla.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated Siteground

Unlike other suppliers, Siteground does not offer Virtual Servers (for it has other services who replace them), but offers dedicated Servers.

These servers are of the best thing than you can find nowadays with hardware of first level, completely managed and with soprote premium to resolve all problems in a matter of minutes.

If these looking for to engage a deprived servant, throw an eye to the alternatives of this company because they are very complete and offer a great number to you of extras.

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Advantages and disadvantages of siteground



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Final valuation and opinion of siteground

If you have read our analysis of Siteground you will see that very we are satisfied with the options that put at the disposal of their Siteground clients.

Seeing its characteristics one sees clearly that one is not simple hosting but it has many tools of added value that cause that our opinion of Siteground is over the rest. It includes extras as the CDN, SSL, daily Copies, ultrafast support, SuperCacher, NGINX… that do of Siteground hosting superior to the rest.

The greater problem than presents is its price, that as we can see, except for the first year that leaves very economic, as of the second the price is increased almost in the double and can be something excessive if we compared it with the competition. Therefore it is not our company of hosting more recommended, but it could perfectly be number one.

Even so, if the price does not suppose a disadvantage for you, to take control of one of his plans it is the best option than you can find nowadays.

Promotion 50% Siteground

Discount promotional of 60% for the hiring of the first year of hosting.

3,95€ 9,95€

As alternative we also recommended coupon to you Raiola Networks 20% discount.

8.7 Total Score
Best hosting of the market right now

The best quality at the cost of a greater price. If you can allow you, you do not think it to you, Siteground is nowadays the best alternative to lodge your project Web.

Technical support
Ease of use