Opinions of Shopify, it is really an alternative to consider to create a store online?


You want to mount your own store online and are looking for opinions of Shopify? Then you are in the indicated place.

In the next lines, we will tell everything you what you need to know how about this platform to begin to sell of form online your products or services. It is as good as they say? What disadvantages have? And advantages?

If you want to stop giving him returned to that type of questions, the only thing that you must do is scroll downwards. 😉

What is Shopify?

Of a simple way, we could say that Shopify is a tool that offers everything you what you need to create a store online.

Bond, but already exists many platform to do something thus… in what difference of its competitors? In which any person, even without having knowledge of on developing webpages, can do e-commerce that works perfectly.

Everything thanks to the characteristics that we will tell you next but before, we throw a look to its plans.

Plans of Shopify

Before following with the post, it is important that you know that Shopify is not gratuitous, although are 14 to prove it without commitment.

As usually it happens in these cases, it is divided in several plans based on which you need (that usually is little when you begin more and once your business grows). In Shopify you have to your disposition 3 plans:

  • BASIC Shopify by 29$ to the month.
  • Shopify by 79$ to the month.
  • Advanced Shopify by 299$ every month.

Among them they share common characteristics as limitless storage and bandwidth, reason why differs from basic form in other aspects as:

  • Account number for the personnel.
  • Analysis of fraud.
  • Information.
  • Etc.

If you want to compare them in greater depth, you can puncture here or see the image of more down.


Characteristics of Shopify

The opinions of Shopify will be positive or negative in function whom you ask.

We will not tell you if he is angel or demon. We prefer to tell the characteristics you with which he has obtained that more than 500,000 businesses has created their stores online with him and, by all means, the negative aspects that use their detractors.

In summary, we of give all the information so that you decide… he is that we cannot do it by you! 😉

1. Everything what you need in the same site

And when tenth everything, is everything:

  • Servant.
  • Certificate SSL.
  • Groups.
  • Etc.

Forget you search the best company of hosting the best price or to break the head to you choosing the best group for your store in WooCommerce. In Shopify, they give the complete package you so that you only must worry to you to mount it.

Something as well as a toy of I bequeath or a furniture of Ikea. 😀

2. In a word: simple

It is what we have to you counted does a little while: you do not need any technical knowledge to take your business online.

In Shopify they have developed the platform in such a way that its use is intuitive and simple even for the clumsiest with the technology, incorporating tools and functions so that you obtain what you look for.

All this is translated because you will have your operative store in a moment.

3. Compatible with dropshipping

Create to us, although it sounds to computer virus, does not have anything to do. Dropshipping is a store modality that allows the electronic commerce in which you do not have products and you are only in charge of:

  • The attention to the client.
  • To invoice.
  • The data base.
  • Etc.

And the one is the wholesaler that creates, stores and forwards products. In this way, your investment is reduced to the minimum.

Then if you want something thus, Shopify allows it to you since whenever somebody buys in your store, the order will be sent to the supplier of automatic form and will be the one that makes the rest of the work.

4. It admits different methods from payment

If you must in mind create a store online, we imagined that it will not be to only sell in your area. Or perhaps yes but, in case you have a more global idea of market, with this platform you will not have problems.

How we know it? Because it admits more than 70 currencies and other 70 methods of payment between which, of course, they are:

  • Paypal.
  • Credit cards.
  • BitPay.
  • Etc…

It goes, that if you want to sell to everybody, Shopify puts it to you very easy.

5. The SEO will not be a problem

There is much people who advise against this type of programs to create webpages because she argues that their groups are not programmed to rankear high in Google.

We do not know if those of this tool satisfy the requirements of the great G to secure a good position, but that it counts on the basic functions of SEO to obtain it. In addition, in his blog it counts how to secure the best positions.

6. Thought for also for your clients

So far, everything what we have to you counted is focused as administrator but, what would be of a commerce without clients? Shopify also thinks about them and offers:

  • Possibility of creating codes of discount.
  • An area deprived for each.
  • To buy as guest.
  • Etc.

To have contentments to your clients, never was so simple.

Negative aspects of Shopify

As the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold. For that reason, and in spite of all the good one that it offers Shopify, also it has his negative aspects that are translated in:

  • Commission by each sale: thus it is, by each product that bandage, the company remains a part.
  • Important characteristics only in the most expensive plans: we talked about mainly to the advanced report generator, that allows you like the back of her hand to know your public and thus to orient your strategy so that it is easier to be successful.
  • More powerful alternatives: as it can be WooCommerce that, although their learning curve more is pronounced, once you know it to handle is much more powerful (and in addition it is free). Another option can also be Wix.

And all this without forgetting that there is to pay to a quota every month.

And you, what you think on Shopify?

After which you have read, certainly already you understand why so different opinions of Shopify exist.

Now, the ball is in your tile roof and it is called on to you to make the decision, You will create your store online with this tool or no? You will use another alternative? Which?

You do not leave us with the doubt… tell us in the commentaries! 😉