What is WordPress and why it serves


What is WordPress? Question goes… If everybody you know what is! He is that is used to make webpages, truth? Good, as definition we can pass it, but only because you are. 😉

If you really want to know of what the only thing consists, what types of sites you can create with him and which are the best companies of hosting for WordPress, that you must do is to continue reading because in the next lines, you we counted it everything.

The entire world uses it, discovers here why.

What is WordPress?

Its own official page describes it of the following way:

WordPress is a software of open code that you can use to create fantastic Webs, blogs or applications.

Or shelp of a form a little more technique, consists of a manager of contents (well-known also as CMS in English) whose main mission is that the process to create webpages is simplest possible.

And it is there where is its success and is that, according to official data, 31% of the websites have been created with WordPress.

What webpages you can create with WordPress?

Then in spite of which many think, the manager of contents par excellence serves for much more that to have your personal blog.

1. “A normal” page

When tenth normal, we talked about for example to the page of a company where it is indicated:

  • Activity that realises.
  • Prices.
  • Forms of contact.
  • Etc.

Really, what is called a corporative Web. The subject is that WordPress turns out perfect to create a static site (where the content is not updated of constant form) and that it serves so that the visits obtain more data exceeds what you want.

2. A blog

If by something WordPress is famous, it is for being one of the best tools to create a blog, everything thanks to the fact that nothing else to finish installing it, already you have:

And as you already know (and she is one of its characteristic ones it stars) the possibility of adding plugins and widgets allows you to arrive further on and to do with your blog which you want. If it interests this subject to you, we recommended to you that you visit these others posts where we compiled the best ones:

But eye with installing many… It remembers that they affect at the speed of load of your site!

3. A store online

Although for this other alternatives exist (as Magento or PrestaShop), the combination of WooCommerce and WordPress is an option than valid if you want to create a store online.

But, what is WooCommerce? Then neither the more nor less than plugin than WordPress transforms into a commerce online adding functionalities as:

Really, everything what you need to begin to sell products through Internet.

4. Almost everything what you imagine

Being clear, with WordPress you can create the type of webpage that you want:

  • Digital newspaper.
  • Portfolio.
  • In order to reserve table in your restaurant.
  • To arrange appointment in a factory.
  • Curriculum online.
  • Etc.

When one is WordPress, your imagination is the limit.

Best hostings for WordPress

To choose the form to make your webpage is important, perhaps but it is it more to choose where you will lodge it. And so that you choose the best option, we told the best companies you of hosting for WordPress.

All of them with discount including. 😉

1. Webempresa

For us better option does not exist to lodge a webpage. To raise Webempresa your page is to assure to have to you quality servant, that offers a speed of very fast load and an attention to the exceptional client. By all means, all plans tell on hard disks SSD and an attention to the incredible client.

On the other hand, it is the most expensive option and the support is only by email. Although first it at least has solution thanks to the coupon of 25% of discount that we gave to you.

2. Raiola Networks

If there is a company that disputes the throne to him to Webempresa, it is Raiola Networks. The quality of its servers is beyond all doubt, its service of attention to the client to whom you can consult your doubts by telephone (an option always faster and comfortable) and are specialized in WordPress.

In addition, its price is economic than the previous option and you have 30 days of test. If to that you yes add to a 20% of discount, salts to him winning yes or.

3. Cubenode

Although all plans are of quality, if by something Cubenode has enamored us is by its plans VPS (virtual servers private) that are thought for webpages that receive a higher volume of visits.

But, which are their advantages? What divide them in multiple sub-groups so that pages only by the characteristics that really you need. And less you will have to pay thanks to the coupon of 10% of discount that we offer to you.

4. Hosting professional

When one is to choose hosting, it is important that they are specialistic in the tools that you want to use. And fair in that he honors Hosting Professional, since they have formed servers of special form stops:

  • WordPress.
  • PrestaShop.
  • Moodle.
  • Magento.

It has a quite competitive price and possibility of speaking with them by telephone. As negative part, the technical support is slower than the rest (although they respond in a decent time).

Coupon of 25% of discount in Hosting Professional.

What is WordPress? It is milk!

Now already you know what is WordPress and the reasons by which he is so popular in the network of networks. It is more, is very probable that if you have a webpage, you have used it to create it… Or no?

If yes, us it would enchant that you counted us your experience, how you solved the problems that arose to you, which has liked more, which less, etc… Thus you will help the usuary futures of the CMS par excellence when they begin his adventure and your cybercafe karma increases.

What another excuse you need not to go to you without commenting? 😉