How to make money with a webpage, to say goodbye to him to your head and to begin to live the life that you want


It sounds the awakener and you rise of the bed. You raise the blind and, to part of which not yet it is by day, it rains.

All that accompanying by a temperature near the zero degrees. But the worse thing, is than you must go to a work that you hate.

And while, you read as long as every time she has more people than live on Internet… Really it is that possible one?

Yes. In fact in this post we will tell you how to make money with a webpage thanks to techniques that already many people use.

Dismiss to you of the cloggings, the agglomerations in the public transport and of everything what you hate. As of today, you will live as you want. 😉

In serious? It is possible to be lived on a webpage?

Of course! That it does not fit to you the smaller doubt of than is possible to make money with a blog and to live on him.

Examples of people who have obtained it there are many… Antonio G of Intelligence Viajera or Franck Scipion de Lifestyle to the squared one is only a test that thus something can be obtained.


  • He is simple?
  • One finds without work and effort?
  • You will gain a fortune of the day to the night?

The answer is forceful and a full one NOT as a house.

But record something to you to fire in your mind, anyone can do it if sets out it.

The 4 ways to make money with a webpage or blog

Once you know is possible, the moment arrives for telling you how to make money with a webpage.

Multiple forms exist to obtain it, we we will tell those you that use all those bloggers that gain the life this way. That is to say, they are technical with guarantee of which they work.

1. The publicity

The first option of which we will speak to you is the one that everybody knows although, in spite of which much people thinks, we did not only talk about to those damn announcements that as much you hate when you sail by your favourite webpages.

Although by all means, also we will see them.

A. Cost by click

Meaning that whenever somebody kitchen mhelp on an announcement in your webpage, you receive money. And yes, this is the publicity to that we talked about before.

They are one of the form simpler than it has to begin to make money with your blog, because you only must order to you to place it in the suitable places and ready, to fatten your bank account.

The problem that it has is that you need that your site generates very many traffic to secure an amount that allows you to live. In addition, following the advertiser, your reward varies so you must choose well.

And to finish, people hate them. In fact, every time the blocking ones of announcements perhaps are more popular reason why it is not an option if you look for some high income.

B. Cost by action

Very similar to the previous option, only that in this case you do not secure money because damned little people in announcements, but because they do something concrete, as for example:

  • To register somewhere.
  • To fill in a form.
  • To complete a survey.
  • Etc.

The advantage against the CPC (cost by click) is that they pay far better, but is more complicated than the users take it I finish.

2. It sells your knowledge

Here the subject begins to put itself serious.

This is an option that yes will allow you to make the sufficient money as living on her. That yes, requires time by your part much more.

In question? Of which, if you know to do something, you offer to all the network a service based on it. We speak for example of:

  • Graphical designer.
  • Coaching.
  • Editor of contents.
  • Designer Web.
  • Programmer.
  • Etc.

The problem of this option is that, if nobody knows you, it will turn out to you very complicated to sell at the outset. But nothing that is not solved with a good strategy. 😉

3. Lance infoproductos

Very similar to the previous point, because also it consists of selling your knowledge, only that in this case it beams in the form of course.

This option is one of the favourites of the digital entrepreneurs, since once sent, it allows you to make money in automatic almost. It is enough with which you enter the Web of any blogger famous and will see that, as minimum, it offers a pair of infoproductos.

Some examples of this product type are:

  • How to secure more visits.
  • It learns to write persuasive texts.
  • It increases your productivity.
  • Etc.

The key to send infoproducto of success is in knowing how to detect the needs of your public and to offer something to him as solution.

If you are able to obtain something thus, you have much gained way.

4. Marketing of affiliation

Well occur does you to convince the people? You have soul of commercial? You would sell blades to Him to shave to hipster? Then the sale by affiliation is yours.

Of what it consists? In recommending products or services through your webpage and, by each sale that you obtain, you will take a commission.

The great advantage is that it will not suppose any extra cost for your users reason why, you can be 100% sincere one and to say that, if buys it, you will make money.

This you the tenth thing because in the affiliation marketing, the confidence is it everything so, if really you want to gain the life with this, are aspects that you must consider:

  • You will only recommend what you know that works.
  • You will count the good thing, but you will not hide the bad thing.
  • You will be sincere and say that, if buys, you will take commission.

Everything could be summarized in which you must be able to transmit that you really create that what you recommend is a good product (or service).

It is as us with the coupons of discount in hostings, we do not offer them of all the companies, of which we only considered good.

Show me the money!

You already know how to make money with a webpage, now it touches to you.

As we understand that it can give fear to leave the zone of comfort, what seems to you if we make of the commentaries a help place?

Tell all fears us or, if already you have sent yourself, your errors and successes to help the others.

Thus, we will secure that to everybody reach his objectives.

And of step, to increase your cybercafe-karma. 😉