What is a CMS and which are best the 3 alternatives than it has

You are determined to create a webpage by your account. Perhaps it is for your business or by simple hobby, that does not matter, but that you know clearly what you want.

The problem is that you do not have nor idea of how a webpage is designed and/or programmed… and to begin to train you to obtain it is not an option right now. But looking for in Internet, you have run into with something call CMS.

And you will have asked yourself “what is a CMS? Really I can create my site online with him without having the necessary knowledge? Which of all is the one that agrees to me more” Right those questions will be those that we will answer in today post.

We began?

What is a CMS?

The great question that becomes all that begins in the adventure to undertake online when seeing that those three letters are repeated of constant form but, what is a CMS? According to Wikipedia, one is:

A system of management of contents (in English: Content Management System, more known by its abbreviations CMS) is a software that allows to create a structure of support (framework) for the creation and administration of contents, mainly in webpages, on the part of the administrators, publishers, participants and other users.

Brilliant! Although the definition can be something technical, at least already you know what means CMS… Something is something! 😉

But so that it is all clear one, we could say that a CMS is a tool that allows to create webpages. Of general form, it is focused to sites where much content is generated (as blogs) and stores online, although also it is possible to be used for:

  • To create a forum.
  • To develop one wiki.
  • As educative platform.

But there is something it makes him emphasize, it is its operation, that is simple and intuitive. It thinks that the normal thing, will be that you do not have to write a single line of code and all you do it through a very visual Control Panel.

Advantages and disadvantages to use a system of management of contents

The popularity of this type of tool is due to the characteristics that we will tell you next. Although by all means, also we will say his negative side to you.


  • Modularity: in the majority (even all) you will have available a great variety of plugins that you will be able to clear and to put based on which you need.
  • Easy to use: this is not due to confuse with which it is not necessary to spend time to learn to handle it to him, but is clear that in almost all, premium that their use is intuitive.
  • Friendly with the SEO: although the positioning depends on many factors (the group that you use, plugins that you install, hosting that you contract and other many factors) the majority of CMS fulfill the basic rules of positioning.
  • Great communities behind: knowledge that you will have to your disposition a great amount of resources and information to resolve problems or to count on constant updates, is something to value.


  • More work of the one than seems: much people think that, once the Web is online, its work finishes… And she is not thus. It is necessary to be pending of updates, backup copies, etc
  • Limited: it will be rare that there is something you want to do, and does not exist a solution in the form of plugin that adapts, but can happen.
  • They take more in loading: generally this does not have to happen but, if or they are not optimized, you do not use plugin of cache or not to contract hosting of quality, the speed of load can be suffered.

The managers of used contents more

Once you know in what consists, their advantages and disadvantages, arrive the moment for reviewing the best solutions in the form of CMS than it offers Internet.

1. WordPress

We are before that without a doubt, he is the king of the managers of contents. In fact, according to its own webpage, 29% of the sites use WordPress.


To what this success is due? Doubt that factors as does not fit the following will have something to see:

  • Personalizables designs.
  • Thought to position stop in the finders.
  • Groups that adapt to the mobiles.
  • Constant updates of security.
  • Etc.

If to all that him extreme the simple thing that turns out to generate content with him, who its handling is easy and that plugins counts with more than 45,000, is understood better its success.

| Official page|

2. Drupal

If you look for a CMS with a smooth learning curve of course Drupal is not for you, since one is doubtless one of the managers of contents more complicated to handle.


That yes, in return, is the most powerful solution and the one than is recommended if you have the necessary knowledge or you are going to create a site that can manage a great amount of visits and content.

So that you become an idea of the incredible thing that it is, usually it is shelp that with WordPress you can make a blog but with Drupal, you can make a WordPress.

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3. Magento

As we have told you before, the managers of contents serve to create Webs with multiple aims and, one of most common, usually is a store online. If it is your case, Magento is a very interesting option.

that-be-a-cms-and-for-that-it serves

Why? Because one is a manager of contents who is focused to that you create powerful an electronic commerce, thanks to aspects as:

  • Characteristics of security for stores.
  • Fulfillment of laws.
  • Requirements for forms of payment.
  • Catalogue creation.
  • Etc.

That yes, as “negative” point we could put that he is not gratuitous. We put in quotation marks the one of “negative” because, although for many it can be an aspect that inclines the balance towards “not”, the most basic quota includes, for example, support 24 hours the 7 days of the week.

Something indispensable if you want to gain the life with a webpage, no?

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You already know what is a CMS, what you will do now?

That is the question that we become… You will send yourself to the adventure to mount your own Web with a manager of contents? What option you will choose? Tell it to us in the commentaries.

And let to us remember to you that, in our page of beginning, you have coupons discount for the best companies of hosting than it has at present.

It remembers! A good servant is first so that everything goes on wheels. 😉