How to choose hosting correctly so that your business online goes tailwind


You are going to initiate a business in Internet, but you do not have nor idea from where lodging it.

You have looked at multitude of companies and the only thing that you have obtained is to still roll to you more with the amount of rare words that you read:

  • SSD.
  • VPS.
  • Cloudflare.
  • Etc.

So here you are, with a great idea with which to gain the life to you that cannot start not to know how to choose hosting of quality.

That was until today, because after reading this post, you will know of exact form in what you must fix you to contract the company that better service will give you.

In summary, you are going to choose the best option. It sounds well, truth? 😉

We began!

Really have does importance hosting that you choose?

And as much! Mainly if you are gliding to gain the life to you with your webpage.

It thinks about hosting as if it was the premises in which you would locate a physical business. Following the type who is, you will look for characteristics as:

  • Size.
  • Location.
  • That it is adapted to your needs.
  • Etc.

For example, imagine that you have glided to open a bar to you, you looked for an establishment that:

  • He is sufficiently great to have tables and a bar.
  • With a room to part for the kitchen.
  • That it has quarters of bathroom.

And if it comes with all the necessary installation from extractors and others, far better!

The same happens with a servant for your site online, only that in this case are certain requirements that must fulfill any hosting to be considered one of quality.

Why? Because they can mark to the difference between the success and the failure… so that you become an idea, to lodge your Web in a servant of low quality can do that I never reach the best positions in Google.

The 6 characteristics that you must look for at the time of choosing hosting

Now that you know the importance that it has, is called on to know in what you must fix you to assure that contracts to you hosting quality.

1. That it counts on hard disks SSD

Luckily this is something that is standardized, so rare it will be that you lodge your Web a servant without this technology.

The main advantage that offers is speed access, something that combined with good plugin of cache, will do that your page loaded in a moment. Indispensable to improve your SEO and to appear in the best positions.

2. With many options of contact

When your subsistence is in game, you want to be able to clarify to any problem or doubt of agile and fast form.

For this, there are companies that offer what “tickets of support” is called, that comes to be as sending a mail to him but through its platform.

They are a very valid option since it is registered all the process, but of course has several you beat:

  • Lack of immediacy: offers the ticket and, when they can, will answer to you.
  • More difficult to explain: you must define the problem very well so that they have all the data.

For that reason, far better if they offer a phone number to which to call, because those problems disappear.

If in addition, they include a chat in his webpage or other methods of communication, far better. The important thing is that you can choose how to speak with them.

3. A Control Panel that combines power and simplicity.

The Control Panel is a tool in which you can make tasks of the type:

  • To add mail accounts
  • To create subdomains.
  • To raise or to lower archives by FTP.
  • To enter the data bases
  • And others more.

They are things that beams every day but, if at the moment that you need to do them is not easy, you will not perhaps be wasting time (and money).

In addition, it is your business and therefore you want to have the control. Or at least, to have that option.


That yes, to toquetear there without knowing is very dangerous, so if you do not know something clearly, better it contacts with the technical service.

4. Burglaryable to your business

This is a facet that much people ignore, but is more important than it seems. Returning to the example of the premises of before, when you choose one, not beams thought about changing it time every so often.

For that reason, he is vital that offers several plans that adapt to your needs. Thus, always you will have contracted what you need and you will eliminate the necessity to change of company each two by three.

5. The security first of all

You have phelp attention to the amount of the news that there are every day on hackers? And yes, we know that always they sound distant… until it touches to you.

If you glide to gain the life to you in Internet, he is indispensable to contract hosting that guarantees that your site is safe from this type of attacks. And we did not only talk about to that it is to the last one in security solutions.

That it makes backup copies (or at least that you offer it that service) is basic, but it is not enough with that. Also it must guarantee that these will be stored in a safe place and that its restoration will be simple.

6. Installer of applications

When we spoke of applications not we talked about what is called to which you have in your smartphone, but to CMS. We speak of:

  • WordPress.
  • Drupal.
  • Joomla.
  • Magento.
  • Etc.

Since there are many possibilities that your webpage you do it on some of them, is good idea to verify if they offer a solution to you to install and to form the one that you want of fast and simple form.

All of them them you can install of form manual. In fact, if you know how to do it, usually it is the best option because thus you are the one that has the control of everything what it happens.

But as we are conscious that usually does not happen, that hosting has this type of tool will save many headaches to you.

How to choose hosting no longer it has secrets for you

If you have arrived up to here (without jumping to you no part, clearly) you already know the aspects that you must look to choose the best place to lodge your webpage.

Evidently, one is not a decision that you must take lightly. For that reason, so that you still have more information, pass you through our page of beginning in which not only we put note to the best companies, but we offer succulent discounts to you in them.

Quality to the best price… what can more be asked?

We, who you leave a commentary us telling us what so goes to you with hosting where metheglins your page. 😉