5 programs to create webpages with professional aspect without writing a single line of code

All we have a computer science friend to whom to go to solve the problems that appear to us in this world.

But to request that it does to you a webpage to him… already is too much, no?

In addition, you know how you want that she is. You visualize it in your mind of clear form, but to explain it to another person already is more complicated. Why not to do it you yourself?

Wix, the absolute winner
If you do not want to waste the time, it enters Wix and it begins to create your site quickly and free if you wish it.

You don't have the knowledge? That is not a problem if you know the programs to create webpages that we presented to you next.

Thanks to them, you will be able to create your own site without needing writing not one line of code, and with a professional aspect!

It sounds incredible, truth?

The face imagines that will put “the computer science one” when you teach the webpage to him that you have done your only. 😉

Programs to create webpages, of what they consist?

Much people think that to create a webpage, it is necessary to yes have yes or knowledge in languages as HTML5 and CSS3.

It is clear that the person who dominates those programming languages, can make the Web that wants. But that does not mean that the rest of the mortals we cannot make our own site to size.

There it is where they enter this type of programs.

Thanks to them you will be able to make your own webpage, in the majority of the cases, dragging & dropping the different elements that you want to add.

That fast, that simple. 😀

Advantages and disadvantages to use programs to make webpages

Before following we must clarify that, throughout the post, we will speak at any moment of software for people who do not know to program.

Evidently, professional programs exist that offer some incredible functionalities, but that yes require knowledge more technicians.

Of those we will not speak here, but we will do it on which anyone with some minimum knowledge of computer science can use.

Clarified this, we see its weak strength and.


  • Ease of use: first it is most obvious. Since there is no necessity that you know the programming languages, everything is much more simple.
  • Fast: mainly if you know what you want. If you know clearly the result that you look for, once you learn to handle the program, you will have it in just a short time.
  • Good aspect: you do not think that, because a professional has not done it, the result will not be of quality.


  • Limited: following and so it is evident, there will be limits that you will not be able to cross unless you get to touch code.
  • Learning curve: we have told you that they are easy to use, but that does not mean that you do not have to spend a time to him to learn how works.
  • Solution by halves: in some cases, software only gives the webpage you. You will have as soon as to order search hosting to you to lodge it.

As you see, very interesting advantages are some and their disadvantages are not far from it unsalvable.

The best programs to free create webpages without knowing how to program

Once you already know everything exceeds they, the moment arrives for appearing the list of programs to create professional webpages that there are preparation.

And it remembers, combines it with some well optimized images of quality and you will have a page of Web of a spectacular quality. 😉

1. Wix (Outstanding and world-wide leader)

We begin by one of most well-known and used in all the network, everything thanks to aspects as:

  • Some spectacular designs.
  • Own applications.
  • To be able to add animations.
  • Etc.

program-for create-paginate-Web-free

All this to a price of 0 Euros, or what is the same, you can create your webpage free. Where it is the trick? Now you will see it.

If you are decided by the gratuitous modality, the direction of your webpage will begin by “wix.com”. That is to say, that if your business is called Pepe Pérez the direction will be “wix.com/pepeperez”.

To all that, add to him that it will include publicity within your site.

In order to avoid all this, you have the payment options that go from 4 Euros to the month to the 25.50 Euros every thirty days.

It begins here with Wix.

2. Mobirise

If you look for a program that is simple to use, that offers quality results and that are gratuitous, Mobirise is for you.

Its handling could not be simpler, and is that it is enough with selecting the components that you want to add and to put them to your pleasure.


All this with the robustness of Bootstrap, one of frameworks (or set of tools) of code open more popular than exists, and on which Mobirise is based.

This causes that you make sure as important aspects as:

  • That the page loaded fast.
  • One will adapt to the different devices.
  • A great community of support.

And unlike other alternatives, Mobirise does not need connection to Internet to work, reason why you will be able to work from any side.

What can more be asked?

It begins here with Mobirise.

3. Jimdo

If by something it emphasizes this German company is to offer the complete package that you need to have your own webpage:

  • Domain.
  • Accounts of mail.
  • Widgets.
  • Etc.

But their advantages do not finish there.


Others of their strength, and in which other options weaken, are the good that is optimized for SEO the sites created with Jimdo. Something that is thanked for at the time of trying to climb at the most high of Google.

You can free prove it by the time that you want, and if you need more functionalities, to only happen to anyone of his two payment plans:

  • Pro by 6,50€/mes.
  • Business by 15€/mes.

It begins here with Jimdo.

4. Webnode

If 30 million people have used it to make their own webpages, it is clear that it must work well.


But there is a reason to choose Webnode against the rest, is the capacity to have your site in several languages.

Thanks to this program, you will be able to have a webpage multi-idiomay thus to do it accessible for the entire world.

That yes, you will have to happen through box yes or yes since it does not have gratuitous version.

5. SiteW

This it is another site with which you can create your own webpage of professional form without hardly having knowledge.


Perhaps he is not one of the publishers more met in Spain to make websites, but the certain thing is that it counts on very interesting options to be able to create a blog or Web in a matter of minutes and on a very good aspect.

If you do not know this tool of design of sites I recommend to you that you prove it. And soon you tell us!

It begins here with Sitew.

To design everybody!

With these 4 programs to create webpages free, you will not have excuse so that your business is not online.

Perhaps it will not be the Web better designed concerning code, but to take and to reduce costs it serves more than very well.

Now it is called on to you to choose the software that better adapts ponte hands to the work.

Which you will choose? You know other programs to design a Web without code?

Us the accounts in the commentaries? 😉

Comparative Creators of Webpages