To buy a domain Web, the guide who teaches everything to you what you must know


The day has arrived. Finally you are going to send to the Network that returned idea to which you have been as much time giving him.

You have it everything thought: the name, hosting, the thematic one, your target… but you do not have nor idea of how buying a domain Web. Task Goes! Because without domain you cannot be in Internet.

You are not hopeless, for that you have to us. There are preparation this super-guides so that, once and for all, you can start your “cybercafe-I dream” about the certainty of knowing what beams in the reference to the domain.

The information is to be able and here you have a pile!

What is a domain?

If we phelp attention to the definition that does in the Wikipedia of this concept, we see that he is something very simple:

Extension or domain name is a unique name that it identifies to a website in Internet.

The subject is in that, in spite of being correct, it is an explanation that lets enough wish as far as its operation and other aspects. But nothing of which to worry! For that we are. 😉

A domain is not more than a unique form to call to a webpage. It means this that in the servant is called thus? No.

When you write that name in the bar of directions, in truth you are acceding to what is called a direction IP, that are a series of numbers very long.

We could say that it is as the phone number. He is unique, nobody plus has it. Now, you do not learn the numbers of your friendly and relatives, the guards in your agenda so that then, she is enough with looking for them by his name and calling them.

Then the same happens with a domain. It is a form to accede to a concrete IP without needing remembering it. We are going to see it with an example.

When you want search something, most normal it is than you write in the bar of directions Then as we have spoken to you, that is a “mask” of direction IP

You test. It copies that IP and sticks it in the bar of directions, you have acceded to the same webpage? Since it can have changed, we left this webpage you where they say direction to you IP of the site that you want.

What types of domains exist?

In this other post it exceeds how to choose the perfect name for your domain, we spoke of this subject. Now, he is called on to see what means each.

1. Com

The most used in all the Network. In his origin, it was indicated for companies with commercial interests. Nowadays, in principle, he is the one that you must use for your webpage.

The reason? He is most international reason why, if you secure certain notoriety, he will be simpler you to arrive at everybody.

2. Territorial

In this case, one is extensions that indicate a concrete country and usually they are used in two cases:

  • To indicate that a brand has presence in that country.
  • To be nearer in the territory.

Some examples of this type are:

  • .es of Spain.
  • .de in Germany.
  • .us for the United States.
  • .co of Colombia.

They have the advantage of which they help to position in Google in the search of the chosen country but, in the other side of the currency, will cost to you more to do it in other markets.

3. Org

In its origins in 1985, the idea was that the organizations used it but, over the years, was weakened because the organization concept includes many types of companies.

Nowadays it is used of indiscreet form, but in the majority of occasions it is used for:

  • Non-profit organizations.
  • Pages of free software.
  • All that with associations.

Although as tenth, it is possible to be used of indiscrimada way.

4. Net

Like it happens with the previous cases, this extension had a purpose that is had over the years lost. In his origin, it was thought for companies related to the technology.

At present, it is possible to be used without mattering to what you dedicate yourself and, in fact, are companies that use it as substitute of .com

How to buy a domain if hosting includes it?

Nowadays, the majority of the companies of hosting gives a domain, mainly if contracts during a period of a year or more:

That is pon to put an example, remembers that in our page of beginning you have more. The important thing is that you know that, in this case, everything becomes simple much more because it is enough with indicating the name that you want to register at some time of the purchase process and they will make the rest.


As you see, it cannot be simpler. 😉

And when it doesn't include it?

The case in that can occur, the company that you are going to contract, does not offer this possibility to you. Or also it can be that you the perfect name has been happened, but you do not have time to put to you with the page and, before somebody robs it to you, you want to register it.

It is reason why it is, exists the possibility of only registering a domain without needing contracting hosting. In this case, the process continues being very simple, but not as much as the previous one.

It is that he is complicated that is easier! 😉

The complication comes because many companies in Internet exist that offer this type on watch, reason why to choose the best option requires time of investigation. But beyond that, the process is almost identical to the previous case.

For this example, we will use Namecheap, one of the suppliers more recommended by bloggers more known.

The first step, is to introduce the name that you want to use and to give search him.


In the following screen, it shows a list with all the extensions in which he is available.


If the extension that you look for is available, it is enough with which kitchen boys in the button to add it to the car and to finalize the purchase process.


Ready! You already have your domain without the necessity to contract no hosting.

How to choose a domain Web

At the time of initiating a business online, you can be found in two points related to the domain.

  • That by the urgency, you have bought first that was happened.
  • That you are not decided by any and you are delaying the launching.

Then we have the bad news: both options are a fat problem.

To know how how to choose a domain that squares and serves with your business is not something that is due to do lightly. But that does not mean that it is worth first that comes to you at the top.


Really it is so important to choose a domain well?

Yes, it is it. You must only think about the domain as if it was your name, that in the Network.

Once you choose one, it is how everybody will know you and you will not be able to change it. Good, yes that you will be able but people will not recognize you by the new one. Certain she is that always you will be able to make a redirection of the old man to the new one but, why to complicate the life to you?

In addition, the name is part of your business, gives personality and it makes you emphasize against all your competition. Generally, she is what she differentiates to you.

If that is not reason not to choose it very well lightly… we do not know what will be.

3 advice to know how how to choose a domain

Once the importance has been clear that it has to choose good reputation for your domain, the moment has arrived from which you know how to arrive at him.

In order to help you with this task, we told next three advice you who, if you follow them, will facilitate much to you the work.

1. Method KISS

We did not speak of which you go out and you begin to distribute kisses, nor that you listen to the discography of this mythical band.

KISS is the acronym that leaves the expression “Keep Simple It, Stupid” that in Castilian it means “mantenlo simple, stupid”.

This he is Santo Grial of a perfect name, and that entails to avoid:

  • Accents
  • Letter n.
  • Rare symbols.

The script use or even sweeps loss is due to prevent at all costs.

Following with this mechanics, he is recommendable that you use a name that aside from being simple to remember, is easy to write.

Because all we know the actor who left in Terminator, He defies Total and Conan… Arnold Schuache, Swatche, Zscwac… Schwarzenegger!

This man can allow the luxury of which their official page is, but for your business better than you look for simpler other.

It is not good either that, if the name of your business is formed by two words and first it finishes with the same letter that begins second, you use it as domain.

It imagines that your business is called Sergio Bikes. People will not know if your URL is or

She remembers: Keep Simple It!

2. .com or .es?

In principle always .com…. mainly if you glide to send a store online. It thinks that you are going to be in Internet, why to limit your reach only your country?

Perhaps now you begin with very low aspirations but who knows, perhaps headresses the correct key and your business begin to grow at world-wide level. In that case, you will be thankful to have bought that extension.

To choose by one more local one only has sense in businesses that will concentrate in their region as:

  • Restaurants.
  • Hairdressing salons.
  • Factories.
  • Etc.

And after saying to you to this, our advice it is that you buy both. It is more, if you can allow .org and .net you better than better.

Why? Because thus you will avoid that if you obtain certain recognition, somebody buys them and it takes advantage your name (or until it robs clients to you).

3. It asks your friendly and relatives

To much people it gives between fear and shame him to share with the others the possible names that have thought.

If you are of that type of person, it overcomes that sensation and shows it the public. It is the best way to know if:

  • It sounds well.
  • It is easy to remember.
  • It is associated with your idea.
  • Etc.

Perhaps to somebody one is even happened to him far better that yours or some form to improve it.

It thinks that, you vary heads think better than a single. 😉

The different options that you have

The moment arrives for putting hands to the work and for giving the “Coco” to find that ideal name to use of URL.

And so that not it DES many returns to how choosing an suitable domain, we indicated to you that, basically, you have 3 options.

1. To use your full name

This is the best option if you glide to send a webpage to position to you as an expert in some matter:

  • Graphical designer.
  • Maquetador Web.
  • Etc.

It thinks that Internet is a very cold place where to transmit it confidence is very complicated. For that reason, if first that hears of you is your name, that barrier becomes saveable.

2. The USA the keyword

What is called to go to the grain or not to navigate the partridge. That yes, can be something more complicated because you must take to end a study to have certainly you will choose the most indicated.

But it has a great advantage, and it is that people will know of what only goes your business with knowing your direction. In addition, and although it is not demonstrated, yes that it can help to secure better positions you in Google.

A typical example of this could be ofertasenbañ

3. The USA the name of your business

We are not going to discover the powder with this option, but already you know as you can give a nut return him to do it more attractive.

And if do not fix you to us. We are a webpage that offers coupons of discount in the best services of hosting and, which is our domain? 😉

If you pay attention, it satisfies all the requirements that we have to you counted:

  • It does not have strange characters.
  • It is associated with our idea.
  • He is simple.
  • With the extension .com

In addition, you can add the keyword to him and have a winning combination. For example, if you have an association of dogs that is called that leg Above, your domain could be asociació instead of to droughts.

As you can see, to choose a good domain is not simple task and is necessary to think it well before buying it.

Frequent questions exceed how to buy a domain Web

Since you have seen, to buy a domain great technical knowledge are not needed nor to study an engineering. It is a very simple process that everybody can do although it is necessary from the beginning to know clearly which you are going to choose or how you are going it to focus.

As we are conscious of still you can have doubts on this subject, we have compiled and answered most common so that you go away of here being everything an expert. 😉

1. How much it costs to buy a domain?

A price established for a domain does not exist. It is more, since we have to you counted, the price depends on the company in which you buy it.

If you pay attention to the image of the purchase process in Namecheap, you will see that .com costs 7.51 €/año, perhaps but another site is cheaper… or more expensive!

The amount to also pay varies based on the time that you contract. That is to say, it will leave to you much more cheap if payments by 2 years that by 1 reason why, if you know it clearly, our advice are that you decide on that option.

That without telling that many companies of hosting you give it the first year. In addition, its renovation usually is very cheap.

2. You can buy a domain and use it in your hosting?

Without trouble, it is possible to be done perfectly. That yes, unless by price subject he is worth the trouble to you, our advice is that you do not decide on this option.

Why? Because you have already seen the simple thing that it is that your lodging also manages your domain, why to complicate to you more?

3. What means “in period of delay”?

The case can occur that, when trying to register a domain, you receive this message or one similarity, what means?  That something “rare” is happening with him.

The normal thing is that it is surrounded in some type of judicial dispute and, therefore, nobody can demand it until it is everything solved.

4. It is possible to change a domain once registered?

No, it is not possible. He is as the photos done with camera réflex, once taken, is no return back. For that reason it is important that you do not have haste and that you take your time.

5. What happens if expired my domain?

Although many companies offer the option to make the automatic renovation, if it active (or they do not have it) and it does not go to you, you can see you in a fat mess. And you do not think that he is something strange… him passage until a Google and the joke him cost 6,000 dollars!

Luckily, the companies tell with that we have bad memory and they give a “period us of grace” that lasts between 1 and 45 days. During this time, the domain will stop being operative but still you will be able to renew it.

And if in spite of that, one forgets to you, still you have a last called opportunity “period of punishment” that, as you imagine by his name, it is not the ideal option… mainly because you will be able to recover it but to a greater price.

To buy a domain Web no longer has secrets for you

As of today, when somebody has a doubt on something referring to the domains, there you will be you to help him what superhero… Super Domain to the rescue! 😉

And to do still more fort to you, if you have some doubt, you want to ask something to us or to give your opinion, you have the commentaries opened for you.

Thus there will not be one who can with you!