5 keys SEO to position your webpage and to obtain organic traffic as the professionals


You imagine that those that go, without needing going were your clients search them you? Or that your business was placed as a referring one of your sector?

It sounds well, truth?

Then it stops imagining, because all that is within reach of your hand if you manage to position your Web on the front page of the finders.

Thus it is, in the today post we will speak envelope how to improve your SEO and we will tell some you of the techniques that the professional editors use.

Preparation to take off as a rocket? You do not forget to put the belt to you. 😉

To use these advice they guarantee to you to reach the first position in Google?

No, we felt it.

Nothing than we will tell you next is a magical key that contains the way that you must follow to position your webpage in Google.

It is more, if somebody says to you that it knows the method to position your webpage as first result in the finders, is very probable that it is mistaken. Or worse, than it is lying to you.

Nobody knows for sure how Google works on the inside.

What yes that exists, they are action that you can take I finish that they are demonstrated that they help to secure the best positions. And indeed those are those that we will tell you next.

Once clarified this, now yes. We see everything what you can make to help to position your webpage.

5 keys SEO to secure a better natural positioning in Google

As we finished saying to you, this is not a manual that if you follow exactly, will give the result you that you look for.

That yes, does not mean that these advice are useless. In fact, many of them are those that the editors of professional contents use so that their texts are highest possible.

That is to say, that some result yes that they will give. 😉

1. Where it is necessary to put the keyword?

In case anybody does not know what is a keyword, we explained it of fast and simple form: everything what a user introduces in a finder.

They can be, for example:

, Whenever you look for in Google, YouTube, Bing or any other finder, you are really introducing key words.

And when you begin to write your post, you will do it thinking about a keyword by which you want that they find you, which you will have to place in certain places:

  • In the introduction: it does not have to be in the first paragraph, but that is obligatory that before the first one it is encabenzado.
  • Within some title: since you see, the articles are divided in several annotated sections reason why it is known as headings (or titles). The keyword must be at least in one.
  • In the end: you can in the last include it title or throughout the final paragraphs.

And if still you think that you must repeat it a percentage of times, that no longer is thus.

It is truth that a Google time ago used that rule to order the results, but it remained obsolete. This does not mean that, if enters of natural form, it is not of more than you include it.

But whenever which is not forced because, as we will see more ahead, values the great G more is the experience of your readers.

That as far as the text, but also you must include it in:

  • The URL.
  • The name of the images that you include and labels alt.
  • It puts-description.

Thus Google will know that you go in serious with the post. 😉

2. Your webpage must adapt to the user

First concept related to the experience of your users.

Whether they are connected with a computer, one tablet or smartphone, your site must turns of the best possible way. Really, the group that you use must be responsive.

This becomes more important with the following data:


That screenshot belongs to the study realised by AIMC for Navigators in the Network exceeds how people by Internet sail where, for the first time, the mobile phone was placed in first position.

Google also knows this, and for that reason it awards with better positions to the Webs that adapt to these devices.

3. The time of load also influences

Another aspects fundamental are that your page loaded as rapidly as possible.

Some advice to obtain it are:

Which is the maximum of time that must take your page in loading? 6 seconds but the ideal it is that it does not take to him more than 3.

4. First quality, later amount

Again to scene the experience of the user.

And it is that much people think that, to arrive high in the finders, they must make posts of 2000 or 3000 words. False.

Certain that the extension can get to influence, but don't mention it will serve a very long article if there is not one that reads it… for that reason, better to write something shorter, but than it is good really, that for obsessing itself with reaching a number of words.

5. It creates sitemap and is sent it to Google

Sitemap is not more than a file in which the structure of your webpage is indicated and which you must command to Google (and to other finders where you want to position).

Why? Because it will make the functions of GPS for the robots of these, which will facilitate the task of reading your site something that, since already you imagine, will compensate with better positions.

In order to create them, you can use anyone of the generators of sitemaps that there is online and, if you use WordPress, you have to your disposition this plugin.

Preparation to improve your SEO and to position your webpage?

Up to here everything what we wanted to tell envelope you how to position your webpage.

You do not lose of view that these are only some advice, but we have left many more, and there it is where you enter:

  • You know other forms to locate your page above?
  • You have managed to position some content already?

Really, if you have something to add, the commentaries are hoping to you with the open arms.

Not them deceptions. 😉