How to measure the speed of load of your webpage and why it is so important to know that data


These mounting your business online to secure a freer lifestyle and you think that you have it all tied good but, you are safe? You have stopped yourself to measure the speed of load of your site?

If the answer is negative, all the work that you have done until now can be being ballast if your Web takes much in appearing… We feel to be those that we notify that bad to you.

In order to compensate to you, we have written this post in which you tenth why it is important to have “a slight” Web, what causes that the time of load increases and, by all means, the best tools to measure its speed of load.

From today, your webpage competes with the very same “The Flash”. 😉

Why it is so important to know the speed load of your site?

So much does not treat knowing how long takes your webpage in appearing in the screen of the visitor, but having the certainty that it makes within some acceptable parameters. Why? Because if it takes more of the account, you face these problems:

  • Google does not look to you with good eyes: or what is the same, it does not give to your webpage the best positions. It is not to which one pays attention more, but as little it serves to follow the keys for SEO that you read in best Internet and to install plugins for WordPress of final positioning S.A., your site takes in loading (although it remembers that you do not need to the great G to secure visits).
  • Either the users: in the world in which we lived, in that we have all the information to blow of click and thousands of alternatives, nobody holds in front of the computer (or mobile) to that a page loaded. If he does not appear what we looked for of immediate form, we closed the eyelash and we opened other than faster loading. So, if the speed of load of your site is high, you are losing visits.
  • You sell less: it is of drawer… If you do not have visibility in the finders, and the few that find you go away before entering, it is clear that it much more costs to obtain clients to you.

And to all this, what considers a good time of load? Everything what is below 3 seconds.

Why my slow Web cargua?

It is evident that the reasons reason why a site take much in appearing can be many and very varied, reason why is impossible that you we enumerate them all…

Shelp this, yes that several common factors exist that they influence in the time of load. Between most common they emphasize:

These are the main reasons although, as you tenth, they can more be many.

3 tools to measure the speed of load of your webpage

Once you have all the necessary information, it is hour to see how much your site in loading takes and, for it, we make your available the 3 better options.

Thus only you must choose the one that you like more. 😉

1. Google PageSpeed Insight

The finder par excellence counts on its own tool to monitor the times of load of your site online and, as almost everything what does, he is gratuitous and of quality.


It is enough with which you introduce the direction that you want to try and to beat on the button “to analyze” so that it begins to make its magic. When finalizing, it shows a score that goes from 0 to 100 (at the most high better).

And to finish, it indicates to you what you must change to improve your score.

It enters PageSpeed Insight here.

2. Pingdom website speed test

One is one of the tools most famous to measure the speed of load of a webpage, partly because she is gratuitous but also because it offers very useful information.


As for example, you can thus see the time of load based on the location of the visitor and, to know how your site works from different points from the planet. If it leaves very slow, it remembers that the solution can be to use a CDN.

Speed enters Pingdom website here test.

3. GTmetrix

The interesting thing of this tool resides in which it by itself does not measure the speed of load, but it does through Google PageSpeed and YSlow, soon to contribute all the information which you need to lower the time.


But she is even different from there which we have seen until now, because that information that shows indicating what you can make to go down some seconds, leaves ordinate based on the priority.

Thus, you know which are the first changes that you must realise and you obtain before your page loaded faster.

Test enters GTmetriz here.

Preparations? Ready? Already!

Since you have seen, to measure the speed of load of your webpage is something that you must do at least once in the life… Although our advice is that you make it from time to time to make sure that everything continues working as silk.

By our part we finished here, now is your turn. If you use other tools to see how much it takes in loading a site, or you know of other aspects that slow down a Web, us the accounts in the commentaries?

It comes, what not you of shame! 😉