Cubenode Opinions and code discount -10%

Cubenode is to day of today one of the companies better valued so much by us as by other users who have proven their services, mainly its VPS SSD that really work very well and relation quality price is of the best thing than you can find nowadays in the Spanish market.

Now you can obtain appraised still better thanks to the code of supply that we offer to you with which, simply with introducing it when to make the payment, you will obtain a discount of 10% in annual payments.

Coupon Cubenode discount -10%

Now you can less obtain one of hosting with greater prestige in Hispanic speech by a 10% thanks to this supply.

3,45 € 3,84 €/month

Cubenode Opinions and code discount -10%
Of Cubenode we like:

We emphasize mainly its plans VPS. You can hardly obtain a virtual servant by 6,50€ with 5GB of space in disc for small projects. Of you can there be increasing to very competitive prices.

Característias de Cubenode

Typical of CubenodeThe first that we stood out of Cubenode are its discs Intel SSD Datacener in RAID10, monitored 24 hours of the day and that claim to be up to 5 times faster than many of the services offered by the competition.

If you know a little the subject of storage discs you will know very well the importance that models SSD have been acquiring years in the last and as they have been replacing the HHD that formerly were used.

The one that Cubenode uses discs SSD as the rest of great companies of the sector is already of in case a guarantee.

Also, they have the datacenter in GlobalSwitch (Madrid), one of the datacenters more advanced of the Spanish capital. They count in connectivity with Level3, NTT, Terramarkt and CoGhent.

Another thing that we like of Cubenode is its support. Then to use the chat, the service of tickets or to even call to the telephone of Cubenode 900525243 and they will take care of you your consultations, to difference that other many companies that do not offer telephone support.

Although Cubenode offers as much plans of hosting shared as virtual servers, are these last ones, the VPS, the plans that draw attention more to us and that we would emphasize more of its supply.

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Plans of hosting shared of Cubenode

Cubenode mainly has 3 plans of lodging shared Web that you will be able to choose based on the number of projects that you want to lodge and the space that you need for them.

The plans are basically equal and they only differ in the space available in each from them.

Therefore, the 3 plans have the following characteristics:

  • Monthly transference nonmeasurement: This implies that you can have so many visits as you love to the month that not you that they will cut the access if you have very many traffic unlike other companies.
  • Multidominio: You can lodge so many domains as you wish as long as they do not occupy more than the contracted disc space. If you have more than a webpage you can lodge them in the same hosting without problems.
  • PHP v5.4 – v5.5MySQL v5.5 – v5.6IP Spanish: Very important if your company is in Spain and the majority of your visitors they come from this country. Its datacenter is located in Madrid which favors the positioning of your webpage for searches from our country.
  • Guaranteed Uptimie of 99.8% of the time
  • Daily backup copies of your webpages: Your always protected sites before any unforeseen circumstance. Control Panel cPanel: He manages all sites from this simple panel who allows you to autoinstalar programs as WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla… of very simple form with a few clicks.
  • Gift of 2 months of subscription with annual payments.

Based on the plan that you choose, you will have the following disc space:

  • Hosting SSD Home: 4GB SSD
  • Average Hosting SSD: 8GB SSD
  • Advanced Hosting SSD: 15GB SSD

As you can observe, the simplest plan counts already on 4GB of space in disc, a capacity than sufficient for many simple projects.

Prices plans cubenode

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Servers VPS SSD of Cubenode, the great trick

In the service of virtual servers Cubenode he has wanted to separate them in 2 groups that soon are divided in 3 sub-groups each of them.

Therefore, the proposal of VPS of is thus:

Mini servers VPS SSD

It is the simplest plan and economic than he can serve to initiate you in the VPS or if you need this service for a project not very great.

Within the plan you can contract some of these options:

Mini VPS 1

  • 5GB SSD of disc
  • Dedicated 512MEGABYTE DDR3 ECC
  • Transference nonmeasured
  • Spanish IP

Mini VPS 2

  • 10GB of disk storage
  • Dedicated 1GB DDR3 ECC
  • Limitless transference
  • IP Spain

Mini VPS 3

  • 15GB of space
  • Dedicated 1.5GB DDR3 ECC
  • Limitless transference also
  • Spanish IP

Servers VPS Linux SSD

Like in the Mini plans, in this service also you can find other 3 plans that you will have to compare to see what agrees to you more.

Its difference is mainly in the space in disc and ram memory.


  • 25 GB of space in disc
  • Dedicated 2GB DDR3 ECC
  • Processor 2 Cores Intel Xeon E3/E5 v3

Average VPS SSD

  • 40 GB of space
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Processor 4 Cores Intel Xeon E3/E5 v3

Advanced VPS SSD

  • 60 GB of space in disc
  • 8 GB of ram memory
  • Processor 8 Cores Intel Xeon E3/E5 v3
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Servers Semidedicados de Cubenode, principles benefits

If you have a project Web that he requires of a Semidedicado Servant you can throw a look to his plans that are also and count on an excellent relation quality-price very well.

You can contract until 300GB of space and 16GB of ram memory with processors Intel Xeon E5v3.

Everything will depend on the needs that you have and the budget that you have for your project.

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Support of Cubenode and attention to the client

In hostcupon we give much importance to the support that offers the companies of hosting to give a good valuation them.

Cubenode also emphasizes of positive form in this aspect since it offers diverse forms to put itself in touch with them in case you have a misfortune.

On the one hand they count on a chat that probably already you have seen if you have entered sometimes its webpages. You will have seen that this chat activates soon after entering and immediately they ask to you if they can help you in something.

A trick that you can try is to tell them in that service you are interested and to see if they make some precise supply you by have contacted with them the first time. Sometimes they make precise supplies of which you can be useful in addition to using our code of supply with 10% of discount you can have some small gift more.

Also they have the traditional support by means of tickets that the majority companies of hosting uses nowadays as it forms more common of communication.

Finally, it cheers to see that they also offer a phone number to you to be able to contact in this way at emergency moments. Sometimes in many other companies one misses this type of telephone attention since the system of tickets creates certain anxiety when seeing that you have written with certain urgency and you are waiting for the answer of impatient form.

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Final opinion of Cubenode and valuation

Opinion of Cubenode

If you have arrived up to here in our analysis of Cubenode you will have seen that generally it is a company with that we are quite happy and in that we emphasized mainly its plans of VPS where they emphasize to offer plans with sufficient benefits and to very competitive prices.

If you need to engage a virtual servant the price cannot be a problem for you thanks to the supply of Cubenode.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for he is hosting simple also you can use his hosting shared that is one of cheapest of the market and in addition count on discs SSD.

Really, we recommended certainly Cubenode and we considered it as one of the best options nowadays in account to hosting in our country.

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How to use the code of supply of Cubenode

In order to be able to benefit from the coupon discount to you of 10% that we only offer to you in HostingGuideBook you must click in the button orange that you can see more down, where it puts “To see Coupon” and to put that code in the square that there is qualified for it in process of purchase of your plan of hosting:

As using the códido one of Cubenode supplyFollowing these steps you will save a 10% in your annual payment in addition to free obtaining 2 months (supply available for all the annual hirings) and a name of domain free also.



8.7 Total Score
A good option if you look for a VPS

We emphasize Cubenode as one of the best provedores of virtual servers of the Spanish market.

Technical support
Ease of use