eHost – Opinions and valuation of hosting limitless

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eHost – Opinions and valuation of hosting limitless

eHost has become just a short time referring between the companies of hosting limitless or a multidomain, as you prefer to call it.

And it is that in eHost they are left of plans, servers, cloud… only offer a limitless plan of hosting to a surprising price, to the purest style of the American companies that as much success harvested in the past as Hostgator or Ipage.

If not yet you know eHost it continues reading our article and it discovers why you would have to give an opportunity them.

Characteristics and limitless analysis of eHost hosting

First that draws attention when you enter the webpage of eHost it is his simplicity and the easy thing that it is to see what they offer. To part of this, the bad thing translated that is the Web to the Spanish… but sincerely, that can give a little the same itself to us we consider everything what it offers us by the price that offers to us.

He is simple because they only offer a plan of hosting in that you can lodge so many webpages as you want and in addition they include a pile of extras.

What we like more of eHost
  • Limitless Hosting to lodge so many sites as you wish.
  • Sitebuilder very easy to use.
  • Gratuitous credits to announce to you in Google and Yahoo.
  • 1.000 groups to choose.
  • Domain Free.
  • 45 days of test.

extras eHost

As you can see, all these extras and other many are more including in their plan, that as tenth is unique and exclusive and they do not offer no other.

you can have complete hosting by only 2,75€ to the month!

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Why to contract with eHost?

This type of companies that offer a lodging limitless Web usually has their advantages and disadvantages. At the outset usually they seem very good soon but as your project grows and has many visits and traffic usually generates problems.

What it has called to us the attention of eHost is the good critic that is reaped in Internet on its service. Companies as Hostgator began thus their walking and to day of sevicios today are virtual recycling offering more specific, Servers, hosting optimized for WordPress… that is to say, have had to change to do against the demand.

eHost seems to follow its origins and it is had bold to offer hosting again limitless and as tenth it is having very good opinions on the part of the critic.

When to contract its plan?
If you want to lodge several situated Web and not to spend much money, without a doubt eHost is your option. If you know that they are not going to have thousands of visits to the day you can lodge so many sites as you hardly wish by 30€ to the year!

All the plans have:
  • 45 days free of test
  • Metheglin so many sites as you want
  • It uses so many data bases as you wish.
  • Construction gratuitous Web
  • Credits to promote to you free

and of
  • Support in English
  • It can fail if your Web has an excessive traffic, although we have not verified it

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Final opinion of eHost and critic

Opinions ehost

We are not in favor of this type of companies for a serious project with which you aspire to have thousands of visits and certain reputation.

In spite of it, we understand that sometimes or by budget or to be beginning one lies down to choose this type of hosting.

In this occasion, as tenth, the critics of this company in Internet are being excellent and the opinions of eHost in the network are very good. Therefore, if you are looking for hosting cheap multidomain and of quality, without no place to doubts we think that eHost has to be your first option next to iPage, our other favorite company as far as this type of hosting talks about.

Coupon discount eHost

It obtains a 50% of discount in the hiring of hosting I control of the moment.

2,75€ 5,50€

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6.7 Total Score
Best hosting limitless of the moment

eHost is reaping an excellent critic on the part of its clients and it is not leaving indifferent anybody.

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