Penalties of Google, the reasons by them can punish your Web and what to do if something therefore happens to you


If a day you rise and you discover that your Web no longer receives visits, it is probable that Google has punished to you because you have broken some of its “laws”.

What you can do in this case? Which are the reasons to receive penalties of Google? What type exists? You can recover thus of something? If you are also made those questions and want answers, she continues reading.

To the mess!

First of everything, penalized you has Google?

Before cursing to all the descendants of Google, it is very important to make sure that the reason by which your Web does not receive visits is a penalty and not another cause. You have touched recently in the robots.txt file or .htaccess? You have changed of group or installed plugin new? If it is thus, test to recover a backup copy and verifies if everything returns to normality.

If you have not done anything of that, still it is not certainly is a punishment of the great G. In order to assure to you that it is a sanction, you have these methods:

  • WebMaster Tools: when acceding to this tool, it will leave a message to you indicating if they have penalized to you or not (guide of WebMaster Tools).
  • It looks for your site in Google: in the bar search site writes “:”. If they do not leave results are that Google has penalized to you.

With these simple actions you can have the certainty that it is a punishment (or not).

The 2 types of penalty of Google

The finder par excellence has 2 forms to sanction a Web:

  • Algorithm: it is when the “spiders” of the finder detect that you are not fulfilling some of you rule and, of automatic form, penalizes your site. To make matters worse, they do not send any notification to you if this happens.
  • Manual: unlike the previous one, in this case the one is a person that decides if your Web deserves a punishment or no. This case occurs because Google receives an alert of Spam of your visits or because you have ignited the alarm in the offices of the finder. In this case yes they send notification.

Which of the 2 is worse? Doubtless the manual, because it costs more than they retire it.

Penalized You has a penguin or a panda?

What have to do these animal here? And how it is that they must be able to decide on your webpage? Us gone away has the head? Perhaps yes, but not in this case. 😉

These are the names of the 2 algorithms more known Google to fight against the sites that do not satisfy their requirements. Each is in charge of one to watch different aspects and, their constant updates, have turned them into untiring hunters.

1. Google Panda

The main function of this “bear” is to analyze the content of each page and to verify 2 fundamental aspects for Google: if it is of original quality and. But it is not his only assignment.

Also he is able to detect if the title and domain of your Web (we told you here how to choose the perfect domain and how to buy it) are related to the content that there is. For example, if you create a post with the title “best themes for WordPress of payment” and soon you speak on techniques of black hat SEO, Panda is able to detect it and to indicate to Google that penalizes to you.

2. Google Penguin

The assignment of this bird is to assure that the connections of your Web are natural and that they help to improve the experience of your visits. We go, that linkbuilding of your page fulfills its norms.

In particular, one pays attention to the links that enter your Web from others since its fight is against the purchase and interchange of connections to raise the authority of a site. For that reason, while you do not do anything rare with them and are natural, you do not have of what worrying to you.

What you can do for annulling the penalty of Google?

As better safe than sorry, our first advice it is that you avoid the short cuts. We know that the SEO is slow but you work as they teach it well in the best courses SEO, will last in the time and you will not have to worry about sanctions and changes to you of algorithm.

But the temptation won to you and Google has penalized to you, to revert the situation you must do the following thing.

First, it has been of algorithmic form manual or? In the first case, you must make a request of reconsideration, that is not more than to request to Google one second opportunity to him, using this connection.


By all means, you must have corrected the reason that took you to that situation before sending it.

But it has been by an algorithm, the “only thing” that you can make amend the error and to hope that Panda, Penguin or the algorithm that are return to happen through your Web and detect that everything is correct.

Reasons by which your Web is penalized

Next, we showed the list to you of the main reasons for Google to penalize a Web. This is what cabrea him, so better to avoid them (although already we saw that you do not need to Google to secure visits):

  • Speed of slow load: to the finder of finders it likes the sites that do not take in loading (we told everything here you on the speed of load).
  • Spam: especially in the commentaries, so if you have them activated in your Web, it watches that they do not fill of publicity (best plugins of commentaries for WordPress).
  • Error 404: the excess of pages that throw this error causes that Google penalizes your Web (Error 404, everything what you need to know).
  • On optimization: or what is the same, to write for the finder without thinking about the visits. The naturalness is the key and what it values more.

The penalties of Google, a serious subject

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