Gigas coupon 3 Months Free Discount and opinion of this hosting

Coupons Gigas discount coupon

In our commitment to always offer the best coupons to you discount for hostings more well-known and prestigious where you can lodge your project Web, today we bring the options to you of Gigas coupons.

Gigas at the moment offers 2 months free in all Cloud VPS, which is an important saving in your annual quota.

Coupon discount 3 MONTHS FREE

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3 Months Free Nothing

Gigas coupon 3 Months Free Discount and opinion of this hosting

Coupon Gigas discount hosting

In this page we will show the best supplies to you than present Gigas at every moment.

The continuous supply that normally they have is the 2 months free in their plans of VPS, but sometimes they remove to very interesting promotions as 50% from discount in its annual quota or precise supplies that offer with very substantial coupons.

In order to be able to use these bonds discount you only must apply them in the process of payment of the plan that you have chosen to contract. In the final step of payment you will see an option that puts: “If you have a coupon, use it here”.

Supplies as the one of the 2 months is applied directly in your final payment.

Why to choose

For us, best hosting Worpress is the one of Webempresa, nevertheless, when it is to contract a VPS for us or some client, always we recommended those of Relation quality-price is the best thing than you can find nowadays. In addition, the technical support that offers is impeccable, of the mejorcito that you are going to find nowadays. They never put one to you beats and always they are arranged to help you explaining you the things of such form that you can understand them, without using terms that to a user of on foot can sound to him to Chinese.

We could summarize his characteristics:

[li type=” glyphicon-ok”] Attention to the exceptional client and in Spanish, 24h/día by email and telephone. [/li]
[li type=” glyphicon-ok”] Quality-price of its servers [/li]
[li type=” glyphicon-ok”] IP espoñala or in Miami, to choose [/li]
[li type=” glyphicon-ok”] Service CLOUD, everything in the cloud, updates your plan when you want. [/li]
[li type=” glyphicon-ok”] One of hostings better valued by the clients. [/li]

Characteristics of cloud VPS

The good thing of the Cloud plans of the VPS of Gigas is that they are adapted to your needs. You can begin by a Nova plan, most basic of all but that is very well as much as far as price benefits as, and if in the future you need more would not be problem, you comment to them that you want to migrate to a plan superior and in a while you have it fact. Of this form you avoid to pay more than you need from the beginning.

So that you become an idea, the plan PRO, the most recommended, has the following characteristics:

  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 50 GB of hard disk
  • 600 GB of limitless transference
  • Everything by 29€ to the month
Hosting Gigas

Characteristics Cloud Gigas

These conditions that the supply of Gigas offers are very advantageous for the price that they have. you can hardly have your own VPS in the cloud by 10€ to the month considering the coupon discount of two months gratuitous that to you Gigas offers,

Hosting WordPress, dedicated Cloud VPS

If you know clearly that your hosting is going to be for a project based on wordpress, perhaps interests the supply to you that gigas has for projects Web. It offers a service of special lodging for wordpress totally optimized for this program, is cloud VPS dedicated with dedicated IP, 10 GB of space and 100 GB of monthly transference.

The price of this hosting special WordPress is of 14,95€

coupon hosting gigas

Hosting wordpress

Cloud Datacenter, more pontencia

If Cloud VPS you have left small and what you need is a more powerful Datacenter, they have a perfect service for you. It forms your Datacenter as you want, it adds or to acquittal benefits based on your needs and pays reason why really you are going to use. You can have formed yours with up to 96 GB of RAM and more than 100 GHz of CPU.

For any far-reaching project that you need, it trusts the Cloud Datacenter de Ggigas.

Attention to the client, its great value

If there is something emphasizes in over the rest is its attention to the client. If visits forums, to twitter, facebook, you will only find good commentaries of its service of support.

Personally, whenever we have needed something they have helped us and they have been upon us until the problem has been solved.

In principle there is nothing in the contract that says that they must give that customized support to you when the problem is yours and you do not know to solve it, but as I say, so far never we have received a refusal of support or attempt to receive something to part when we have needed something for some our clients whom they have there lodged its webpage.

Gigas opinion – Our experience.

As tenth, the best thing than we have seen until the moment of this company, to part of its service that fulfills and so it says, is the technical support, as much by email as by telephone.

In others hostings, when we have not managed to solve some disadvantage, first that shelp to us is the price of the technical support by 1 hour. In however, never an extra payment has proposed us to help us to resolve an incident, which says much of this service and in serious which they take his clients.

Our opinion of gigas with respect to this service of cloud VPS cannot better be. If you are thinking about contracting a service of these characteristics we think that Gigas is one of the best options at the moment in our market and is an option that you must consider very.