Opinions of Neolo and Código Discount

Neolo is considered one of the greater companies of hosting of all Latin America and Hispanic speech. It has presence in practically all the countries whose main language is the Spanish.

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Opinions of Neolo and Código Discount

Neolo began its walking in 2002 and since then it has not stopped to grow and to innovate, which has taken to him to have its own infrastructure and its own servers, obtaining to have nowadays more than 100,000 clients in practically everybody.

Analysis and general critic of Neolo

This company of hosting is focused mainly a Hispanic public of speech, offering a support in excellent Spanish to all clients.

Of I throw, one of the aspects that everybody values more is its attention to the client, always fast and amiable, at the same time as they help you when you have some technical problem or doubts with your hosting.

To tell the truth, although they also offer its services in Spain, very they are focused to offer lodging mainly Web of quality in countries as Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina They are specialistic in offering hosting in these countries and the majority of clients comes from there.

Their plans of prices are very simple to understand and will vary of price based on the requirements that has your site or your sites. Based on whichever pages you want to lodge or what resources you want to have, you will have to choose one or the other plan.

Neolo options available

Characteristics, plans and prices of Neolo

In Neolo we can mainly emphasize limitless the normal plans of hosting and the Premium one (in addition to the advanced dedicated VPS and that offers).

The limitless plans of hosting are simpler plans but than they can be useful for all those that want to lodge a simple webpage that it does not require a high performance.

These plans are limitless in space, reason why in principle you can raise so many archives as images you want.

Prices of Neolo

Plans of limitless prices of Neolo

The three limitless plans of hosting are:

Plan 0 of Neolo

  • 1 domain: Only it allows you to lodge a website
  • Limitless space
  • Without data base: You cannot install any CMS since it does not include the option to create a data base. It is focused to static sites.

Plan 1

It is the basic plan if you want to be able to install a WordPress for example. This it brings the option to install so many data bases as you want but to only it lets you have a domain Web. The space Web is equally limitless

  • 1 domain Web
  • Limitless space
  • Limitless data bases
  • WordPress autoinstalable

Limitless plan

In this plan you can have lodged so many domains as you want and you can install so many CMS as you want. He is limitless in everything.

  • Limitless domains
  • Limitless space
  • Limitless data bases
  • Creator of webpages including

Plans of hosting Premium

The lodgings premium count on discs SSD. These are not limitless but they have a yield infiniamente better.

In the same way, they count on much more ram memory, SSL, Breaks +CDN… They are, as its name indicates, much more professional and with the very many yield better.

If you take yourself in serious your project you would have to count on one of these lodgings.

Plans of hosting premium Neolo

Advantages and disadvantages of the lodging Web of Neolo

Neolo is hosting very recommendable, but as all lodging Web that price, counts on its pros and its cons whom there are to consider at the time of choosing it as our supplier of hosting.

Main advantages of Neolo

  • Hosting professional account with very good benefits
  • For that they want to begin, it counts on the limitless plans, which, by very little money allow you to have a lodging for your Web
  • It offers SSL free
  • It includes CDN and it breaks
  • The support is in very good Spanish and

Disadvantages of Neolo

  • “The limitless” plans are very basic and if you want something with good yield you will have to decide on a professional plan
  • The professional plans, the good ones, leave from a price nonapt for all the pockets. The plan premiu 1 for example, part of 11,57€/mes without considering our code discount.

Opinions of Neolo and by when choosing it

Analysis and Valuation of Neolo

Neolo is probably, next to Webempresa, one of the companies of hosting that better yield offers in its plans. We talked about mainly to its plans Premium (or optimized for WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop…) since the basic one is well for beginning but it lacks many options essential to count on a professional Web.

Neolo has servers in the United States reason why in our opinion Neolo is perfect for those who lives in countries as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia… since they have the advantage to have the servers relatively close and with a professional support in its own language.



7.2 Total Score
Hosting recommended for Latin America

One of the best options to lodge your Web with support in Spanish in countries as: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela

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