What is a direction IP, everything what you need to know to envelope they: types who exist, how to meet yours much more and


With Internet it happens as with the SEO, is full of strange terms but that you would have to know… Mainly if you glide to make money with a webpage.

And within all of them, people are one passes it through stop but that is vital so that you can sail: the IP. But, what is a direction IP? Really it is so important? What types of IP exist? All those questions (and others more) are those than we solve in the next lines.

IPzamos! 😉

What is a direction IP?

We see what is direction IP according to Wikipedia:

A direction IP is a number that it identifies, of logical and hierarchic way, to an Interface in network (communication element/connection) of a device (computer, tablet, portable, smartphone) that uses the protocol IP or (Internet Protocol), that corresponds at the level of network of model TCP/IP.

As usually it happens par excellence with the definitions of the encyclopedia online, it is a correct but perhaps too technical explanation, you don't create? Certainly with a good example it is clear more what is a direction IP.

It thinks that Internet is the road network of your country and that the vehicle that you use to move you by her, it is the device through what you sail.  Or a motorcycle, a car, a bus or any other means of transport, have a matriculation that is unique and that serves to identify enters it all the others.

Then that matriculation is your direction IP. It is a unique number that identifies the device with which you connect yourself to Internet.

And how it is that number? One is a sequence of 4 numbers that go from the 0 to the 255 that they separate by a point. For example, a direction IP is (that is the one that usually has router in the houses).

Frequent questions on directions IP

Bond, already you know in what a direction IP consists. Although as it is possible that more doubts have arisen you, we have compiled and answered most common.

We do not want that you go away of here with questions. 😉

1. What is a public direction IP?

When you connect yourself to the network of networks or through a portable one, a mobile phone, one tablet or any other device, your supplier of Internet assigns a direction to you IP that allows you to be recognized by everybody. It is the matriculation that we commented you in the example of more above.

So everything what is online has a public direction. In fact, the domains are not more than “masks” that they are put upon the IPs to accede to them, since they are easier to remember.

And if it interests the subject to you of the domains, we have a post where we taught to you how to buy both in which we told the secrets you to choose the perfect domain.

2. What is a private direction IP?

Then just like the public direction IP only that, in this case, is those that they use within a private network and they do not have access to Internet.

Because as we shelp before to you, whenever you connect router assigns an IP to equipment that is that it allows him to sail before but, the same router has assigned a deprived IP to all devices:

  • The mobile phone.
  • Tablet.
  • The intelligent television.
  • The portable one.
  • Smartwatch.
  • Etc, etc, etc.

But this does not only happen in your house… All that one that has different equipment that are connected to Internet through the same network use IPs private. In fact, they are divided in ranks in function to its size:

  • Class A: greatest and those than use the giant companies. They allow a maximum of 16.777.214 equipment and its rank of IPs goes of to
  • Class B: in the following step underneath it is this class, that usually is used half for institutions of so large. Its rank is of to
  • Class C: the one that is used in all the houses and whose rank goes of to

The important thing is that it is clear to you that with a private IP you cannot sail, since only serves to identify the different devices from a private network.

3. What is a static direction IP?

As its own name indicates, it is a direction IP that it does not change because, in case you do not know it, the normal thing is that whenever you enter Internet you do it with a different IP.

But always you have the option to form the device so that it uses the same, which has as advantages:

  • Greater stability of the line.
  • You have more control.
  • Brilliant if you play online.

And as disadvantage, in principle you will be a simpler objective for the hackers.

4. What is a dynamic direction IP?

Then just in opposition to which we finished telling to you and the most current option. Here router is in charge to change the IP once in a while, reason why:

  • One assumes that you are safer.
  • You to you do not have to worry to assign them.
  • You have major privacy.

In addition, also it allows “to recycle” the directions since, when equipment stops using one, another one can use it the same. Although on the other hand, the normal thing is that the connection is less stable.

5. How you can know your direction IP?

In case after all what we have spoken you have curiosity to know which is your “matriculation online”, several forms of forms exist to know them.

And among all of them, we do not think that there is other simpler than to enter cualesmiip.com, since is enough with acceding to that webpage to have your direction of a simple look.


Easy, fast and for all the family. 😉

You already know what is a direction IP, something that to add?

One finished, we nothing else do not have to tell you. If you have arrived at this point without jumping nothing to you, you already know what is a direction IP and everything what it surrounds to him.

And as we nothing else do not have to tell you, we passed the witness to you. If you have something to tell us, some doubt or any other aspect referring to this subject, you do not doubt in lowering until the commentaries and leaving it in writing.