What is dns? The tool that causes that navigation by the network is much more simple

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Today we treated a subject that, although are not very well-known, are one of the pillars of Internet and the one that allows you to sail of simple form by your favorite sites: the servers dns.

It is the first time that listening those abbreviations? You don't know what is dns and why he serves? Perhaps then your webpage takes with the thrown hand brake and for that reason it does not finish taking off, so you cannot lose everything to you what we will tell you on this subject in the next lines.

Create to us, is worth the trouble that you know them. 😉

What is a servant dns?

We see how this concept defines Wikipedia:

The system of domain names (DNS, by its abbreviations in English, Domain Name System) is a system of hierarchic nomenclature decentralized for connected devices to networks IP as Internet or a private network. This system associates information varied with name of domain assigned to each one of the participants. Its more important function is “to translate” intelligible names for the people in associated binary identifiers with the equipment connected to the network, this in order to be able to locate and to direccionar these equipment world-wide.

A little muddied, truth? The truth is that he is much more simple that all that since what does a servant dns is, when you write a domain in your navigator, to associate it with the direction IP that corresponds to him.

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How work does the service dns?

Just as the agenda of your mobile phone. When you want to call to somebody, unless you know his number of memory, you look for it in the agenda by its name and when beating, of automatic form your telephone dials its number.

Then the same it is the process that a servant only does dns that instead of phone numbers and people, handles to domains and directions IP. When you introduce the domain (that would be the name in the agenda) in your navigator, the servant of domains (that is to say your mobile) directs you to corresponding direction IP (the phone number). We see it with an example so that it is clear absolutely.

Pablo wants to make money with a Web and to lodge it in the best servers and to the best price, HostingGuideBook has recommended him, reason why our domain writes in its navigator. Then what it happens is the following thing:

  1. When introducing our direction, its navigating one sends to a signal to a servant dns so that it indicates our direction to him IP.
  2. When it finds the IP associated to the domain, one gives back the navigator of Pablo.
  3. Now that the navigator knows the IP to which he must go, accedes to her and shows the Web.

Easy, truth?

Frequent questions on dns

We are conscious that it is probable that still you have several doubts in your head. For that reason, we have compiled and answered most common.

We do not want that you go away with no doubt!

1. I can change dns of my Web?

The short answer is yes, you can change them and, if you have chosen hosting of quality, the normal thing is that a very simple process treats. It must is enough with entering your panel of administration, to locate the new place where it allows you to do it and to write dns that you want to use.

The long answer yes continues being, but with a conditioner. Why? Because the normal thing is that the service of hosting that you have contracted has its own servant dns and therefore, is optimized and are the best ones than you can use, reason why to change them is not a good idea.

2. How much it takes in noticing the change of dns?

In spite of which we have to you counted in the previous point, there are occasions in which is a good idea to change dns of your Web and to do will solve it some problems that you have. The subject is in that you do not hope in that the change is immediate.

Ten in account that this type of servers uses them everybody who writes a domain in Internet, you imagine the volume of work that they must support on a daily basis? In fact, to be able to do against as much work, which does is to store information in their cache of the sites that visits so that, the next time that you do it, to save work and that everything flows better.

Sure, until they are not updated with the changes that you have realised, your old visits do not notice it. And how much it can happen until they are bought up to date?  A certain time does not exist and depends on each, can be hours or days.

It is a data that you must consider if you are decided to change your dns.

3. The servant dns does not respond

To the equal error 404, error 403, 503 error or error 500, are probable that in some occasion, when trying to accede to a Web, dns jumps a message to you of error related to the servant. The reasons by that it happens are varied, so it solutions are also it:

  • To prove another navigator: if you can accede to the Web from another navigator, you already know where it is the error.
  • You have firewall activated: if the navigator is not the culprit, it is possible that it is it your short fires. Evidently, this option only you must use it in confidence sites.
  • It extinguishes and it ignites router: we know that it is the typical phrase that everybody says to you, but by something it will be. It gives rage, but in many occasions it is the only solution that works.

And if nothing of this serves, you always can choose to change dns.

You already know the answer the question what is dns

Now that you know what is dns, we hoped that the values as they are deserved and that you worry to use the best ones for your webpage. Since you have seen, thanks to them all visits arrive to you, so you cannot neglect them.

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