Liquid Web: Opinions of one of the world-wide leaders

Much people think that to choose hosting ideal for his webpage he is very complicated… And we understand it.

Because to the rare words and strange concepts that they use, it is necessary to add the great amount to him of companies that exist and that claims to be the best option to lodge a Web.

For that reason in HostingGuideBook it enchants to us to analyze and “to gut” the companies of hosting Web, to see to what extent it is certain what they promise mainly but, to help you to choose the one that really you need (and above to the best price).

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And today it touches to Liquid Web to him, one little well-known one in our country but that offers products of most interesting. You want to know its main characteristics and why it prevails as much outside our borders? We shelled them to you next.

Liquid Web in Spain

The main characteristics of Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a American company of hosting that has been years operating in that market, and now has I decide to also expand and to offer its services in Spain.

If by something it emphasizes this company of lodging Web, it is because all services are oriented to offer the possible most premium experience. As much it is thus, that they do not have shared servers.

What services offer then? The following:

  • Dedicated servant.
  • VPS in the cloud.
  • Servant dedicated in the cloud.
  • Cloud Sites.
  • WordPress managed.
  • Managed WooCommerce.

As you see, they are thought powerful solutions for companies that need to count on the maximum possible power of their servant.

Separate mention deserves 2 last products because, in addition to counting on a great ability to work, you have the tranquillity of which the experts of Liquid Web are in charge of which everything works perfectly in your site.

Hospejade VPS in the cloud, its product stars

In case you do not know it, VPS are the abbreviations of Virtual Deprive Server to you (virtual private servant in Spanish) and are a type of hosting in which a “piece” of servant is taken and the contracted resources are dedicated to him exclusively.

We say that it is an intermediate point between hosting shared and the dedicated one, because it is more powerful than first and more cheap than the second.

It sounds well, truth? Then just in that they are specialistic in Liquid Web, that offers different packages based on the needs from your business, although all include:

  • Unit of endorsement.
  • Limitless sites.
  • Integrated Firewall.
  • Dedicated direction IP.
  • cPanel/WHM or Plesk Onyx.
  • CloudFlare CDN.
  • Transference Gigabit.
  • Security outpost Server Secure.
  • Protection against DDos attacks.
  • Scalability.
  • 100% functionality of network and SLAs energy.

To all that adds to him that, according to the tests realised by Cloud Spectator, its lodging VPS is faster than the majority of its competitors (including a everything a giant as Amazon).

And as we told you, thanks to his different packages you can be increasing or diminishing his characteristics depending on how you need at every moment.

2 GB ram

  • 2 vCPU.
  • 40 GB SSD.
  • 10 TV Transfer.
  • Linux.
  • cPanel or Plesk Onyx.
  • 19,99$/mes without contracts 24 months.
  • 29,99$/mes without contracts 12 months.
  • 59,99$/mes without contracts 1 month.

4 GB ram

  • 4 vCPU.
  • 100 GB SSD.
  • 10 TV Transfer.
  • Linux or Windows.
  • cPanel or Plesk Onyx.
  • 29,99$/mes without contracts 24 months.
  • 49,99$/mes without contracts 12 months.
  • 99,99$/mes without contracts 1 month.

8 GB ram

  • 8 vCPU.
  • 150 GB SSD.
  • 10 TV Transfer.
  • Linux or Windows.
  • cPanel or Plesk Onyx.
  • 49,99$/mes without contracts 24 months.
  • 69,99$/mes without contracts 12 months.
  • 139,99$/mes without contracts 1 month.

16 GB ram

  • 8 vCPU.
  • 200 GB SSD.
  • 10 TV Transfer.
  • Linux or Windows.
  • cPanel or Plesk Onyx.
  • 99,99$/mes without contracts 24 months.
  • 129,99$/mes without contracts 12 months.
  • 189,99$/mes without contracts 1 month.

Other solutions

As tenth, hosting VPS in the cloud is the crown jewel of Liquid Web, but that does not mean that their other products are not of quality.

Next, we told the characteristics you of most showy.

1. Dedicated servant

The following passage in the scale of hostings.

Here your Web (or Webs) has the whole servant and nobody you “it will rob” resources therefore, you will not have problems of yield, speed of load, saturation and others.

Like before, accounts with different packages so that you contract what better one adapts to your situation, that go from most basic with:

  • 4 processors.
  • 16 GB of RAM.
  • 2×240 GB SSD.
  • 1TB SATA for backups.
  • 5TB of bandwidth.
  • 199$/mes.

Until most premium than it is:

  • 16 processors.
  • 64 GB of RAM.
  • 4×480 GB SSD.
  • 1TB SATA for backups.
  • 800GB NVMe SSD of additional space.
  • 15TB of bandwidth.
  • 549$/mes.

Without forgetting that all the dedicated servers include of series:

  • DDos protection.
  • CloudFlare CDN.
  • ServerSecure.
  • cPanel/WHM or Plesk Onyx.
  • Access IPMI and root.
  • Dedicated IP.

And it remembers that are managed servers, reason why you do not have to worry to you about configurations nor about tasks of maintenance so that he is always operative.

2. WordPress managed

If you think about creating your Web with this manager of contents, you must know that Liquid Web offers a series of very interesting products… Mainly if you think to the great thing!

For which tenth that? Because in his more basic plan, it allows to store you up to 10 sites, in addition to counting on:

  • 50GB SSD.
  • 5TB of bandwidth.
  • iThemes sync including (to manage different Webs in WordPress from an only place).

In the following package it offers.

  • Up to 25 Webs.
  • 100GB SSD.
  • 5TB of bandwidth.
  • iThemes sync.

And its more powerful plan:

  • 50 Webs.
  • 200GB SSD.
  • 5TTB of bandwidth.
  • iThemes sync.

To that add that all packages tell him on daily backup copies, a speed of incredible load, automatic SSL and much more.

Final analysis and opinion of Liquid Web

Liquid review Web

Doubt does not fit that Liquid Web offers services of lodging focused Web of maximum quality and to pages that need a premium servant of characteristics.

And that, that a priori sounds brilliant, also is its main negative point because, although their prices are very competitive, too much are lifted if you try to mount “a normal” Web.

Certain it is that you will have a servant with incredible characteristics, but you will pay on cost by which you do not need.

Shelp that, if you need them for your business online, this company it is an option than interesting because, something that we have not shelp until now and is very important, in case of needing technical support guarantees to you that they will be available in less than 59 seconds.

How many do companies promise something thus? 😉

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