What is hosting? How many do types exist? Which I must use in my webpage? The answers to those questions are here

Nowadays, to have a webpage is within reach of anyone. The only problem, is that it is a world with very rare words that if you do not understand, they make difficult enough to secure that objective.

And among all, there is a very typical one and that you must know: what is hosting Web and why it serves.

You don't know conversations to those 2 questions? Then if you want to change that situation our advice is that you read until the end this post, where we answered those and other possible doubts.


What is hosting?

If you go to Wikipedia, they explain what means hosting of the following way:

The lodging Web (in English: Web hosting) is the service that provides to the users with Internet a system to be able to store information, images, video, or any accessible content via Web.

Or shelp of a simpler way, it is the place where a webpage lodges so that any person can accede to her through Internet.

We go, that hosting is what it is doing possible that you can read this post, the news by Internet or you count your life to your contacts by the social networks.

As you see, one is a concept very simple to understand. The only problem that can exist is that it has many names:

  • Hosting.
  • Web Hosting.
  • Web hosting.
  • Hosting hosting.
  • Hosting Web.
  • Webhost.
  • Etc…

But knowing clearly that all those are different ways to talk about to the same, the problem disappears.

The different types from hosting who exist

Now that we have clarified what is hosting, the following step is to contract it. But already you have visited some Web of different companies from lodging Web (another one of the names that it has), you will have seen that an only type of webhost does not exist.

What differences it has between each? Which are their advantages and disadvantages? Which is the one that agrees to you more? All that is what we counted next.

1. Shared Hosting

The modality stars, because it combines an economic price with some benefits than more sufficient for the majority of pages.

How obtained is something thus? The key is in which in the same hosting lodges different Web, which means that they share resources (ram memory, processor, etc) but each in his “private parcel”.

An example in real life would be as when joint parties floor, where you have your quarter (that is only for you) but the rest of “resources” (the kitchen, the light, the water, etc…) the joint parties with the other inhabitants.

Evidently, this presents advantages and disadvantages. Home by the good thing:

  • It is more cheap.
  • The company is in charge of its management and maintenance.
  • You can control it from a simple panel of administration.
  • There are different packages based on your needs.
  • And many more.

On the other side, has these problems:

  • If a Web with which joint parties the servant demands many resources, causes that yours it goes slower.
  • If a Web undergoes an attack that affects to hosting, your page also will fall.
  • The resources more are limited.
  • Etc.

In spite of that, it is the best option to begin or if you know that at the outset you will not receive many visits.

2. Dedicated Hosting

Quite the opposite to the previous point, since here your webpage is the only one lodged in hosting.

That means that all the resources are to their disposition and is more complicated than you have problems for want of these (although it does not mean that they do not exist).

As you imagine, volume of visits is the most expensive and only recommendable option for projects by far.

3. Hosting VPS

The intermediate echelon between the 2 types of hosting who we have seen.

Abbreviations VPS make reference to Virtual Deprives Server to you (deprived virtual servant) and the concept is very similar to hosting shared only that, in this case, a species of dedicated servant is created false (of there the one of virtual).

It is very interesting an intermediate option, because you have more power than in one shared but without paying by one dedicated.

You can see our favourite plans VPS here.

4. Other types of hosting

The sights until now are the main types of hosting who 95% of the people will use for their webpages, but there are many more!

But as they are only used for very concrete projects, we told them to you of summarized form:

  • In the cloud: the option more outpost and thought for mega projects. Hosting is not based on a single, but it counts on all a network that contributes almost limitless resources.
  • Elastic: a new step that are placed between hosting shared and the VPS. It is called thus because “one stretches” in function to which you need. More elastic information hosting.

Also hosting exist specialized (in WordPress, hosting for WooCommerce, etc) that is designed to fit perfectly with their main assignment.

You even can find gratuitous plans of hosting, that are well for proving things, but never we would recommend it to lodge a serious project.

How to choose hosting perfect

Since you have seen, the type of hosting that you must choose depends on the power that needs your webpage. Even so, there are several characteristics that all servant must have to assure some to you minimum parameters quality:

  • Hard disk SSD: that they guarantee a speed of optimal load (here we spoke more of this subject).
  • Technical service: of quality and that responds before any incidence that happens of fast and correct way.
  • Easy to handle: so that you can work with him of independent form, without wasting long time nor to resort each 2 by 3 to the technical service.
  • Surely: the one is your work that is in game, so better if the metheglins in a servant who is more surely possible.

Any hosting that satisfies all those requirements is a good site to lodge your webpage. But you do not want to waste the time comparing, our recommendations are Webempresa and Raiola Networks.

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Now that you know what Web is hosting, obtain it to the best price

Because so important it is to know what is hosting as saving money, truth? Then to help you in that you have to us.

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