How to update WordPress so that your webpage is always always to the last one and without fear to lose nothing


To have a webpage is much more that to add content and to try that many visits arrive. In fact, one leaves important from the time that you dedicate to him is to the maintenance so that is always operative and in the best conditions.

And it leaves from that maintenance consists of updating WordPress to the last version as soon as he is available but, how it is made without running risks? Really it is a priority that your Web is updated? What options you must to do it? To all those questions we give answer them in the next lines.

Because it is not that it is important, he is vital!

Why always you have to update WordPress to the last version?

There is much people who become this question, and is a very reasonable doubt, why you would have to update your WordPress, mainly if it works to the thousand wonders? He isn't better not to touch anything, we go to that you spoil something? Those fears are normal and that they become real it is a possibility that is there.

But on the other hand, not to have this CMS (or any other that you use) updated supposes some inconvenient that they can lastar your site. And they become dangerous if you try to make money with your Web:

  • Greater yield: it thinks about WordPress as in a car. It has not been consuming the same one of for 10 years the last model of this year. Then the same happens with this tool of blogging, that with each update becomes more powerful and efficient.
  • More insurance: the main reason to update and is that, in many occasions, the updates concentrate in covering security holes that the community finds (here we let advice to you to make your WordPress more surely).
  • New characteristics: and functionalities that you can incorporate in your Web to give him to do what before you could not.
  • Compatible with the last new features: every day they appear new plugins and sometimes, they require that your site has a recent version of WordPress so that you can install them.

As you see, they are reasons than more sufficient to update WordPress.

Considerations before updating WordPress

Not to update WordPress is an error, in that already we agree, truth? Wonderful, but that does not mean that you send yourself of head to install the new version whenever leaves. Following with the resemblance of the head jump, before you must verify that there is water in the swimming pool, that is sufficient the deep thing, etc.

Because if not it beams, coscorrón will be painful.

Then with your Web it passes the same and it is that, to update WordPress without losing data nor all the work until now done, there are measures that you must take and that will save to you if something leaves bad.

First of everything, evidently, is to make a backup copy of your site with anyone of these plugins and that it unloadings to your computer or any other site where it is by hand. Thus always you can return to leave your operative page before any problem.

And now that you have backup, a step that saves to you headaches is to install WordPress in the premises, to update it and to verify there that everything works perfect. If there is no problem, you have green light to do update in the version online.

Finally, and although it is not obligatory, WordPress recommends to deactivate plugins before updating and being activating them little by little. Thus if some is incompatible, you discover it at the moment.

How to update WordPress without losing nothing

Now yes, the moment arrives for putting hands to the work and for installing the last update of WordPress.  And for it, as you see next, you have 2 ways.

1. To update WordPress automatically

The simplest option and, for us, the one who you must choose in the majority of cases. Mainly if you have followed the advice who we finished giving to you and you have verified in the premises that are no problem with the update.

And it is that everything what you must do in this case, is to go to the panel of administration of your webpage and to accede to the section of updates. Once there, you will see that own WordPress indicates to you that a new version is available.

It is enough with which you click where it says Please “, to update now” to take all the process. Your Web will put in way maintenance which lasts the update and when it finishes, it takes the page to you of update of plugins, unless he has been update more important, than will end up showing the new features to you.

2. To update WordPress manually

If you are of those people to whom they like to have the control of everything and you prefer to make the process manual, also you have that option. By all means, he is more complicated than the automatic version although it continues being simple.

First of everything it is to go to the official Web of WordPress, to unload the last version and to decompress it in your computer.


Now you must accede to your servant through FTP to the root directory of WordPress. For it, you can use the file manager if it has it or programs as Filezilla. Once there, you must erase the wp-includes folders and wp-admin and raise those that have the same name that you have decompressed before.

The following step is to raise the rest of archives (that nonfolders) loose that there are. In case it requests authorization to you to sobrescribir, it accepts. Once finished the process, it opens to the file wp-config-sample.php in case you need to add something wp-config.php.

Finally, the following direction accedes to update the data base. If everything has gone or, your site or has the last version of WordPress and is hour to verify that everything works equal of or (or even better).

To update WordPress is important, but he is not the unique thing

To update WordPress is basic so that your site reaches some high levels of quality but, to reach the principle, must rest on a quality servant. Is That very well but you think that he is expensive? The good news, were it.

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Your page will thank for it, of that we are safe. 😉